Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 22, 1970
NUMBER 24, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

A Letter From T. W. Phillips II.

"To many whose names are familiar to me through the years:

"On Sept. 4, 1970 I was sixty six years old. On the 4th of October, 1970 my fifty third anniversary as a preacher was celebrated, having been preaching ever since the age of thirteen, my first meeting at sixteen. The 16th of August 1960 was my first anniversary with the church in San Gabriel. There have been additions every Sunday in my second year, so far numbering twenty five in all, eight being by baptism, most of the others by restoration, bringing back in to the work of the church several mature men who had been leaders back East. I believe all you readers who know me and who will remember my father will rejoice with me.

"But, some will not be pleased with this: The congregation at San Gabriel supports the Children's Home at Chino with $50.00 each month; the home for seniors with $25.00 monthly; $25.00 monthly to Baldwin Park congregation to help support a missionary in Japan; $10.00 monthly to help support work in Mexico; and, $25.00 monthly to help Inglewood have the Herald of Truth each Sunday over channel 9 in Los Angeles.

"We do not give-up our independency as a congregation in these works. We consider the children's home and the home for seniors as adjuncts to the church. As far as co-operation is concerned: Bro. Otis Moyer has been conducting a meeting at the Poplar Street Church in Montebello. We have attended. The church at Poplar asked for our co-operation by our attendance, a written invitation to all congregations in the area. Several congregations have been represented each night. We gave of our presence; we gave of our voice in singing — we cooperated! WOULD IT HAVE BEEN WRONG HAD WE GIVEN OF OUR MONEY TO POPLAR TO ASSIST IN PAYING BRO. MOYER? Where do we draw lines in co-operation? We feel only as it would destroy our independency as a congregation.

"In emergencies most all of us believe there can be congregational co-operation. We ask: Does not an emergency exist when even one soul has not heard the gospel of salvation.

"I, T. W. Phillips II, do not and will not dis-fellowship any of you my brethren whom I have known for so many years if you do not support an orphan's home and a home for the aged, nor if you do not help support Herald of Truth. But, do you not destroy our congregational independency when you demand we be against these things to have your fellowship?

"This is written with deepest feeling of love and sincerity. If any wish to write me please address to: P.O. Box 67, Rosemead, California 91770." — T. W. Phillips II NOTE: Would someone write him? A man with such good attitude is open to communication.



Roy L. Foutz:

"I preached in an enjoyable meeting with A. O. Raney and the church in Saratoga, Arkansas in early October. Our meeting at Franklin Drive will be October 19-25, with Oscar Smith, of Houston, preaching. I will be with Eugene Britnell and the Arch Street congregation in Little Rock, October 26 through November 1." 2301 Franklin Drive, Texarkana, Texas.

Reporter — Robert A. Bolton

(All news involving churches and preachers in the Western States of ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, IDAHO, NEVADA, OREGON, UTAH, and WASHINGTON should be sent to me at 126 West "E" Street, Ontario, California 91761.)

Preaching The Word:

Arizona: BRENT LEWIS, of Studebaker Road in Long Beach, California, will be at Northside in Tucson, November 30 — December 6. California: With a different speaker each day, a gospel meeting was conducted in Fullerton, Sept. 20-27. Those who spoke were CHARLES LINBURG, FORREST MOYER, DAVID WATTS, JEFF WASSON, TOM BAKER, TED BEAVER, and JOHN COFFMAN. . . . LUTHER ROBERTS, of Texas, at Canoga Park, Sept. 21-27. . . WARREN CHEATHAM, of San Jose, at the University church in Portales, New Mexico, Sept. 14-20; at Gardena, California, Oct. 11-18 and at Salinas, California, November 1-6. . . OTIS MOYER, of Fresno, at Montebello, Sept. 27 — Oct. 2... RAY VAUGHN, of Newark, at Norwalk, Oct. 5-9. . . H. OSBY WEAVER, of Canoga Park, at Sinton, Texas, Oct. 4-11 and at Freeport, Texas, Oct. 12-18. . . ARNOLD HARDIN, of Dallas, Texas, at Sepulveda, Oct. 5-11.. JADY COPELAND, of Sepulveda, at Spring and Delta in Long Beach, Oct. 19-25. . . BRENT LEWIS at Studebaker Road in Long Beach, Oct. 11-18. . . CHARLES LINBURG, of Tustin-Santa Ana, at West Anaheim, Nov. 15-21.

Preachers On The Move:

JOE NEIL CLAYTON is now working with the Poplar Street church in Montebello, California. .. OTIS MOYER moved from Lancaster, California on September 1st to Fresno, California to work with the East Belmont church. . . RALPH R. GIVENS is returning to Oceanside, California to work withthe church meeting at 1234 Davision St., beginning November 1st. He labored with this congregation previously between 1956 and 1965. The Fairview church in Garden Grove will be providing part of his support.

BY THE WAY: I saw a long-haired, bearded, outlandishly dressed, filthy hippie driving down a California freeway in a psychedelic Volkswagen. This character, looking more like the "missing link" that just crawled out from under the rock of evolution than anything related to humankind, was obviously "higher than a kite" on something other than the juice of the grape. But what really made my eyes pop out was a "Bumper Sticker" on the back of the VW which read: "Blessed Are The FREAK, For They Shall Inherit The Earth!" .... Hmmmm!

Joliet, Illinois:

"Olin Kern to be in a meeting with Margaret Street congregation November 2-8. Brother Kern says, "I still have most of the Guardians for the last two or three years that I will give away to anyone who can use them."

Daniels Creek, Kentucky

Delbert Mills will be in a meeting November 2-8... near Pikeville and Paintsville, Kentucky.


"Yes, this is the home of the world's largest buffalo, a concrete image, which is seen by thousands each year. Jamestown is located on highways 52 and 281, and Interstate 94. Between 15 and 18 thousand people make up the city where the Great Northern Railroad is located, with its connections into other parts of the state... New industry is moving into the territory. Flight Structure Division of Western Gear has moved into town, and they are looking for workers. They will be producing the weapons rail for the Gruman F-14 and a portion of the cargo handling system for the Lockheed L-10011. Other manufacturing plants have come or are coming. This buffalo territory is wide open for mission work and there are only a handful of workers. Where do you fit in? Are you looking for excitement? Can you fight the good fight of faith? Can you join us? You are needed! If you want to work, there is plenty of work to do here. The Lord can use you to help enlarge his kingdom. Now don't panic and say let Joe do it, but YOU get involved. Come to 'Buffalo Territory' ... The church meets in the North Dakota Credit Union League, 202 Ave. S.E. on the 2nd floor." — John W. Pitman, P.O. Box 229, Jamestown, North Dakota 58401. Call (701) 252-4132.


BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE: "Searching The Scriptures," a 26-lesson Correspondence Course based entirely on the book of Acts. Ideal for the unconverted and class study material for young people and adults. Individual lessons 3 cents each. Answer sheets 10 cents each. Certificates of completion 10 cents each. I think you will like this course.

PULSE: My friend Dick Blackford from Trumann, Arkansas came by the store as I was working on these lines. He was on the way to Beaumont, Texas for a meeting. He presented me with a book he found in a used book store somewhere. It is entitled "The Study of the Pulse and The Movements of the Heart." I think the idea is to improve on my pulse reading. Re: "The Pulse of The Brethren."

ISAIAH: The book of Isaiah is a most important Old Testament book relating to New Testament times in many of its prophecies. Have you seen "A Workbook on Isaiah — Spokesman for God" by Sybil Fudge? It is a workbook designed for young people or adults. 50 cents each.

THE PRICELESS PARABLES — PART I by J. B. Hudson is a new publication of Bennie Lee Fudge's C.E.I. business. This new adult workbook sells for 60 cents. It is a good one!

HOW IS THIS FOR A HOT LETTER? A letter written to Glenn L. Archer of Americans United: "Dear Dr. Archer: Send information to Satan, Hell, City of Evil, Zip 00000. You are a 'Bigot' . . ." Signed by a Roman Catholic priest.

Did you hear about the preacher who delivered a "bang-up" sermon? He was a "total wreck." One of Mr. Selected's productions, I think.

We are enthused about that professional poetic production by Jim W. Middleton, Sr.: "The Book of Acts in Poetry." It is attractive in appearance. First class printing. A great gift. $2.00.

"C. R. Nichol, A Preacher of Righteousness" by Maude Jones Underwood: I was with brother Nichol at the Blue Ridge, N. C. encampment in 1952 when his advanced copy of biography came to him through the mail. He was quite excited about it. The biography sells for $3.00 and would be an asset to your library if you are building your knowledge of recent church history.


Harold Tabor:

Harold Tabor, Box 35, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 has several volumes of Meyer's Commentary on The New Testament for sale. $4.50 per volume. American Edition.

Larry R. Devore

Larry R. DeVore, 1802 Caroline St., South Bend, Indiana 46613 wants to buy loose issues of Vol. 4 of the Gospel Guardian: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 through 25, 32, 33, 34, 36 through 41, 43, 44, 45. He says he will pay any reasonable price and postage."

L. L. DUKES of Louisville, Kentucky passes. As we go to press we learn of the death of a great Christian. Brother L. L. Dukes was buried October 10. He died of an heart attack. L. L. Dukes was an illustrious and colorful figure in the kingdom of God of our time. How many people and churches have been blessed by his life!! An extended obituary and recognition of his services to appear in a future issue of The Gospel Guardian. wew

Bulletin Article Of The Month Maintaining Proper Balance

It is most difficult for some to maintain balance of proportion; the majority inclines toward extremes. In politics we have such terms as "to the left," "to the right," and "middle of the road." This is just another way of saying, "Some have gone to extremes" in political philosophy. Even our eating habits follow this well-worn path. Most of us eat too many fats and foods with high caloric content, stop up our arterial network, overload our heart and die young. Some spend all their waking hours working; they never have time for recreation or religion. They become cold and reproachful — critical of those who "waste time playing," or who would take time off to attend a religious service. On the other extreme there is the "play boy," who can't do anything constructive because he is always amusing himself. Then, there is the religious fanatic. He can't think of anything but religion. No time to work, no time to play, just religion. He floats around, never getting his feet on the ground. Life has been spoiled by a failure to maintain proper proportions.

This same lack of proportion is frequently seen in the lives of those who have become sons of God through the process of redemption. Paul said of these, "For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." (I Car. 6:20) And in chapter 7, verse 23, "Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men." These verses teach that the Christian's life and all that inheres in it belong to God. The Christian has been purchased by the blood of Christ; his life therefore, is no longer his own. Ownership of life has voluntarily been placed in God's hands; He owns us and all that inheres in our lives. This relationship was voluntarily established upon His terms, it must therefore be maintained upon His terms or not at all.

But, as in other realms, we get this life belonging to God all out of proportion. We go to extremes here as we do in other relationships. Some of us play too much, while others work too much. We fail to give God a proportionate share of the life He has bought. The life has been spoiled by a failure to maintain proper balance. We get our schedule all mixed up with God being nudged out to make room for something else. Let me try to illustrate what I'm talking about.

Inherent in every life are five basic things, namely, time, energy, talent, personality, and possessions. These five ingredients are component parts that make up the life of every individual, each contributing its part to the life as a whole. Since God owns the Christian, it therefore follows that He owns these five ingredients that make up the life. He therefore has the right to dictate how, and to what extent each of these parts is to be employed in our service to him. Each must be used in life. Each must be given a proportionate share of service in God's kingdom. It is right here that we fluctuate between extremes and lose our spiritual equilibrium, getting our lives all out of balance in God's sight. Let me draw a picture with the following charts.

The circle represents the life as a whole. But as stated, these five parts are inherent in each life. A proportionate share of each must be employed in God's service. For instance, God will not accept the "time" element of the life if the possessions of life are withheld. The possessions also are a part of the life owned by God. An adequate stewardship involves not just one or two, but ALL the parts of life. Many of us are willing to give God a little time, but we imagine that our money belongs to US. Or turning it around, some are willing to give a little of the money that belongs to God, but they are too involved with the affairs of life to give any time to God's business of saving souls. When we do this our spirituality has been spoiled by a disproportionate administration of that which God owns. But God will not accept such a life; He will have all of it or He will have none.

This second "circle" represents how out-of-shape many lives are as God sees them. Such a life is completely spoiled and out of proportion — there is no consistency. God will not have a life like this; He cannot use one like it in the business of saving souls. Such a life is a great deterrent to sinners becoming Christians because of its inconsistency. This is why we hear the charge, "There are hypocrites in the church."

My brother or sister, when you gave your life to God you placed in His hands everything that makes up that life. You can't look upon these as separate entities unrelated to each other; God has joined them together. Don't be guilty of putting asunder what God has joined, but surrender all — time, personality, talent, possessions, and energy — to Him in loving obedience to His will. He will bless you richly, and will truly be your guide and comforter in life.

— Jesse M. Kelley