Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 4, 1969
NUMBER 31, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

The Work In The Philippines

Wallace J. Little has provided us with a list of sound preachers in the Philippines who are carrying on the work of the Lord, refusing to yield to the pressures of "liberal" centralizations. They are sound, loyal and stabile in spite of adversity, persecution, deprivity and slander. The sound churches suffer some difficulty in maintaining property because the government of the Philippines does not recognize churches without a central organizational structure. Here is the list of sound preachers:

Victoria R. Tibayan, 106 Liwaliwan, Caloocan, D-607 Cornelia C. Bondad Concepcion, Batuay, Bulacan

Diosado P. Menor, 234 V. Mapa, Calapao, Oriental, Mindoro Antonio S. Magbanua, 441 Incencio, Tando, Manila

Ernesto Canon % Rufo B. Samodal Lemoran Ungaya % Rufo B. Samodal

Rosendo Reyes % Rufo B. Samodal Fedil Adrales, Jr. % Rufo B. Samodal

Ricardo dela Cruz Misong, Tupi, South Cotabato Virgilio B. Villanueve Lambayong, Cotabato, 0-125

Glecerio S. Metilla 22-A Forget-Me-Not St., Poblacion Bansalan, Davao del sur, 0-401, Mindanao

Santiago Ramos Kidapawan, Cotabato, 0-111 Eusebio Alagano 225 Km, Katidtuan, Labacan, Cotabato 0-109

Eusebio Bailia Depaculao, Quezon, A-204 Salvador Cancino Binmaley, Pangasinan

Constantino Capilitan Margosatubig, Zamboanga del sur, N-318 Celso Saberano (Recom: Felix) Undaneta, Pagasinan

David M. Gamit (Recom: Tibayan) Guimbo, Nueva Ecija Rufo B. Samodal Kaitibong, Lapuyan, Zamboanga Del Sur N-318 (Church: Margosatubig)

Castorio F. Gamit 135 B. Diversion Road, Angeles City, Pampanga, C-201 Romulo B. Agduma M'Lang, Cotabato, 0-177

Juanito P. Balbin M'Lang, Cotabato, 0-177 Valentine B. Guleng

Midsayap, Cotabato, 0-117 Rodrigo Diego Malasila, Makilala, Cotabato (or: Pag-Asa, M'Lang)

Julian C. Felix Poblacion No. 4, Moncada Tarlac, C-409

Eduardo R. Ramiro 1229 Lapu Lapu St., Pagadian Zamboanga del sur, N-304

Linganan G. Sendil Buug, Zamboanga del sur, N-304

Isabelo P. Puongbayan 612 D. Boni Ave.

Mandaluyong D-713, Rizal Romeo Quesada Titay, Zamboanga del sur, N-327

Francisco Fallorin Tugop, Titay, Zamboanga del sur, N-327 Artemio Labiano Titay, Zamboanga del sur, N-327

Benjamin Libertino Dado (Edcor) Libungan, Cotabato, 0-112 Maximo Roxas J. M. Base, Concepcion Balivag, D-202, Bulacan

Ruben Adap (deceased August 1969)

Rodrigo D. Cinense Talugtug, A-630 Nueve, Ecijd, R.P.

Sales Abrinica Midsayap, Cotabato, 0-116 Bernardino Falconla Sepaka, Columbio, Cotabato, 0-104

Wiltrado Samodal Buriasan, Kapatagan Lanao del norte, M-105 Quiriano Alipan Camanga, Titay, Zamboanga del sur, N-327

Ricardo Jumawid Maraya, Margosatubig, Zamboanga del sur N-318 NOTE: Some of these preachers need financial help badly.

ROY L. FOUTZ, 2301 Franklin Drive, Texarkana, Arkansas: "I have been working with the Franklin Drive church for four months, and we are encouraged thus far. My meetings in 1969 were with Myrtle Grove, in Pensacola, Florida; West Sixth St. in Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Central in Beaumont; Southside in Greenville, Greenwood Village in Houston; Brazoria, Sinton, and Smyrna (near Atlanta) — all in Texas. Five of these meetings have included series on "The Bible vs. Evolution." Visit with us when you are in Texarkana."

JIM BEECH, Rt. 1 Box 97B, Madisonville, Texas 77864: "Just a note to tell you of the success of our recent meeting, November 10-13. We had eleven responses, two of which were baptisms, others confessions of specific sins. We had good attendance every night with most of the visitors being from Madisonville. We were especially pleased with the attendance of several here who were not members of the church and some who were members of the other church here in Madisonville. They all expressed an interest in the sermons."

"THINK" — Leslie Diestelkamp's new paper. The first issue of this new monthly appeared in November. It is a four page, neatly printed, attractive publication 81/2 by 11 in size. Brother Diestelkamp tells "Why This Paper?" "This publication is strictly a private venture for the sake of the peace and the purity of the Lord's church. It is an effort by a few to plead with many — to plead for purity, for fidelity, for integrity and for faith and action that is altogether authorized by the revealed will of Christ. We shall attack no one, and we shall write nothing mean, hateful or personally derogatory about anyone. We do not claim perfection, and we shall welcome comment, criticisms and corrections. Our hearts are filled with anxiety for the welfare of the blood-bought body of Christ, and this little paper shall simply be an expression of our interest in that spiritual body and in each and every member of it here, there and everywhere." 401 Woolf Court, Rochelle, M. 61068.

MIKE T. ROGACS: "After nineteen months of labor with the brethren in Lilbourn, Missouri, I will be moving to begin work with the Southside brethren in Ft. Smith, Ark. As of Dec. let, send all correspondence to 1408 Cavanaugh Rd., Ft. Smith, Ark."

YATER TANT: "J. David Tant recently closed a fine meeting with the Cahaba Heights Church in Birmingham. Two were baptized. Eugene Britnell is scheduled for a meeting next April."

RUFUS R. CLIFFORD: "I have just returned from a meeting with the Overlook church, Dayton, Ohio. It was an old time meeting, with good crowds, high interest, a large number of visitors, three baptisms and fifteen restorations. The Overlook brethren do not support human institutions and the popular projects of the day, but they are seeking to occupy a 'middle of the road' position. James Cooper, Edgar Walker, Forrest Hurst, and faithful brethren came, but the preachers from the churches supporting Herald' of Truth, institutions, etc., also attended. I had not conducted a meeting like that in a long time. I was even asked to return and had an invitation from another church."

LETTER FROM A "LIBERAL": "I want to highly commend you and brother Tant for your efforts to heal the breach that exists between the liberals and conservatives. I am a deacon in a church that you would consider liberal but I consider myself a conservative 'liberal.' Many of us are concerned at the wildly liberal schemes some of our brethren are dreaming up. I feel that classical liberalism is causing us and the conservatives to move closer together. I am quite familiar with conservatives such as you, and I respect your stand for Bible truth although I feel that you are binding where there is nothing to be bound . . I don't know what results you might accomplish by your peace offensive but I would certainly encourage you to keep up the fight despite criticism from hardened conservatives. Both of us oppose liberals so I hope a common ground can be found."

COMMENT: "I appreciate the Gospel Guardian and the good it has done through the years. The wife and I attended David Lipscomb College with Yater and Helen. Yater is worthy of praise for the years of faithful service." Rufus R. Clifford . . . "Happy to hear of your new relationship with the Guardian. I'm sure the Guardian will continue to grow and increase to even greater service to the brotherhood." Gary E. Phillips.

MARY AND MARTHA: There is a revised edition of the book Mary and Martha available. Because this book deals more with Christ and his teachings than it does with Mary and Martha, the title has not been as descriptive as it should have been. This is the reason it was deemed wise to change the title to YOUR BEST FRIEND. $2.00 hardback; $1.00 flexible back.

Two New Books You Will Want:

"Captives of The Word" by the author of "The Fool of God" and "Racoon John Smith" — Louis Cochran. Bess White Cochran joins Mr. Cochran in presenting this "A narrative history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the Christian Churches (Independent), and the Churches of Christ. Just out! $5.95.

"The Hazard of The Die" by James R. Wilburn is the story of Tolbert Fanning and the Restoration Movement. New publication! $4.95.

SPONSOR AN OVERSEAS SUBSCRIPTION? We receive regularly requests from preachers, native to homelands abroad, for complimentary subscriptions to The Gospel Guardian. It is difficult to turn such requests down. It costs $3.00 postage to mail the paper for one year to an overseas subscriber, plus the regular subscription rate of $5.00. We wonder if some of our readers in this country would like to "sponsor" some overseas subscriptions? If so, we will be glad to send you the names of preachers of foreign lands who seek the paper.

BROWNWOOD, TEXAS — Jack Kirby — "I will meet Moore Eubank of Mercury, Texas in a debate on Bible classes -- women teachers at the church in May, Texas, where he preaches. Dates are December 7-10, 1969 at 7:00 p.m. each evening."

HOYT H. HOUCHEN, 12528 E. Alaska Place, Aurora, Colorado: "October 13th marked our first year's work with the Boston Street church, 1297 Boston Street, Aurora, Colorado. Our first year has been pleasant and we believe profitable. We had a total of 54 responses, 15 of these by baptism.

My meeting schedule for 1969 is now completed. Meetings this year were at Northeast, Gainsville, Florida; Santa Barbara, California; Spring and Delta, West Long Beach, California; Clarksville, Indiana; Central, Pampa, Texas; and North Park, Abilene, Texas where we formerly labored for six years. These were all enjoyable meetings and I am looking forward to my 1970 schedule.

We are now in the process of remodeling our building at Boston Street. In addition to my support, the church here is assisting in the support of Herbert Fraser at Fort Collins, Colorado; Kart Kiestelkamp at Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Ron Houchen at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We are looking forward to our second year's work with this church. When in this vicinity we shall be happy for you to worship with us at Boston Street."

HERBERT KNIGHT — 1616 Clay Street, Paducah, Ky. 42001 — "Our work with the Clay Street church is beginning to show signs of progress. At the beginning of our work here in August 1969, we had an average attendance of 27, and the contribution was averaging $57.34. For the past several months our average attendance has been above fifty, and the contribution has been over $150.00. During October we set new records in both departments with an average attendance of 58, and contribution of $182.28. Since the first of the year we have baptized seven, four have been restored, and five have been identified with us. We have conducted four gospel meetings this year and have three scheduled for 1970."

Anyone passing through this area — be sure and visit with us. The building is located at 1520 Clay street."

OTIS JORDAN, P. O. Box 414, Perry, Florida — "This is to report that I have been engaged in two profitable meetings recently. I preached for the church in North Fort Myers, Octover 5-12. We had very good attendance with above 70 each night except Saturday and Wednesday; having above 50 then. We had the good pleasure of baptizing one young man. Bro. Danny Tam is the regular preacher here. I preached for the small church in Greenville, Florida, November 2-9. The attendance was not too good due to a serious (cancer) illness of one of the young people — and another circumstance or two. However we had two responses. One young lady was restored and the last Sunday another was baptized. Bro. Jim Poppell is the regular preacher here. We were encouraged by both of these meetings and the fact that there are those who will still receive the Word of God in sincere hearts."

BIBLE SALESMAN AND LIQUOR ALLOWANCE: An independent Bible salesman was in the Gospel Guardian office recently. He told of being offered a job with one of the large Bible publication companies with salary plus liquor allowance!