Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 26, 1970
NUMBER 46, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

H. L. RUMLEY: "I enjoy every issue of the Gospel Guardian. Many of the topics are very enlightening and edifying." — G. O. WINLAND: "We sure do enjoy the Guardian, it is valuable to the true Christian." — JACK GILLILAND: "Hope things are going well with you and yours and the Guardian and its work. I especially like the new look which it has. Keep up the good work." — BOB CUNNINGHAM: "We very much enjoy the paper. The articles have been very useful while in study on a particular subject. Keep up the good work." — EARL E. ROBERTSON: "The Guardian looks better. I know you are working hard on it. May God bless you much in this work." — THOMAS A. THORNHILL: "I received the Guardian each week and glad to receive it. It has several good articles and also allows me an opportunity to stay in contact with the brethren in America, and the thinking of the various men. Since I have been out of the country almost 4 years it is not always easy to know what is going on. Thanks for the Guardian." — JIM SISCO: "I always enjoy the Gospel Guardian so much." — ROYCE CHANDLER: "I commend you for your faithful work and am sorry that some attacks are made upon you. Quench not the Spirit and keep the faith — we are proud of your courage and want you to know that our thoughts are with you." — JACK L. HOLT: "I want to tell you not to get discouraged or down in the mouth over criticism of your running the Ketcherside articles. The critics only manifested a caustic, super-critical spirit. I guess some have forgotten the Guardian was launched to print both sides. Glad to see it still will." — RUSTAQUIO R. LAMPA: "I appreciate the Gospel Guardian and the good it has done in my part..."

DONALD TOWNSLEY: "The Gospel Guardian has meant much to me through the years, have read it every week since 1955. I know it has done much good in the past, and that it will be a useful instrument for good in the future. . . and have thought if a man could afford but one (paper) the one that would give him an over-all balanced view of things would be the Guardian." — LUTHER G. ROBERTS: "I think the printing of the paper is good, the make-up is attractive. It could stand a few more plain articles on fundamental subjects."

Office Notes

REVIVING THE GOSPEL MEETING: This is a 44-page booklet which has some excellent suggestions on reviving the gospel meeting. In a day when many meetings are somewhat "dead" it behooves us to consider ways of putting some life into them. This book by Jim Bill Mclnteer will help. 75 THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH TODAY by Lloyd Moyer is a relevant study of the church and its problems with scriptural solutions offered. In outline form. Excellent for class workbooks or sermon material. $2.00

DANIEL SOMMER 1850-1940, a biography compiled by Wm. E. Wallace. The only material available on the life of this man who was so prominent and important. $5.95.

TREE OF LIFE LOST AND REGAINED by W. W. Otey. A sweeping survey of the history of humanity and the development of God's scheme for its redemption from eternity to eternity. $2.00.

GOSPEL MEETING — Crestwood, Illinois — May 18-24.

GOSPEL MEETING — Burbank Manor, Oak Lawn, Illinois, May 4-10. Mason Harris, preaching.

HAROLD V. TRIMBLE: "There is a difference in the Guardian that is fresh and interesting. The paper, content, and printing are upgraded. For this improvement I'm glad."

JIM MIDDLETON, JR. — "I have, after diligent study, prepared ten lessons on the book of Daniel. These lessons were gathered keeping in mind the statement made by Jesus in Matthew 5:17-18. They show the error of denominational teaching of the prophecy.

"I have the summer free from June 1st to the middle of August. I will travel anywhere in this country to hold meetings. Anyone interested may contact me at: Star Route W. Box 520. Azle, Texas 76020."


"After ten years of pleasant and fruitful work with the church in Crestwood, Ill., I will be moving in June to Oak Lawn, Ill, to work with the Burbank Manor congregation. The church in Crestwood assembled first in 1960 and I was privileged to be their first regular preacher. We began with 34 present for the first service and have grown to a record attendance of 139. A new auditorium was erected in 1965 which will seat 250. There are seven additional class rooms. 121 souls responded to the gospel invitation during this time with 51 baptisms and 70 restorations. The church in Crestwood has been self supporting from the very beginning and has for the past five years been active in supporting gospel preachers in other areas. Brethren Robert Browning and Arvel Matthews are the faithful elders at Crestwood and we are confident that they will continue to feed the flock as God directs. We leave Crestwood with reluctance, but look forward to a pleasant work with the brethren in Oak Lawn ." .-Dorval McClister BOOK REVIEW — By Carl A. Allen

HOW TO WIN SOULS TODAY, by Jack H. Exum — Today, in the Church of Christ, some think the best way to win people to Christ is through such things as, CAMPAIGNS, FELLOWSHIPS (Eating and drinking), YOUTH MEETINGS, SUMMER CAMPS, PRAYING CIRCLES, and any other thing that can be thought of to influence the subject and direct his attention toward the "Church of Christ." To this extent we have, in the minds of many, a glorified denomination. On this basis they have nothing more to offer than a Denomination!

On the other hand we have the man who is filled with the message of Christ and is interested in teaching folk about the word of God. The plan of salvation, worship, organization, work and Christian ethics all are a part of his teaching. This man will get the job done. There is more to teaching one who is not a member of the Lord's body than simply saying, "You need to become a member of the Church of Christ." Until Christians realize this we will not advance in converting the world as fast as we ought!

HOW TO WIN SOULS TODAY is a book written by Jack H. Exum. 157 pages of material for the purpose of encouraging you to be a personal worker. There is little time spent in telling you how to be a personal worker; but rather, creating the desire to do it. The secret to winning souls is TEACHING. The love of God, the love of Christ, the love we are to have for lost souls and the love we are to have for ourselves becomes the guiding light for the soul winner. Notice some of the statements found in this book.

"There is a growing tendency to think of soul-winning in terms of hot dogs and cokes around a Ping-Pong table. This, according to some, makes the new birth a little easier." "In the church today, we have our share of figureheads, soreheads, deadheads, and some hotheads." "Preachers lose sight of God and are focusing on fringe benefits. We count the numbers in our building rather than face the distraught millions outside." "Everything is run in the home with a switch but the children." "It is hard to fish for fish in troubled waters, and how difficult it must be for a troubled heart to succeed in winning the lost."

You will enjoy this book and it will be a blessing to you. If the Kingdom is to grow, it will be because the children of God take the word of God into their hearts and go from house to house teaching the lost and erring the saving power of God. I recommend that every personal worker read this book.

Order from the Gospel Guardian, Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901.

— Box 724, Lufkin, Texas 75901 —

JAMES M. LYNCH: "After three years and six months with the church at 1225 Pasado St., in Marysville, Calif. I am in the process of moving to Nevada, Missouri. Anyone wishing to contact me after March 15th can do so by writing to me at Rt. 1, Nevada, Mo., Zip code 64784.

"I will not be doing full-time work there but would accept appointments for Lord's Day or Mid-week services within driving distance of Nevada.

"The church is looking for a good man to move here; to anyone interested I commend this work as one of the most pleasant associations that I have had in my preaching experience."

DOCTOR ORVILLE S. JAQUITH DIES: L. A. Stauffer of 40th and Emerson in Indianapolis reports the death of Dr. O. S. Jaquith, 97 year old "beloved physician" of Indianapolis. His long life of service to the bodies and spirits of thousands of people was usually bountiful in good results. He was a special friend to preachers, and above all a "friend of God." The passing of this man of God will bring back countless memories in many minds across the country.

ED HARRELL is moving to Birmingham to head the history department of the University of Alabama, Birmingham campus. He will move this summer.

DAVID GAMIT, Philippine Islands: "For your information, the church here in Guimka is newly established through the helping hands of Bro. John F. Kelly, Sis. Ruth Dickens Kelly, and Bro. Jeffery D. Walker while they are still living here in the Philippines. They visited us once and saw personally our situation of living, and they know the place where we are gathering every Sunday. Regarding our Lord's work here at present, we are holding lectureship to enlighten the faith of our brethren, through the help of Bro. Victorio Ticayan — Feb. 23-24. We are conducting also, evangelism from one place to another. Within the last week of January and this month of February, we had two baptisms and six restored from the denominational teachings. This is some of the works and accomplishment of our Lord's work here in Guimba. At present I'm working at three local congregations newly started, since the work of our Lord here in Guimba started preaching the true gospel of Christ in this Province of Nueva Ecija. I recite this about my work in Guimba, so that you could picture how our Lord's work is spreading. 93 L. de Ocampo St., Guimba, Nueva Ecija A-611 Philippines.

A WORTHY RESPONSE TO AN EDITOR.... by Jack Gibbert of Virginia Beach, Virginia.... worthy of your reading:

Editor, Virginian-Pilot:

With shared interest and concern I read John R. Sell's Letter to the Editor. I agree with his implied conclusions; indeed, we must pay more attention to those whom we hire to teach our youngsters. I would like to pass on some information to Mr. Sell and all others who think as he does.

There is a school that REFUSES all tax aid, Federal and local. This college is fully accredited, and PAYS taxes. While it REFUSES all contributions from any churches, it does require all students to take at least one Bible subject. This college begins each day with a devotion period and a pledge of allegiance to our flag, and ends each day with a group devotion in the dorms. It teaches, upholds, and extols the virtues of capitalism and the free-enterprise system rather than communism and socialism. While it doesn't promise to "remake" the mistakes of parents, it does promise that your money won't be wasted. If your youngster wants to play hippie, practice free love, or smoke pot, he will find himself with walking papers by the end of the first semester and you can save the rest of your tuition for the troubles your youngster probably will be in before long.

For more information on this conservative oasis in the liberal desert of education, write Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida 33617.

JACK GIBBERT; Virginia Beach.

NEW CHURCH IN BOSTON, MASS. AREA: "We have started a congregation here in the Boston area with four families and we have added two more, one has moved in, one from the liberal congregation in Natick. We are now meeting in a building owned by the city of Framingham. The location is the corner of Watson and Concord Streets, Saxonville, Mass. We started in November 1969." George R. Dickson, 788 Neponset St., Norwood, Mass. 02062.


WORLDLY CLERGYMAN — A worldly clergyman is a fool above all fools, a madman above all madmen! Such vile, infamous wretches as these are the "ground of the contempt of the clergy." Indolent clergymen, pleasure-taking clergymen, money-loving clergymen, praise-loving clergymen, preferment seeking clergymen — these are the wretches that cause clergymen in general to be condemned. Worldly clergymen are the pest of the Christian world, the grand nuisance of mankind, a stink in the nostrils of God! Such as these were they who made St. Chrysostom say, "Hell is paved with the souls of Christian priests." — John Wesley

Battle Of The Hemline

Summer brings its special reminders that Christian girls and women face a continuing problem in dressing tastefully. On the one hand they are rightly concerned about dressing neatly with some awareness of current modes and patterns. On the other, they constantly face the danger of falling into step with styles which conflict with Christian testimony.

Even allowing for differences of taste and judgment, it is true that many Christian women today have gone farther than they should in accepting too short skirts, too low-cut dresses, too skimpy clothing on and off the beach. The answer is not a tape measure code or list of do's and don'ts, but an appreciation of the principle involved.

No one should miss the conflict in spirit between the current world of fashion and the area of Christian testimony. The spirit of our age is anything but chaste and modest. Some months ago the dress designer credited with creating the mini-skirt was quoted as admitting frankly that her innovation was intended to emphasize sexual interest. Many facets of fashion — hairdo's, make-up and the like — are likewise offered to the woman who wants to give the impression that she is a woman of the world with interests and values anything but Christian.

Contrast with this the principle stressed in the Word of God. Paul urges women to "dress becomingly, that is, modestly and sensibly, not adorning themselves with braided hair and gold or pearls or expensive dresses, but with good deeds" (I Tim. 2:9 Williams). Peter says in a similar way, "Your adornments must be not of an external nature with braids of hair or ornaments of gold, or changes of dress but must be concealed in the heart, in the imperishable quality of a quiet and gentle spirit which is of great value in the sight of God" (I Pet. 3:3).

The issue is, "What kind of spirit do I advertise by how I dress?" It should not be necessary to go back to the 1890's in order to give the impression of being chaste and modest. In fact, some women, we notice have the knack of looking contemporary in a wholesome, tasteful way that sets them well above the ordinary crowd. This is what we need — women who can and will keep their dress consistent with what they really are within.

— From Moody Monthly, June 1968 —

"EUNICE LOYD" is a book about the struggle and triumph of an honest heart. It is the story of a girl's search for the truth. It is a book which should be read by every teenager. Order it from us at $3.00.

TODAY — Mend a quarrel. Search out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a love letter. Share some treasure. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in a word or deed.

Keep a promise. Find the time. Forego a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Listen. Apologize if you were wrong. Try to understand.

Flout envy. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Appreciate, be kind, be gentle. Laugh a little more.

Deserve confidence. Take up arms against malice. Decry complacency. Express your gratitude. Worship your God. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak it still again. Speak it still again. Speak it still once again. — Author unknown.