Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 7, 1970
NUMBER 1, PAGE 10-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Reporter — CLYDE STRICKLAND Most of the news in this report concerns gospel meetings which have been or are being held in various parts of the country. Of course, we are happy to report these as well as all other news which might be of interest to the brotherhood. We do appreciate getting your bulletins, cards and your letters. Brethren, send us your news, and we shall pass it along to the Guardian.

Brother R. L. (Bob) Craig, who for the past two years has been working with the Southern Oaks congregation in Lake Jackson, Texas, will lie moving around the first of June to begin work with the congregation meeting at South Fifth and Brodie Streets, in Austin. This congregation is only about a year old and is small in numbers at the present time, and they will not be able to furnish Brother Craig, by way of support, much more than just enough for a house in which to live. Thus, Bob will need about $150.00 more per week on which to live, and all of this amount must yet be raised. Brethren who know Brother Craig and his wife know them to be sound in the Faith and worthy of confidence and support. Congregations who are able to support a faithful gospel preacher, in part or fully, would do well to consider Brother Craig. You may contact him by writing to R. L. Craig, 118 Sage Street, Lake Jackson, 77566.

Gospel Meetings

R. L. (Bob) Craig of Lake Jackson, held a meeting March 16th through the 22nd., for the Eastside church of Christ in Denton. — Billy T. Jones of Amarillo, was with the congregation meeting at 404 Caddo St. in Cleburne, March 16-22 in a gospel meeting. — The Southside church of Christ in Fort Worth, had Arnold Hardin with them March 16-22 for a gospel meeting. — W. R. Jones did the preaching in a gospel meeting March 23rd through the 29th for the Judson Road congregation in Longview. — William Wallace did the preaching in a gospel meeting for the Pruitt and Lobit Streets church in Baytown, March 23-29. — The church of Christ meeting at 6101 Linton, in Haltom City, had William H. Lewis with them March 23-29 for a gospel meeting. — Also, the date of March 23 through the 29th a gospel meeting was conducted by J. M. Gilpatrick for the Browning Heights congregation 4009 Haltom Road, Haltom City. — During March 30th through April 4th, John Coffman did the preaching in a gospel meeting in Cloverleaf (Houston). — Mack Kercheville of El Paso, did the preaching (in English) for a gospel meeting in Fallbrook, California, April 5th — 12th. Following this meeting, he was scheduled to be with the congregation in Tijuana, Baja California, April 13th — 16th, where Juan Alvarado serves as evangelist. — Malcolm S. King of Cooper, was with the congregation in Hatfield, Ark., April 6-12 for a gospel meeting. A. O. Rainey is the faithful preacher there. — The Pinecrest church in Beaumont, conducted a gospel meeting April 6-12 with W. R. Jones of the Bellaire congregation in Houston doing the preaching. — Charles Morton of Cleburne, did the preaching in a meeting April 5-12 for the Westside church of Christ in Irving. — A gospel meeting was conducted by the Caprock congregation in Lubbock, April 6th — 12th, with Ed McCaskill as preacher for this effort. — The week of April 5th through the 12th saw meetings held at College Park, Houston, with Dean Bullock preaching, and at Spring Branch with Robert Welch doing the preaching. Also, the Cypress-Fairbanks congregation in Houston scheduled a meeting for April 13th through 19th with Elmer Moore to do the preaching.

A gospel meeting was conducted by the Franklin St. church in Borger, April 6-12 with Paul Kelsey of Carrolton doing the preaching. — Harold Turner is scheduled to be with the Thomas Blvd. congregation in Port Arthur, April 13-19. — Wilson Coon of Dallas, holds a meeting for the Eastside church in Baytown, April 20-26. — Jim McDonald of Lufkin will be with the congregation meeting in Smyrna, near Atlanta, April 27 — May 1, for a short meeting. — A gospel meeting is scheduled to begin May 3rd and continue through May 10th in Pasadena, conducted by the Southside church of Christ. Speakers for this meeting are men whom the congregation is helping to support. In this way the elders and the congregation will have an opportunity to become better acquainted with those with whom they have fellowship in the gospel. The men who shall be preaching in this meeting are: Ruben Amador, Houston, Larry Bunch of Lawton, Okla., and Donald Jones of Muskogee, Okla. — J. M. Gilpatrick will be with the Central church in Pampa, for a gospel meeting May 11th — 17th. — Dean Bullock holds a meeting for the Bellaire church in Houston, May 11th — 17th. — Eugene Britnell is scheduled to be with the Castleberry congregation in Fort Worth, May 11-17 for a gospel meeting. — And a gospel meeting will be conducted by the Rivera Street church in El Paso, May 3rd — 10th. Andres Gutierrez of Phoenix, Arizona, will do the preaching for this meeting.


Two were identified with the Caprock church in Lubbock March 15th. Four were added to the membership of the Imhoff Ave. congregation in Port Arthur, March 15th. Two were baptized, one restored to fellowship, and two placed membership with the Westside church in Irving, in March. Three were identified with the congregation in Bellaire, Houston, the 29th. Three were baptized in Crockett, in March. Pat Farish reports one was baptized in Castleberry in Fort Worth recently. One was restored during a gospel meeting conducted recently in Hereford, where Robert La Coste is the preacher. Valenti Rodriguiz reports one baptism in Sinton, recently, and that Luis Trevino was with the brethren there in a gospel meeting March 23-27. Mack Kercheville reports one baptism at Tivera Street in El Paso, in February.

Thought to consider: "If you want your neighbor to know what the Christ can do for him, let him see what Christ has done for you." "Ye are the light of the world ... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven." Matt. 5:14, 16.

Book Review — By Carl A. Allen

PROPHECY FORETOLD, PROPHECY FULFILLED, by E. R. Harper, is designed for the purpose of refuting the Premillennial theory. Some exponents of this view are designated — Graham, Armstrong, Dehaan and Epps. Brother Harper says, "If I am permitted to continue over this station I shall be a voice, the only one I know on radio or TV dedicated to the answering of these men and their 'Failure Concept Doctrine of the Bible.' . . I shall expose the Scofield Bible Commentary PREMILLENNIAL ERROR in no uncertain terms. I feel some voice should be up and about this task." This book is the composite of some of the material that has been presented on his radio program called FREEDOM THROUGH TRUTH.

The thing that is so amazing about this book is that the material is simple and concise. You will find it delightful reading and argumentative, to the point and condensed. The material on Rev. 20 is worth the price of the book. Prophecies from the Old Testament that are used as proof text are cited and explained. The arguments one by one are dealt with, refuted and passed on. His work is one of supreme importance. If you are not a preacher, you will be able to ascertain all the material in this book; if you are a preacher you will want this material for reference.

True, there is no better work on this subject than that of Foy E. Wallace, "God's Prophetic Word," but, you have to read a week to cover the material. If you want a broad scope of Premillennial doctrine — the arguments and the answers to the arguments — buy this book and spend about two hours studying it and you will have that which you desire. Brother Harper is to be commended for his work in this field of study. This is a new publication.

Order from the Gospel Guardian Co., Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901.

ATTENTION LADIES! "In The Hands Of A Woman" by Rachel Howard is a new book dealing with women's domestic duties. It is the perfect book for Ladies' Bible classes, girl's classes, and graduation or engagement gifts. It contains 156 pages. I asked an elder's wife to read the book and comment on it. Said she, "I really liked that book, I think it would be good for a ladies' Bible class, besides being good for everyone to read." Cloth $3.25, paperback $1.95. Order From The Gospel Guardian Company. — W.E.W.

THE STORY OF THE "SACRED SELECTIONS" SONG BOOK: In 1956 Ellis Crum put "Sacred Selections" on the market. He had been concerned about "singing error" and sought to put out a book with corrections and revisions in songs which contained error. Many of the old time songs were changed. The book has the broadest selection of songs available. The first edition was sold out before it became available. Last year 100,000 copies of the hymnal were sold. It is the "hottest" thing going in song book sales. They sell so fast we have had a difficult time keeping them in stock. But we have restocked this item and can now give immediate delivery. The book sells for $1.75 each. Over 600 selections in the book. Order From The Gospel Guardian Company. 25th edition of this book now selling.

CLINT SPRINGER: "I have agreed to move to Sweetwater, Texas to work with the church there after Truman Smith leaves in June of this year. I believe that all but about $50.00 per month of my support is secured, but I will need to raise an extra $500.00 or so for moving expenses." — 2948 Thomas Boulevard, Port Arthur, Texas 77642.

GENE WARMAN AVAILABLE: Brother Warman leaves Southport in Indianapolis, July 10th. Here is a most excellent preacher for any work! Write him at 7102 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227. — W.E.W.

SYLVIA CHURCH OF CHRIST, DICKSON, TENNESSEE: "Would you please announce in the Gospel Guardian my meeting with the Sylvia Church of Christ, Dickson, Tennessee, beginning May 10, and continuing through May 17, 1970. Ramey C. Vetter of Tigrett, Tennessee will do the preaching. We continue to enjoy the Guardian. Most of the members of the church here are now receiving the Guardian. We believe that much good is being done as results of your efforts." Ramey C. Vetter OWEN H. THOMAS: "I appreciate your recommending those books that are especially good on different subjects. I found the one on Matthew 24 by Kik very helpful. Best wishes to you and the Guardian."

EARL MORRIS: "After 4 years and 3 months laboring with the church in St. Cloud, Florida, I will begin a new work April 19, with the church in Polk City, Florida. The work in St. Cloud was hard but profitable. It was hard to make this decision to leave this good church. While there we baptized 18 — among them 1 Jewish and 2 Catholics. My address will be the same. St. Cloud is now in need of a gospel preacher. If anyone is interested please write the church in St. Cloud." Rt. 1 Box 1206, Haines City, Fla. 33844.

GOSPEL MEETING: "W. L. Wharton, Jr. will be in Lewisville, Texas, May 31st through June 5th. Services 10:15 and 6:00 on Sunday and at 7:30 Monday through Friday."