Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 16, 1970
NUMBER 49, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor


Gospel Meetings:

ILLINOIS: Paris Avenue in Peoria — Ray Ferris of Elgin was there March 2-8. 406 Lew Street in Plano — March 29 — April 5 with C. D. Plum of Parkersburg, West Virginia. INDIANA: 419 Englewood Drive in Crawfordsville — latter part of June with Harry Thetford; fall meeting with Bill Cavender of Port Arthur, Texas . . . 3949 Massachusetts St. (Glen Park) in Gary — E. Lacy Porter April 13-19 . . . Highland and Jackson St. in Hammond — Connie Adams April 19-23 . . . Griffith Blvd. in Griffith — Robert Jackson May 11-17 . . . 6532 Arizona Ave. in Hammond (Hessville) — Bobby Witherington May 18-24 .. . 1827 Caroline St. in South Bend — Charles Maples April 13-22 .. Traders Point (Rd. 100 at 82nd St.) in Indianapolis — April 6-12 with Benton Graves of Eden, North Carolina . . . Lawndale and Buchanan in Plainfield — March 30 — April with Earl Robertson of Xenia, Ohio . . . W. Washington in Greencastle — Glen L. Shaver was there March 16-22.

OHIO: 640 Thayer St. in Akron — Sept. 21-24. The Thayer St. church will have speakers in the morning, afternoon, and evening; anyone desiring to come and spend the week with them will be provided with a place to stay . . . 140 Arthur St. in Ashland March 30 — April 5 with Lewis Willis of Valley Station, Kentucky .. . 3361 W. Broad St. in Columbus — April 19-26 with J. Edward Nowlin of Decatur, Georgia... 300 Haynes St. in Dayton — May 8-14 with Doyle Banta of Athens, Alabama; July 22-26 with Ferrell Jenkins of Temple Terrace, Florida; Oct. 5-11 with A. C. Grider of Owensboro, Kentucky . . . 132 N. Main St. in Fredericktown 43019 — May 11-17 with Wayne Partain of Sinton, Texas . . . 1040 Azel Ave. in Hamilton 45013 — Harry Ozment was there March 22-28 . . . 5,000 Cemetery Road in Hilliard 43026 (NW of Columbus) — May 11-19 with John Clark of Louisville, Ky. . . . Hillcrest church (one mile west of Utica) in Lakemore had L. J. Nicklas there March 9-13 . . . 326 Grace St. in Mansfield — March 23-29 with Larry DeVore of South Bend, Indiana . . 110 W. Main St. in Mason — March 23-29 with Bob Crawley of Lexington, Ky. . . . West Main & 28th St. in Newark — May 18-24 with James E. Cooper of Mason, Ohio . . . Roseville had Ellis Webb of Columbus, Ohio there Feb. 9-13 . . . Harding Ave. in Sciotoville (Portsmouth area) — April 6-12 with Weldon Warnock of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

KENTUCKY: West End (Morgantown Rd. & Parkside Drive) in Bowling Green — May 11-17 with Luther Blackmon of Florida . . . 1320 Gardiner Lane in Louisville had H. E. Phillips Feb. 9-15 . . . Manslick Road in Louisville had Ferrell Jenkins March 2-8 . . . Doran Rd. (S. 18th) at Holiday Dr. in Murray — May 10-17 with Harry Payne of Tampa, Florida . . . 2920 New Hartford Road in Owensboro — gospel meetings for 1970: June 1-7 with James P. Miller; August 23-28 with Robert Jackson. 11408 Dixie Hw. in Valley Station — gospel meetings for 1970: March 23-29 with Granville Tyler; September 14-20 with James P. Miller.

Gospel meeting schedule for 1970 of A. C. Grider, 2920 New Hartford Road, Owensboro, Ky. 42301. March 15-22 in Dade City, Florida; April 6-12 in Clarksville, Tennessee; April 16-17 at Preston Highway in Louisville, Ky.; May 11-17 in Dothan, Alabama; June 8-9 in Mt. Moriah, Ky.; August 17-23 in Humphrey, Ark.; Sept. 28 — Oct. 4 in Somerset, Ky.; Oct. 5-11 at 300 Haynes St. in Dayton, Ohio; Oct. 21-28 at Manslick Rd. in Louisville, Ky.; one night meeting in Auburn, Kentucky.

GOSPEL MEETING: 210 Cedar Avenue in Moundsville, West Virginia 26041 — May 10-17 with Wm. E. Wallace of Lufkin, Texas.

Gospel meeting schedule for 1970 of Aude McKee, West Murray Church of Christ, Doran Road at Holiday Dr., Murray, Kentucky. March 30 — April 5 at Middletown, Indiana; April 6-12 at Eastland in Nashville, Tenn.; April 19-26 at Midfield in Birmingham, Alabama; May 4-10 at Evendale in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"ORDAIN ELDERS" at the West Murray Church in Murray, Kentucky 42071. As of March 15, James Thompson and Lonnie Duke were appointed to the overseership.

MOVING PREACHERS. Around March 14, Luther Blackmon moved to Clermont, Florida. Around the close of March, Charles G. Parks, Youngstown, Ohio moves to Somerset, Ky. from the 570 Sherwood Ave. work in Youngstown. Wm. B. Murrell, Hammond, Indiana, moves to Barberton, Ohio around June, 1970. Wm. C. Wilton, Jr. moves to the Lord's work at 604 Highland St., Hammond, Indiana in midsummer, 1970. Brother Hinton is presently in Nagoya, Japan, C. P. O. Box 179. He is completing seven years of preaching work in Japan. Cecil Belcher has moved from the Hessville church (6532 Arizona Ave.) in Hammond, Indiana after about five years and is with the church in Griffith. Wesley N. Dawson moved to the Hessville, Indiana work in the fall of 1969. Robert Archer is moving from the work at 200 N. Liberty St., Hobart, Ind. after three years to Berwyn, Illinois, 1500 Ridgeland Ave., around the first of July, 1970. Harry E. Rice moves to work with the church in Brandon, Florida around July, 1970, after about ten years of work with the church at 13860 Cicero Ave. in Crestwood, Ill., Dorval McClister moves to work with the Burbank Manor church in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

PREACHER WANTED. Rochelle, Illinois. Phone (815) 562-4817, Jim Crouch or (815) 562-2962, Bill Albany. You may write, too, at P. O. Box 217 in Rochelle. Leslie Diestelkamp, who is the present preacher, is beginning full-time meeting work May 1. Rochelle is NW of Chicago on Alt. 30. Rochelle is about 16 miles West of DeKalb, which is the home of Northern Illinois University.

Gospel Meeting Schedule for 1970 of Earl E. Robertson, Knollwood church of Christ, 1031 Welford Dr., Xenia, Ohio 45385. March 30 — April 5 in Plainfield, Indiana; April 13-19 in Tomkinsville, Ky.; April 20-26 in West Carrolton, Ohio; May 11-17 in Wilmington, Ohio; June 1-7 in Baltimore, Maryland; August 17-23 in New Carlisle, Ohio; September 14-20 in Burkesville, Ohio. Earl lectured at the 1970 Florida College Lectures in Temple Terrace, Florida.

Gospel meeting schedule for 1970 of Jimmy Tuten, Jr., 3800 Blaine Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63110. Feb. 2-8 in Blytheville, Ark.; Feb. 15-20 in Okla. City, Okla.; March 23-29 in Poughkeepsie, New York; April 6-12 in Rantoul, Illinois; April 28 — May 13, Jimmy Tuten Bible Lands Tour; Aug. 17-23 in Newbern, Tenn.; Sept. 7-13 in Lufkin, Texas; Sept. 21-27 in Benton, Illinois; October 5-11 in Hamilton, Ohio; Oct. 26-31 in Barbeton, Ohio.

Brethren: keep the news coming. If you have any suggestions for improvement, write me. God bless you.

— P. O. Box 96, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 —

CHANGE OF SCHEDULE — "The church which meets at 755 Pinole Valley Road, Pinole, California, has decided to change the meeting time for Sunday morning Bible classes from 11:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.

"Our schedule of services beginning the first Sunday in April (April 5th) 1970 are as follows: Sunday Morning: Bible Study — 9:00, Worship Service 10:00.

Sunday Evening Worship Service — 6:30 P.M.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study — 7:30 P.M.

"Any brethren who might be visiting in this area we extend an invitation to come by and have fellowship with us as we strive to worship God according to His precepts." — Dan Mahan, preacher.

GOSPEL MEETING — Roundhill Church of Christ, Roundhill, Kentucky — April 19 through April 24. Speaker will be Ward Hogland from Greenville, Texas. H. H. Clark, local preacher.

WILLIAM S. CRAFTS: He sends a letter of friendly criticism of the Tell-Al-Gram feature of the paper, but concludes with " . . . all the best to The Gospel Guardian in the future." . . . RANDY DICKSON: "I feel the Gospel Guardian is on the right tract now."

EVANGELIST AVAILABLE: "Any congregation in the Central Florida area needing the services of an evangelist for Lord's Day services write Earl Harris, 412 West King Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32804. I desire to help any congregation of brothers who are 'earnestly contending for the faith.' For information or references write: Arne Anderson, 2711 Patty Road, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32069."

PREACHER AVAILABLE: M. E. Strouss, 908 E. Jefferson, Mishawaka, Indiana 46544 is available to enter fulltime work as a preacher. He has been preaching the gospel on a part time basis for many years and now seeks to do as many other successful preachers have done, namely, move into fulltime preaching after preparing for many years while making their living in secular work.

CORRECT ZIP CODE: Someone pointed out to us that the zip code for The Gospel Guardian was listed one way on some of our stationary and another way on other. The correct zip code is 75901.


Tuesday Morning, April 21 9:30 — 10:15 J. A. Woolley, Scriptural Fellowship (Speaker's choice, but possibly dealing with the definition of "fellowship." how fellowship is attained, broken, restored; use of the term "brother," etc.)

10:16 — 11:00 Dwaine Dunning or man of his selection on same subject.

11:00 — 11:16 J. A. Woolley on same subject.

11:15 — 11:30 Dwaine Dunning or man of his selection on same subject.

Wednesday Morning, April 22 9:30 — 10:00 Dwaine Dunning or man of his selection on same subject as Tuesday.

10:00 — 10:30 R. B. Rankin, Jr. on same subject.

10:30 — 10:45 Dwaine Dunning or man of his selection on same subject.

10:46 — 11:00 R. B. Rankin, Jr. on same subject.

11:00 — 11:30 Audience questions to the speakers.

Thursday Morning, April 23 9:30 — 10:00 James B. Lusby, Church Support of Benevolent & Educational Institutions.

10:00 — 10:30 Dwaine Dunning or man of his selection on same subject.

10:30 — 10:45 James B. Lusby on same subject.

10:45 — 11:00 Dwaine Dunning or man of his selection on same subject.

11:00 — 11:30 Audience questions to the speakers.

Friday Morning, April 24 9:30 — 10:15 Sam Meyers, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage.

10:15 — 11:00 Jesse Jenkins on same subject.

11:00 — 11:15 Sam Meyers on same subject.

11:15 — 11:30 Jesse Jenkins on same subject.

DELBERT MILLS, Mansfield, Ohio: "Just a note in regard to the good work that is being done through the Guardian. I have heard several good comments about it in this area. We appreciate the church ad we have in Gospel Guardian and Truth Magazine, very much. We believe it will do much good. We would like to encourage any in the area to stop and worship with us. Perhaps those traveling through the city on vacation — we would welcome them to stop for any service. The work here seems to be going along very well, having good attendance at our services. We have several Gospel Meetings coming. Would like for you to run in Tell-Al-Gram: Larry Devore, March 23-29, J. B. Grinstead, May 4-10, Gary Fiscus July 6-12, Lewis Willis August 3-9, Keep up the good work through the paper.

A. W. DISCUS: "I like the looks of the Guardian as well as its contents." MIKE ROGACS: "Continue with the fine work on the Gospel Guardian. Always look forward to every issue." . "I am very willing and hopefully able to preach gospel meetings. Have been preaching full time two years and am currently working with the Southside church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Any congregation interested may contact Mike T. Rogacs, 7711 Colony Lane, Ft. Smith, Arkansas 72901."

"IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR FULL TIME CONSERVATIVE GOSPEL PREACHER IN THE PLEASANT GROVE AREA OF DALLAS, TEXAS. Send all replies and previous references to St. Augustine Drive Church of Christ, % Hal MeMakin, 4115 Hyde Park Drive, Mesquite, Texas 75149. Phone (214) 279-9878."

PETER MC PHERSON: "Appreciate what you are doing in the Gospel Guardian very much." CAROL BATES: "I want to add that the Guardian is much improved in its general appearance ... the news section is especially interesting."

Pruitt And Lobit

Baytown, Texas In October of 1926, the "Goose Creek" congregation had its beginning. It is known today as the Pruitt and Lobit church in Baytown, Texas. About two dozen people met to form the church and assembled in an old YMCA building which had been converted into a Klu Klux Klan hall.

After a year, the congregation began meeting in the auditorium of the Horace Mann School in Baytown. In 1928, the brethren began work on a small building. The building in which the church now meets, an impressive structure, was completed in 1953.

Preachers who have served the congregation include Oscar Smith, who did the preaching in the first four meetings conducted by the church, C. R. Nichol, Thomas D. Rose, Frank Cox, Leonard Bankhead, Ellis McGaughey, Roy Cogdill, Foy E. Wallace, John B. Hardeman, B. L. Watson, Luther Roberts, John T. Smith, A. Hugh Clark, James R. Cope, Franklin T. Puckett, Harry Pickup, Jr., Wm. E. Wallace, E. L. Flannery, Bill Cavender, Robert Jackson, Osby Weaver, Jack Holt, Sewell Hall, and Dean Bullock.

Preachers who have served the church regularly include Hubert A. Moss, Jr., W. R. Jones, A. Hugh Clark, W. E. "Bud" Irvin, Osby Weaver, Bela Watson, Leonard Bankhead, Thomas Rose, and Dewit Chaddick.

The congregation has had a part in establishing a number of other churches. Its program of work includes support for 15 preachers besides the local evangelist. It publishes "Pitching For The Master," a paper edited by Lindy McDaniel. The paper is sent to over 4,000 people.

The yearly budget of the Pruitt and Lobit church calls for $52,000.00. The brethren are blessed with an excellent teaching program. There are between 275 and 300 members of the church listed in the directory.

Present elders of the congregation are Clifford W. Bell, William W. Parrish, Robert L. Paulsel, and Roy H. Rowland. Deacons are Henry Behrens, Sam W. Blakeney, B. D. Fisher, B. E. Greer, and Jerry R. Witt. Hubert A. Moss, Jr. has served the church for six years as local preacher.

After closing my second meeting with this church, I continue to regard this group as one of the outstanding and great local bodies of the Lord's people. — W. E. W. —

PREACHER AVAILABLE: Carol Bates is available to move this summer. Call him at (216) 232-2231 or write him at 100 Woodrow Avenue, Bedford, Ohio 44146. He is a good man, and will do a good work wherever he goes. — W. E. W.

THAT ARTICLE ENTITLED "BIBLE SOLVES SCIENTIFIC DILEMMA OF MISSING DAY:" Recently we ran this article in our "Bulletin Article Of The Month" feature inasmuch as it had appeared in many bulletins across the country. Ferrell Jenkins, Jack Holt, Henry Smith and others have written us regarding the faulty information in the article, recommending that bulletin editors NOT use this article.

DAVID TANT: "Readability of Gospel Guardian continues to be good." DAN H. HESTERLEY: "I am now preaching for the church which meets on Rainbow Road, Oakridge, Oregon. I was formerly preacher for the church which met at 1031 Ohio St., Redlands, California, and now meets at the Women's Club in Mentone, California. I would also like for you to mention that I am desperately in need of support. The brethren here are partially supporting me and I have some money saved which is depleting very rapidly. We have a wonderful group here and the work is progressing. Liberalism is the major problem in this area. Any help would be appreciated in furthering the Lord's work here." Oakridge Church of Christ, Oakridge, Oregon.

ROBERT LA COSTE, Hereford, Texas: "We are happy to report one baptized here at 15th and Blackfoot. The Guardian continues to be a spiritual asset to me each week."