Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 12, 1970
NUMBER 27, PAGE 1-13

Gospel Guardian Tellal-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

CHANGES IN THE "TODAY'S ENGLISH VERSION": J. D. Thomas of Abilene Christian College submits the following important information on a modern translation.

"Two years ago at the annual meeting of the Advistory Council of the American Bible Society, Frank Pack Wyatt Sawyer, and I had a conference with Dr. Robert G. Bratcher, the translator of TODAY'S ENGLISH VERSION (the GOOD NEWS FOR MODERN MAN) translation of the English New Testament. This is the popular version that sold in paperback for twenty-five cents when first published, and which has had a wide acceptance, selling over twelve million copies within about the first year of its publication. This makes it the most widely distributed book of all time.

In view of criticism by us and some of our brethren on certain points of the translation, we prepared a brief on several passages, and in this session of more than two hours with Dr. Bratcher and the officials of the Society, we set forth our claims on nine of what we felt were the most important problem passages. We had an excellent meeting and our hosts were very courteous to us and promised to give this full and due consideration when the third edition of this translation would be published. We had hopes then of learning their decision within a month or two, but instead it has been about two years....

,,...As we look back and evaluate our meeting and subsequent correspondence, we cannot keep from appreciating the effort of Bratcher and of the Society to be scholarly and fair in these matters and we appreciate , that they are making a solid effort to give the pure word of God to the people, as they can be made to see it. They are, of course, human and will make some mistakes, but we appreciate the fact that when shown how the translation can be more nearly like the original, they are big enough to yield the point. This engenders confidence in their honesty and their respect for the word and in the other work they are doing....

"...There is no question but that the TEV is the easiest understood of all of the popular modern-speech translations and it will probably be for our generation the most effective tool of all for communicating God's will to the average man. We are certainly happy to see these important corrections come through and we are grateful for the humility of these men and for their willingness to stand for truth and scholarship when they see the point clearly.

"We are also happy that the TEV has always translated many of the key passages which we frequently quote (Romans 6:3-5; Galatians 3:27; I Peter 3:21; and Acts 2:38--`so that your sins will be forgiven,' et al.) with more vigor and power in the central points than we find in other English translations."

Pontius Pilate By Paul Maier

Far be it from me, to become interested in novels per se; but, this book of "FACT AND NOVEL COMBINED" has captivated my attention. I compelled to continue reading till I had finished the last word — and must say I really enjoyed it.

All of the known facts about Pontius Pilate have been incorporated into the novel. Just enough fiction to make the story and to add zest to it that it may be a continuous narrative.

This is a good book on Roman and Jewish History and the custom of both nations. You will find many of the Bible characters that will surprise you and cause you to take another look at them in the New Testament.

I do not agree with all the positions taken in this book; but, suggest to you that it is worthy of your consideration. It is the best that I have read in a good while. $6.95. Order from The Gospel Guardian Company.

REPORT FROM ENGLAND BY FRED MELTON: This is the Tunbridge Wells church with which we shall be working for awhile. We are located about 35 miles southeast of London. It is only 35 minutes from London by train and there is a "High Brooms" station just across the street. It anyone should be coming this way, the brethren here would be happy to receive them. Contact Fred Melton, 6 Hawthorn Walk, Tonbridge, Kent. Phone: Tonbridge 61034.

A Bitter Heritage: This 10th century Anglican church may be found at Bid-borough not far from Tunbridge Wells. Dating back to Norman times, the Bidborough "church" is typical of the many hundreds of "churches" through Britain which remain as virtually deserted sentinels of an unbelievably profane legacy beginning when Rome extended her influence over these Islands in about the 5th Century.



"Dear Brethren: I need your help; Two months ago my wife and I had to make a decision about the work in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Two things were involved; one, to return, work with, encourage these faithful brethren, or two, see all that we have worked for since 1963 fall away and perhaps be swallowed up by the liberals in Belfast. Knowing that the Scriptures teach that we must love Him more than we do father, mother wife, children, (grand-children, we have five) brethren, sisters,...etc... (Matt. 10:37-38, Luke 14:25-27) and having taught, preached and lived this (ten years out of this country) for many years, our decision had to be to return to Belfast. Our needs are two-fold.

1. Regular monthly support. 2. Money for travel, shipping of books, household items (no furniture) and a few supplies we will need in our teaching program.

Brethren, we have tried to get others to go without success. The Belfast work is one of only three faithful churches in the whole of Europe. These brethren have been doing their own work of preaching and teaching for nearly two years but now they need help if they are to continue. We will go but we must have your help. We need to leave this country shortly after the first of the year, so please let us know if you will send us monthly support or if unable to give regular support we are asking that you help with travel expenses.

Our Need Is Present, Urgent, Now, Please Help.

For further information about me write the church in West Columbia, Texas or the church in South Houston, Texas, P. O. Box 3-46. Will you help us that we might TEACH the faith that Jude exhorts us to CONTEND for. (Jude 3). Faithfully in Him, Carl McCullough, 1101 Dyson Road, West Columbia, Texas 77486."

(Note: Brethren Brother McCullough is a quite well qualified man for this work. Also, his soundness and stability are known. He has a fine wife. Ireland needs him! Let's help send him back. For further information or references contact Luther G. Roberts. John Iverson, W. L. Wharton.) — wew

A Little News:

INDISPENSABLE GUIDE FOR BAPTIST CHURCHES: On the jacket of the new edition of the Hiscox manual for Baptist Churches, put out by Kregals Publishing Company, the following words appear: "Indispensable Guide To Baptist Churches." Hmmm.

PAT BOONE'S NEW BOOK: We don't recommend it, but we knew a lot of people would be wanting a copy of it, so we have stocked them. It is entitled "A New Song". $4.95.

A Little News:

A LITTLE NEWS: Fifth Sunday singing at Lenwood Avenue in Nacogdoches, Texas November 29 - 2 P.M. ...J. Edward Nowlin closed a meeting with University Heights in Lexington, Kentucky in October, one baptism...Special services in Enumclaw, Washington, The Sierra Vista congregation, were held the first week of November. Speakers included George F. Southard, Norman Hoffman, Jim Puterbaugh, Emerson L. Flannery, Lowell D. Williams, Barney Cargile, Jr., Richard Radke, Paul Hawthorne.

SINGING SCHOOL: Lenwood Avenue, Nacogdoches,Texas - November 16th - 20th. Darwin Chandler.