Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 19, 1970
NUMBER 45, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Reporter — Clyde Strickland Gospel Meetings:

A five day meeting is to be conducted by the congregation which meets in Smyrna, five miles East of Atlanta, Texas, on Highway 77, March 2nd through the 6th, with Carl Allen of Lufkin, Texas, doing the preaching. This is the second meeting by these brethren thus far this year, and they have planned four others yet to come in 1970. D. L. Sanders serves as evangelist with this congregation.

Rufus R. Clifford, Sr. of Franklin, Tennessee, will be with the Imhoff Avenue church of Christ in Port Arthur, Texas, March 15th through the 22nd, for a gospel meeting. Bill Cavender labors with the Imhoff congregation.

A gospel meeting begins March 16th in Hereford, Texas, conducted by the 15th Street and Blackfoot church. Robert J. LaCoste of Globe, Arizona, is to do the preaching for this meeting. Then, the week of March 23rd through 29th, Robert W. LaCoste, Hereford, Texas, will be with the church meeting on Highway 60 West in Globe, Arizona, for a gospel meeting there.

The congregation in Crockett, Texas, has arranged for a gospel meeting for March 15th through the 20th featuring a different speaker each evening. The general theme for this meeting will be: "New Testament Christianity — Guiding Light for Modern Man," and the speakers are to be men who have lived in Crockett and worked with the congregation there. The speakers and their specific subjects are as follows:

SUNDAY, March 15th: Tom Roberts, present preacher for the congregation, speaking both morning and evening. His subjects: morning — "Let Us Rise Up and Build," and evening — "Let Us Build the Right Church."

MONDAY, 16th: Carl Allen, Lufkin, Texas — "New Testament Christianity — A Certain Sound for a Confused Generation."

TUESDAY, 17th: James Trigg, Greggton congregation, Longview — "New Testament Christianity — In the Midst of Religious Confusion."

WEDNESDAY, 18th: Clyde Strickland, Lufkin. — "New Testament Christianity — Its Influence in the Home."

THURSDAY, 19th: Hollis Windom, Vernon. — "New Testament Christianity — Through Individual and Collective Action."

FRIDAY, 20th: James Devoll, Lake Charles, Louisiana. — "New Testament Christianity — Alive and Well in Crockett."

The time for the services each evening is 7:30 P.M., and the building is located on Loop 304 between Highways 287 and 19.

The Crockett congregation has just completed a new building, and their first service was conducted in this building on March 1st. "Open house" will be held March 15th, in connection with the beginning of the meeting. Schedule for this day, in addition to the regular services, will include a luncheon furnished by the ladies of the congregation from 12:30 to 2:00 P.M. in the Crockett Community Center; a singing from 2:30 to 3:30 P.M. in the new building, followed by "open house" from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M.

The church of Christ meeting at 404 Caddo St. in Cleburne, where Charles L. Morton is the preacher, will be engaged in a gospel meeting March 16th through the 22nd with Billy T. Jones of Amarillo, doing the preaching.

Charles L. Morton of Cleburne, will do the preaching in a gospel meeting in Irving for the West Side congregation April 5th through the 12th.

A gospel meeting conducted by the Olson Park congregation, meeting at 4700 Andrews St., in Amarillo, will begin April 6th and continue through the 16th. J. T. Smith of Louisville, Ky., is to do the preaching in this meeting.

The church of Christ meeting on Graham Road — off Highway 75 (across from the Drive-in Theatre) in Huntsville, will begin a meeting April 6th through the 10th with a different speaker each evening. Speakers and their subjects are as follows:

MONDAY, April 6: Tom Roberts, Crockett — "Love of Christ."

TUESDAY, 7th: Carl Allen, Lufkin — "Love of Satan."

WEDNESDAY, 8th: Clyde Strickland, Lufkin — "Salvation."

THURSDAY, 9th: Jim McDonald, Lufkin — "The Judgment."

FRIDAY, 10th: Kent Ellis, Bryan — "The Christian Life."

Earl Pickle is the evangelist with the Huntsville congregation.

Preacher Needed:

The church which meets at 610 E. Avenue B in Sweetwater, will be in need of a sound gospel preacher by June 7, 1970. This congregation has enjoyed a nice steady growth over the past two years, and the possibilities for continued growth are good. Truman Smith, who has been working with this congregation nearly two years, is moving to Odessa where he will be working with the Crescent Park congregation. Preachers who might be interested in the work in Sweetwater may write to Brother Smith at 1007 E. Twelfth St., Sweetwater, Texas, 79556. It is thought that most of the churches now helping to support Brother Smith, perhaps, will continue their support to the right man.

Office Notes

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PROPHECY FORETOLD, PROPHECY FULFILLED by E. R. Harper is a brand new volume which deals with premillennial theories of Drs. Graham, Armstrong, Dehaan, and Epps. Premillennialism crumbles under the sledge hammer blows of truth. $2.00.


"The Bible"

I have walked into some homes and noted the family Bible laying on a table, covered with dust. The pages have not been turned the cover had not been oiled with oil from one's hand. The words, thoughts and deeds recorded are not heard and it lays silent as a tomb. This book is being used as an ORNAMENT.

I saw the back of another Bible, worn with the passing of years and each page had notes and lines drawn to remind one of the important facts. The pages were worn and in places they had begun to fade from extensive handling and reading. From the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, evidence was seen of thought and care to ascertain the meaning of God's revelation to man. This book was being used as a TOOL.

It is not uncommon at the end of a day for one to relax and read the precious word of God. To rejoice with David, wonder with Abraham, weep with Jeremiah and walk with the Lord and his Apostles. The stories of Ruth, Ester, Job and the Song of Solomon are stories that are read and reread. To note the heart beats and sorrows of the ancients, the problems of life experienced by others is a joy and peace. This is all to be found by reading the Bible and using it as a FRIEND.

There should be no place in a man's life or his home for this precious book to be used as an ORNAMENT; but rather, that all the facts and knowledge be gleaned — use the book as a TOOL. Moments of happiness, moments of sorrow, moments of doubt and moments of frustration will bring much comfort from a FRIEND — the Bible.

— Box 724, Lufkin, Texas 75901 —

ROYCE CHANDLER, 412 N. College, Auburn, Kentucky 42206 — "The church in Auburn, Ky., is in need of a preacher to begin work here in June. I am moving, the Lord willing, to Orlando, Florida, to work with Roy Cogdill in the Par Avenue church of Christ. If you know of any interested persons, please have them contact me at the above address or phone 542-4802. A more wonderful group of brethren cannot be found than these. Other preachers who have worked here include Louis Garrett, Robert Jackson, Edwin Hayes, Ferrell Jenkins, and Keith Burnett. There are several hard-workers here who are interested and willing to do all they can; of course, there are some who will do nothing, as well. Average Sunday A.M. attendance is around 100. It has been a painfully hard decision to leave here, but we believe it is the wisest move; no feelings of animosity enter the picture at all. We have spent a wonderful and most rewarding time here.

Our spring meeting is scheduled for April 5-10, with a different speaker each night. Speakers are Robert Buchanan, B. G. Hope, A. C. Grinder, Weldon Warnock, James P. Miller, and Robert Jackson."

THOMAS HOGLAND, Box 320 Noblin Road, Rt. 2, Cleveland, Mississippi 38732 — "I am now working with the North Cleveland congregation here in Cleveland, Mississippi. Although small in number the congregation has a nice meeting house. Several fine congregations are having fellowship with me in this work. When in the delta of Mississippi visit with us."

JIMMY TUTEN, JR., 6316 Pernod Ave., St. Louis. — Dr. Kenneth J. Hogan, Waldron, Ark., 72958 is looking for back issues of the Guardian. He is looking for the following: Vol. 3, 1951 Numbers 8-17, 50-51; Vol. 4, 1952, Numbers 1, 11, 22, 35-36, 39; Vol. 8, 1956, Numbers 1-2, 11, 22, 32, 51. If you have any of these please mail them to him at the above address and bill him for any charges.

NO MORE, PLEASE! George Pennock, P. O. Box 4064 UCI, Ibadan, Nigeria — "I do not encourage you to send anymore money to me for relief purposes. $41,326.46 has been received and distributed. This has been an enormous job and has drained away time, energy as well as funds from the preaching of the gospel. I thank God for your generosity and I am proud to have had a part in this work, but in the few months left before my departure, I want to turn all of my attention 100% to the spiritual needs of both alien sinners and the brethren. Not only are the spiritual needs of man of more importance than the physical needs, but it was to this end that I came to Nigeria.

Permit me to set your mind at east by assuring you that the situation in the war areas has been eased. And by God's grace and your help, this is especially true among the brethren.

However, there is still much need in the work. For example: there are a number of good, faithful gospel preachers who have had no support since before the beginning of the war (three years or more). In spite of much suffering they have continued to preach the gospel faithfully. $25 per month will support many of these men back in the bush. (About $50 per month is needed to adequately support a man in the urban areas). If you have the desire and ability to help, write me and I will put you in touch with one of these brethren.

WAYNE PAYNE TO NIGERIA — NEEDS TRAVEL FUNDS — "Wayne Payne is returning to Nigeria. His decision to go is possibly the greatest demonstration of unselfish devotion to the Lord's cause known to this writer in this generation. The Paynes have been back in this country for just six months. They are just getting settled in their new work in Newport, Arkansas. Under normal conditions they would not be thinking of going back at this time, but because brother Payne is the only gospel preacher in this country who can go to Nigeria, they have unselfishly consented to go. Requests for visas to Nigeria in recent months have been denied, but a return visa, obtained by brother Payne before leaving Nigeria last summer, enables him to go when no-one else can.

"Surely if brother Payne and his family are willing to go under these conditions, we should be willing to supply their needs. The 77th Street church in Birmingham has promised them their personal support, but yet to be raised are their travel fund ($7500), work fund ($150 per month), and rent ($150 per month). This support must be raised by the early part of June, for brother Payne's visa requires that he return by June 18. We therefore urge immediate response to this need.

"Brother Payne's address is: P. O. Box 683, Newport, Arkansas 72112. His phone number — 501-523-3944. We hope that readers of the Guardian will encourage churches of which they are members to send a liberal contribution for this great effort." — Bill Hall, 110 77th Street, S., Birmingham, Alabama 35206.

MEETING SCHEDULE FOR EUGENE BRITNELL IN 1970 — Address: P. O. Box 3012, Little Rock, Ark. Butler, Mo., March 2 thru 8 — Highlands, Texas, March 16 thru 22; — Fayetteville; Ark., April 6 thru 10; — Birmingham, Ms. (Cahaba Heights), April 20 thru 26; — Ft. Worth, Texas (Castleberry), May 11 thru 17; — Concord, N. a, June; — Evening Shade, Ark. July; — Waco, Ma., Aug. 10 thru 16; — Deer Park, Texas, Sept.; — Oklahoma City (10th and Francis), Oct. 12 thru 18; — Henderson, Texas, Nov. 2 thru 8.