Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 18, 1969
NUMBER 33, PAGE 9-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

A STATEMENT — THE ARLINGTON MEETING BOOK AND RELATED MATTERS: "Inasmuch as I was numbered among brethren who were 'disturbed by unwise reports' of the Arlington, Texas meeting, and have expressed myself freely concerning the meeting, further comment is in order now that the book is available. I have read it. Our 'conservative' brethren were great in their presentation of truth — in their speeches and rebuttals they were outstanding. I believe the truth was upheld in a fine manner. Anyone who reads this book, though they may have been concerned over reports and reactions, as I was, will be quite satisfied with the performance of our 'conservative' brethren who were in the meeting. I indeed feel that some 'pitfalls' were involved, seen in reports and reactions, but the book dispels, so far as I am concerned, any legitimate reason to be continually critical of the meeting. Even though the publication of the book was long coming, criticism of the meeting would have been tempered if it had been withheld until the book appeared. This writer's remarks on the Arlington meeting, and on fellowship, prompted response from our long time friend James W. Adams, one we admire and respect. (See The Preceptor, October 1969). This in turn actuated the publishing of the quotations appearing in the ad featuring the Arlington Meeting book (Gospel Guardian, November 27, 1969). In a private conciliatory meeting, brother Adams and I considered clarifications and discussed agreements, as brethren should, and will not engage in further confrontation in this matter. He will express himself on these things in a forthcoming article in The Preceptor, further clarifying the situation involved." Wm. E. Wallace THE INDIO, CALIFORNIA LAWSUIT: Some time back we mentioned a newspaper account of a $2 million lawsuit against "Churches of Christ." Later reports tell that "two ministers of two individual churches bearing the name Church of Christ have branded as 'misleading' and 'unjust' the reports allegedly linking them with other churches and organizations accused of fraud. The suit claims the defendants "falsely and fraudulently" agreed to lend $2 million to the Palm Desert Golf Club, Inc., for the purchase of the Palm Desert Country Club golf course and then failed to carry out the agreement." The chief defendants named in the complaint are listed as: Church of Christ Manors, Inc., "a Washington, D. C. corporation;" Churches of Christ, an "Association of Churches;" Christian Churches of America, "an Association of Churches;" Damian Trust of Baltimore "a Maryland corporation;" Dan Jeremore "in his individual capacity and as Agent for Damian Trust of Baltimore;" Cyrus Welch, Charles York, Herman Kooy, Galen Skinner, Alex Grossnickle, Alex Gnus Jr. and five unnamed persons, (John Does), "in their individual capacities and as Officers and Directors of Church of Christ Manors, Inc.;" National Executive Committee of the Brotherhood of Churches of Christ and Christian Churches of America; John Does 21 through 6,020 "being member community churches throughout the United States." There is considerable confusion over the matter and the attorney for the plaintiff is reported as saying, "I'll find out in discovery who comprises those associations. It could be that every single Church of Christ in the country is not a member but I won't know that until I learn more about how these groups organized."

PEORIA, ILLINOIS — "Our preacher here at Paris Ave. is brother James H. Fox. Brother Fox is an able evangelist. He formerly served as a deacon at the Expressway church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he gained much from the Teacher Training Classes taught by brother James P. Needham.

Since brother Fox moved here in July of 1968 we have had 23 baptisms and 32 restorations. He has been instrumental in many of these harvest for the Lord.

With the situation stabilized here, we feel free to make brother Fox available for meeting work. Therefore any church who can use him should contact him.

We will be happy to send him where the work is small and unable to financially conduct a meeting. If brother Fox can be of service, call on him at 5916 Graceland Drive, Peoria, Ill. 61614. Or phone 1-309-691-6864. Elders — Kenneth Brandon; Donald Dell; Cecil Hafley; Dellas Roberts.

FREE: It is not often that we offer something free of charge! But we like our subscribers and love to do good things for them. We have about 100 copies of "The Church and A Faction" which contains the court testimony of C. R. Nichol in a trial involving elder rule versus majority rule. The book published by B. M. Strother also contains articles by W. E. Brightwell and Foy E. Wallace, Jr. We'll send you a copy of this if you will send the cost of postage and handling-254. Better hurry!

News From Rhodesia, Africa:

It has been such a great encouragement to us, and such a joy to have brethren respond to our plea for help, we want each and every one of those who had a part in helping us to know that we are very grateful. We know that it is a very difficult thing to send support to a man who is virtually unknown to one personally, but the response to letters written by brethren on our behalf was more than we ever dreamed of. It is our humble prayer that we will prove to be zealous workers for many years, pleasing to our Lord.

The work is quiet at the moment, from the point that we have no definite home studies on a regular basis, but we have a very heavy visitation programme under way, and nearly every house we visit we are drawn into serious, thought provoking discussions. We are sure that with a little time and patience many souls can be won here in Que Que. People who saw me whilst I was ill, have been astounded at the quick manner in which I have recovered. Truly God answers prayers.

The African work is growing at a steady pace. This month there were 2 baptisms at Torwood congregation and 1 at Amaveni congregation. At Amaveni there are no facilities whatsoever for baptising, so each time we have occasion to rejoice at a person's obedience, we have to travel about eight miles to find sufficient water. We are now planning to use some of the funds which have been sent to help us, in having a baptistry made and thus save the African preacher having to call me each time there is to be a baptism. This will be a far more convenient arrangement, since I am sometimes away or have other obligations to meet.

With the coming of October, (called here "suicide month" because of the intense heat) we are looking forward to the start of our rainy season. No doubt by the time October is over we will be eagerly awaiting the winter months. What a perverse nature we have. All too often we wish our lives away, merely by statements "I wish it were so and so" instead of making the best of our present opportunities.

At the beginning of September we spent a week with bro. and sister Fred Liggin Jnr., in Pretoria, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I helped in a small way to give Fred a hand finishing off his office and when we left he was comfortably installed in same. No doubt Fran will need a crowbar to prise him out of it at times! We received so much encouragement from the Liggins, and Fred did so much towards helping encourage brethren to assist us financially that we will be ever grateful to them. Maybe one of these days we can persuade them they really need take a few days to visit those Bauers again.

I have printed many thousands of tracts in the African languages this month and as fast as they come from the duplicator they are distributed and eagerly received. However our old duplicator is giving us trouble and will not produce a very good copy, so we are contemplating using some of our funds to purchase new equipment as well. This will mean faster cleaner work that we need not be ashamed of passing round. If there are any of you who feel this would not be appropriate please write and tell us. At the same time we are also trying to keep aside enough money to use as a down payment on a house of our own, which would help a great deal as far as security goes. At the present rate one is never sure how long one will have a roof over their heads or even be able to get another house when you lose what you have. With industrial expansion the way it is and with the influx of so many people in Que Que we feel this would be a wise move, and since many of you stated that the funds you sent were to be used entirely as we wished, we would like to know if any of you would have any objection to this plan.

We are truly obliged to all those who helped in raising funds for the cause of Christ in Que Que, and for the many prayers that were offered on our behalf. God bless you all. — the Bauers; P.O. Box 549; Que Que, Rhodesia, Africa.

PAUL R. JOHNSON: "I have just moved to Frankfort from Abbeville, S. C. and since beginning the work here there have been three people to identify with us. Things look real encouraging."

HIGH SCHOOL ROAD, INDIANAPOLIS: "We had a good day yesterday with 185 for worship in A.M., contribution $674.53 and 133 at night."

C. R. SCROGGINS — "I would also like very much for you to announce that I will be available to the Brotherhood as a full-time Gospel Preacher about 15 March 1970. I will be retiring from the Armed Forces of the United States in early March, so I bring with me about one-third of my support and of course my first move is at the expense of the government. My address for contact until that time is, 5025 Michigan Ave., Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 28540, Phone 353-5157 (Area Code 919).

Keep up the good work with the GUARDIAN and may God continue to bless you in expansion of the TRUTH.

CLAUDE C. TRUEX: My new address is 1009 West 4th St., Rector, Arkansas 72461. Since October 19th, two have been restored to their first love and one has been baptized into Christ."

ROBERT W. LASCOTE: "Interested in a meeting for 1970? I will come at anytime anyplace after May. Please contact me here at the Lord's work in Hereford." 601 Ave. "H" 79045.

NEW SERMON OUTLINE BOOK: "Sermon Outlines on Ephesians" by Edward W. Fudge. $1.25. Expository preaching. Detailed outlines. Something different and good!

LANNY PARISH: "The work is going real well here, our attendance has increased at every service and as result everyone is encouraged and more individual effort is being put forth. We had five responses during November. Four of these were for baptism and the other was for confession of faults and to be identified. We are looking forward to teaching others. We have also been getting some response from our newspaper article. We now have 36 members, not counting children and non-members." Box 1522, Bay City, Texas.

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA: Mel Myers, the local preacher at West 2nd Street church, reports a family of four members leaving the liberal church in town to unite with West 2nd St. There have been a number of baptisms lately and brother Myers reports that the work is moving ahead. 825 West 2nd St., Bloomington, Indiana 47401.

LUTHER G. ROBERTS, FREEPORT, TX.: "Things are doing very well here. We have baptized one, a high school senior, two have been identified with the congregation and one acknowledgement of wrongs." Box 2646, 77541.

G. L. FISCUS of Hamilton, Ohio writes about a new work in Palmyra, Missouri. He reports that Bill Breuer and Kenneth Hirshey were instrumental in getting this new work started. A new building is under construction and brother Hirshey will soon be working with the new congregation in Palmyra. He also reports that the work in Bowling Green, Missouri, where he recently held a meeting, is going very well and "the church there seems quite enthusiastic about the work." 1046 Westview Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 45013 ERWIN, TENNESSEE — Call For Help — "We had approximately 40 meetings here in Erwin at the Love Station Church of Christ until about the first of 1969 when about three-fourths of our group left us and went back to the liberal group here in Erwin from which we had withdrawn ourselves approximately 10 years ago... Now I am the only male member to carry on the Lord's work here... We have located a gospel preacher who is sound in the faith and has several years of experience preaching the gospel ... We want to make an earnest and prayerful appeal for you all to put this man in your budget for 1970 if it is at all possible." For further information write Grady Bailey 144 Parker St., Erwin, Tenn. 37650.

SWEETWATER, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 14, 1969 — September 15 marked the end of one year's work here with the church which meets at 610 E. Avenue B in Sweetwater, Texas. We now have a total membership of 23, but that is about double the number of members a year ago. The church here has had quite a struggle since its beginning in the summer of 1965. However, we believe now that things are beginning to work out in a most favorable manner. There are two liberal churches, about three non-class congregations, and about the usual number of Baptists and Methodists which are found in a Texas town of 15,000. We are running a weekly newspaper article in the local paper, and preaching fifteen minutes each Sunday morning on the local radio station. We have had reports that we are being heard over a forty mile radius of Sweetwater. Most of my support comes from other churches at the present, but we are hopeful that we will not have to depend upon outside help for very long. Any time any of you brethren are travelling Interstate 20, going toward El Paso, be sure and try to arrange to come by and meet with us. You may call me by dialing 236-6406, and my home address is: Truman Smith, 1007 E. Twelfth Street, Sweetwater, Texas 79556.

NEWPORT, N. C. — "Brother Paul Nagy, who worked with us some three years, terminated his work here July 15, 1969. He is presently engaged in secular activities for his livelihood and attends the congregation here from time to time. Brother Marvine Kelley has been our preacher since August 11, 1969 and the work is progressing in every way. We are encouraged and determined that the Lord's name be held high in this community. In the past two and a half months there have been 52 responses. Our attendance is near capacity, and our contribution the highest ever. The zeal and enthusiasm of the membership in general is ideal of the devoted Christian's life. When in this area, worship with us." Elders, Ralph Bowlin, Jr., Charles Pringle, Ramond L. Simmons.

COMMENTS: Mrs. May Hamilton — "I enjoy the Guardian very much and for what it stands for. Keep up the fine work." . . . Mrs. Dora V. Smither — "... you are doing a good work and you have my blessings and prayers that your paper will continue to grow and be of help to all who read it." ... Gene Wheeler — "My subscription to Gospel Guardian expired some time ago. Didn't realize I would miss it so much!" . . . LeRoy E. Posey — "Just one word about the article 'Wells of Fellowship Poisoned' page 406, Volume 21, Number 26, October 30, 1969. . . For what it is worth, I think this hits the nail right on the head. I have been trying to say or preach these things for some years, but I must admit that I was a little confused on some points until now. Thanks for the help in clearing these points up for me. I certainly hope you will say some more along this line ... I feel the paper should be in the hands of all, especially members of the church." ... Paul K. Williams — "I wish you much success with the Guardian. . . I know that you and Yater will work together well, and I feel certain that the future of the Guardian is in good hands."

GENE WHEELER, TUCUMCARI, N. M.: "We have engaged Bro. Gene Wooly for the work here at 3rd St. in Tucumcari. Thanks for your help."