Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 6, 1970

This Special Issue

Wm. E. Wallace.

With the fellowship question occupying the limelight, the editor of The Gospel Guardian, Fanning Yater Tant, had the problem of sorting and choosing from an overwhelming supply of material submitted for publication. The Arlington, Texas meeting of 1968 had stimulated a great deal of reaction. The "peace offensive" of 1969, better styled "reasoning offensive," created considerable stir. The "pulse of the brethren" showed that there was great interest in reasoning, but none in compromise. Those who saw compromise in the "offensive" were not seeing aright, they misunderstood. Those who welcomed accelerated discussions and renewed communications with "liberal" brethren got the point.

The offensive, planned and inaugurated by editor Tant served a purpose. New and fresh study was precipitated. This special issue, we believe, presents representative, scholarly, and sound teaching arising from serious study of the question of fellowship by mature thinkers and serious students.

The fog over the matter of fellowship-with-liberals sometimes hangs low, and it is difficult for brethren to be consistent, objective, and impassionate. But we have a feeling that the light of God's word will lead us though safely, although low ceiling sometimes obscures the vision of safe ground on which to land. This special issue of The Gospel Guardian should contribute much toward clearing the air. We believe it will be well received.

We call your attention to the brief "filler" paragraphs appearing "here and there" in this issue. They contain interesting and relevant information.