Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 10, 1970
NUMBER 18, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Anent Spanish Speaking Preacher:

"It is my privilege to introduce to you Bro. Jose Sanchez of Pharr, Texas, who is now seeking support in order to devote full time to preaching the gospel.

"Jose was converted several years ago as a result of our radio program (KURV, Edinburg). He has worked diligently for the Lord and the result is a congregation in Pharr. I worked with him for a year, driving from Weslaco to Pharr. Also Dick Soto of McAllen has worked with him a good bit.

"He has held a good job all along as body repair man and makes a good living. But he has devoted all the free time he could spare to teaching and preaching the gospel, especially right there in his home town.

He has proven himself worthy of the fellowship of faithful brethren. I commend him to you. Any consideration given this brother would be deeply appreciated. If I can supply any further information, please feel free to call on me." — Sincerely, Wayne Partain, P. O. Box 715, Sinton, Texas 78387.

tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Book Review by Carl A. Allen ALEXANDER CAMPBELL By Alger Morton Fitch, Jr.

Alexander Campbell was born September 12, 1788. He set sail for America on October 1, 1808 and six days later was shipwrecked in the Hebrides on the isle of Islay. His disrupted journey to America caused him to spend one year in school at the University of Glasgow and arrived in America by August 17, 1809. He preached his first sermon at Brush Run on July 15, 1810 and was ordained in the year 1812. He took a wife in the year 1811 (March 12) and moved in with his father-in-law (March 25). In 1818 he opened up the Buffalo Seminary (Bethany College in 1840). His first debate was with Walker in 1820 and undertook the task of debating McCalla in 1823, Owen in 1829, Purcell in 1837 and Rice in 1843. The Christian Baptist was started in 1823 which later yielded to the renown Millennial Harbinger (1830).

Few men, who have ever lived, were more at home in almost any field as was Alexander Campbell. Whether it was politics, social reform, slavery, or religion he was a close student of them all. If you wanted to talk about the classics, ancient history, Greek or Latin he could more than hold his own. A more diversived man did not live in nineteenth century than Alexander Campbell.

"Alexander Campbell, preacher of Reform and Reformer of Preaching," is a newly published book by Alger Morton Fitch, Jr. "Because few of Campbell's sermons survived in printed form, little was known about his own style of preaching. This situation was corrected by the discovery in the mid 1960's of a forgotten trunk of Campbell's sermon notes and miscellaneous memorabilia which turned up on a farm in Algate near Adelaide, Australia, where they had been taken by Campbell's grandson, Julian Barclay."

Mr. Fitch, Jr. has done a splendid job of presenting the material about the preaching of Alexander Campbell. He looks at the thinking of Brother Campbell toward the task of preaching, the preacher, the audience, and the message. Consideration is given to the background of Campbell, his ministry, his sermons and his influence. This book is worth reading by everyone.

You will be amazed at some of the positions that Brother Campbell took concerning the preachers and elders and other ideas concerning the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. You will want to add this book to the collection of material on Alexander Campbell.

Sold through the Gospel Guardian Company, Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901.


Luther W. Martin:

"August 2nd through 7th, I was privileged to preach in a meeting for the Spring Branch Church in Houston, Texas. Due to excellent work by the young people of that congregation, and efficient work on the part of the local evangelist, Brother Herbert Thornton, and others, there were five baptisms and three restorations.

"My next meeting will be with the Parkview congregation in Unionville, Missouri, September 20th through the 27th. This is my second meeting with this church during this calendar year." — 707 Salem, Rolla, Missouri.


More On Hurricane Celia

To interested brethren: The Parkway congregation here in Corpus Christi, Texas, wishes to express its appreciation and sincere gratitude for the many inquiries and offers of help after our recent experience with Hurricane Celia. We have received many inquiries concerning our needs, and for this we are truly grateful to the Lord, and to you.

The Parkway congregation as a whole, was very fortunate with a minimum of damage, both to members' homes and the meeting house. Relatively speaking, our losses were small, even though most everyone received some damage to their houses and contents. At this time it appears that insurance will take care of all losses, except the usual $100 deductable portion most people have. It will take some time before each one will know just what his full losses will be, due to the time it will take for the insurance adjusters to make their reports. We were in no need of food or clothing during any of the emergency, and for this we are also thankful.

When the storm came, we were in the midst of a good gospel meeting with bro. Don Willis, of Wichita Falls. We were not able to complete the last three nights of the meeting, but feel that those lessons bro. Willis was able to bring us were profitable, enlightening and will be productive of much good to come.

September 1st, I begin my second year with the Parkway congregation. The Lord willing, in the near future, Parkway hopes to erect a new building, to increase our auditorium and class room space. We believe this church has the ability to increase its work for the Lord, and that it will strive to do so in accordance with the Lord's will.

Again, we thank all of you so much for your concern and willingness to help us after "Celia" came for a "visit." — Elden Givens.


Preacher Available:

"I would be interested in hearing from a small congregation of the Lord's people who would like for someone to work with them full time.

"I aim to have no religious hobbies, except to preach the gospel of 1900 years ago — sure that, when folks receive the gospel, and allow it to work in them, we will be "followers" or "imitators" (I Thess. 2:12-14) of the churches of 1900 years ago.

"I recently retired from poultry processing work, and draw a fair social Security check, so our support need not be burdensome to a small church.

"We may be contacted by phone: (501) 751-5437; or by mail: Howard Wetzel, Rt. 2, Box 213, Lowell, Arkansas 72745." — Howard O. Wetzel.

Yater Tant Reports:

A new congregation of faithful Christians is now meeting in the home of Bro. John Toomey, 151 West Jackson, York, Penn. Anyone knowing members of the church in this area, please contact Bro. Toomey.

Ferrell Jenkins:

"I recently conducted meetings at Jackson Drive, Athens, Ala.; Haynes St., Dayton, Ohio; Ashland, Ohio; and Cordele, Ga. I will be in a special series on evidences with the Snapfinger Road church, Decatur, Ga., Sept. 24-27, and in a meeting with Huffman, Birmingham, Ala., the week of Oct. 18th. The work with Lakeland Hills Blvd., Lakeland, Fla., continues to show progress. Harry Pickup, Sr. will be with us in a meeting Sept. 13-20." — Ferrell Jenkins, 513 Carolyn St., Temple Terrace, Fla. 33617.

TOM ROBERTS leaves Crockett, Texas for Newport, N. C., beginning work with the Newport church in October.

WE HAVE A NEW CATALOG COMING SOON! The Gospel Guardian will be offering its most attractive and comprehensive catalog ever. . . shortly. We hope to have it in the mails before October 1. It will be a great improvement over all previous catalogs! So be on the look out for our 1971 edition.

JIMMY TUTEN, JR., Meeting Schedule: September 21-27, Benton, Illinois, — October 12-18, Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana, — October 19-25, Connersville, Indiana — October 26-November 1, Barberton, Ohio. He was with Timberland Drive in Lufkin, Texas, August 3-9, and Newbern, Tennessee, August 17-23.

TARRY L. CLUFF began with the Sparks, Nevada church as regular preacher September 1, 1970.

NEW BOOK — An Unusual Book — "The Book of Acts" in poetic form, by Jim W. Middleton, Sr. All readers, regardless of their age, will find brother Middleton's rendition of the familiar book of Acts especially interesting reading. $2.00. Order from The Gospel Guardian Company. Brother Middleton has worked on this book for five years. Many years ago he published the book of Genesis in poetry. It is out of print.

MONKEY BUSINESS, A Refutation of The Theory of Evolution by Kenneth Green. Brother Green will send this booklet free of charge to all who request it. Limit five to one address. Write him at 1224 Ashland Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 40215.

HOW FARE "CONSERVATIVE" BRETHREN NUMERICALLY? We stand about where the church as a whole stood in 1936, I believe. The United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of The Census, in their publication "Religious Bodies: 1936" listed Churches of Christ as numbering 3815 congregations with 309,551 members. It is my opinion that we stand today numerically as did the whole church in 1936. The growth of the church from 1936 was phenomenal. So it will be again. — W.E.W.

PREACHER NEEDED: Self supporting congregation needs preacher. Contact Church of Christ, 4806 Greenbay Road, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140.

COMMENTARIES USED: In a questionnaire survey taken a number of years ago the following use of commentaries was revealed:

72 used the Pulpit Commentary.

70 used G. Campbell Morgan's expository works.

70 used Matthew Henry's commentary.

66 used The Interpreter's Bible 54 used Alexander Maclaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture

43 used The Expositors Greek New Testament 41 used the works of A. T. Robertson

37 used The Expositor's Bible 35 used the works of Harry A. Ironside

24 used R. C. H. Lenski's commentaries 21 used The International Critical Commentary

14 used the commentaries of William Barclay 11 used Adam Clarke's commentary

NEW CONGREGATION began meeting in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, July 19, 1970. Robert Speer is the preacher. Address: 2730 Gaynor Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494.

WILLIAM C. SEXTON, 2804 Lafayette, St. Joseph, Mo. 64507.

"I came to St. Joseph, Missouri in June of 1966, to work with the Tenth and Lincoln congregation. Being a small group of disciples of the Lord wishing to worship and serve God as His book teaches without addition or subtractions, they were able to supply only $125.00 a month of my support and meet the other expenses. I raised the rest of $565.00 a month from other congregations and individuals. Since that time, some have been required to stop their support and others have taken it up as needed. The congregation has been able to increase their support of me from $125.00 to $200.00. They are still paying on their building, but in 15 months it will be theirs. My salary has been increased from $565.00 to $590.00.

"However, now I must raise at least $122.00 a month beginning in September or go into secular work. The elders of the Hazelwood congregation, 7222 Graham Road, have told me that they must cut their support of $150.00. I requested that they extend it through the month of August, and I promised to make other arrangements at that time. I have contacted other places, but of this date — August 3, 1970 — I have received no positive reply. I have been asked to speak once a month at Barnard, Mo., a small group 35 miles north of St. Joseph. They'll pay me $35.00. Yet it is 70 miles of driving, thus I would need $7.00 for expenses, leaving $28.00 to apply to my salary. If I did this, I would still need $122.00.

"If there are those who have the resources and the mind to contribute to my support, I believe that it in a worthy cause. In a city of more than 70,000 people, where the church has never been strong. We are making some progress, yet it is not spectacular neither do we expect such. We have baptized: 1 in November, 1 in December, 3 in March, and 1 in May. I will send a report each month telling of the results and the support that I receive. I realize that brethren receive many appeals for help and that they are reluctant to commit money to a person or a work that they do not have personal knowledge of. However, there are several well known brethren who know me and that I stand for the truth. I'll quickly supply the names of such on request. I am prepared to go into secular work to support my family while I preach the gospel, if need be, as was Paul. Although it is somewhat harder to find secular work as you grow older, and I am 41, I feel that I can still find a job. All who are truly concerned, know of the difficulties involved with part-time preaching, nevertheless, I have no intention of quitting preaching, as long as I am able and there is a need and a place.

"If you are able to supply some support, I would be pleased to hear from you. If you are unable to supply any money, then I request that you — each reader — offer up a prayer for me and the work here.

"P.S. If you -a preacher- would be interested in moving to these parts and have the support over the $200.00 that can be supplied by the brethren here, you might contact the brethren. My phone is: 816-233-3214."

Church Closes Doors:

"The Urbana (Ohio) Church of Christ has closed its doors. There are several families that have left the church because of what I teach, and others because they thought it was too much work. Every family except my own has decided to go to a big congregation, where there is digression from the Bible concerning man-made institutions to do the work of the church. I am very sorry that I could not do a better job for the Lord in Urbana. My family and I are now meeting with the Funston St. church in New Carlisle, Ohio. I am ready and willing to preach the gospel of Christ. I am available for gospel meetings, after my work, within a fifty to seventy mile distance. The plant in which I work is shut down the second and third week of July every year which makes it possible for me to go further than seventy miles during this time. I would like to be used for the Lord's work in this way. If you are interested and would like a reference concerning my preaching write the minister of the Caroline St. Church of Christ, evangelist Larry R. Devore, 1827 Caroline Street, South Bend, Indiana 46613 or phone 287-0388. For a meeting please contact me a month in advance. Robert Sumpter, 1515 Knight Rd., Urbana, Ohio 43078."