Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 27, 1969
NUMBER 30, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram,

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Reporter Robert A. Bolton

Preaching The Word

California: R. J. Stevens, of Mt. View in San Bernardino, at 593 East Clark Ave., in Orcutt, November 10-16... A "lectureship" meeting was conducted at Lakeside, November 10-16, with the following speakers and subjects: GORDON WILSON — The Bible vs. Evolution; NORMAN FISK — The Bible vs. Free-love Movement; MERLE STAMPER — The Loss of Young Members; CLYDE GOFF — Bible Influence vs. The Influence of Drugs and Alcohol; WAYNE TIMMONS — Entertaining Young Members; FRED AMICK — Young Members And Their Actions On The College Campus; LARRY DAVIDSON — How Children Should Treat Their Parents . . .With a different speaker each evening, December 1-6, the church in Montebello will conduct a gospel meeting on the theme: "Denominational Error." Speakers and subjects in order, Monday through Saturday, are as follows: ROBERT A. BOLTON — What Is The Law Of Christ For Today?; H. OSBY WEAVER — Can We All See The Bible Alike?; FORREST D. MOYER — Latter Day Revelations of Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Christian Scientists; RONNIE LOVELADY — One Thousand Year Reign: Fact Or Fiction?; DON WILSON — Have Miracles Ceased?; ARTHUR W. ATKINSON — Seventh Day Adventism.


Montebello, California — A week of "Song Leader Training" was conducted, November 10-14, by the church meeting at 536 N. Poplar Street. Instructor for this special training was LOWELL BOAZ. ELVIS BOZARTH is the local preacher.

Gardena, California — Bro DON WILSON is preaching regularly for the congregation meeting at 1901 W. 166th St. and conducting gospel meetings as the opportunity affords, while owning and operating a secular business as his basic means of income and support.

Walla Walla, Washington — The church meeting in the Y.W.C.A. building at First and Birch Sts., will conduct a gospel meeting, November 30 through December 7, at 7:30 each evening, with Lord's Day services at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. JIM KENT, of Sunnyside, Washington, will do the preaching. — SPENCER C. TALLEY.

Glendale, Arizona — "As of November 10, 1969, my address will be: 176 "B" Street, Brawley, California 92227. I will begin work with the church in Brawley the following Lord's Day morning, 11/16/69." GARRETH L. CLAIR.

BY THE WAY: "Most of us know how to say nothing. Few of us know when!"

NOTE TO WEST COAST: Send your bulletins, news items and information for publication to Robert A. Bolton, 126 West "E" St., Ontario, California 91761. He will give you good service!

Young Preacher Desires To Enter Work With Spanish Speaking People

Leonard E. Wright, Jr. of Lufkin, Texas is married to a fine Mexican-American Christian. They have two children. Leonard is 22 years old and speaks Spanish well. He has been preaching since he was 17, filling appointments in East Texas.

Leonard wants to go to Edinburg, Texas, an "All American" town — so designated by Life Magazine. Edinburg's population is 70% Spanish speaking. It is a college town.

There is no sound church in Edinburg. Several members who live in Edinburg attend services in McAllen.

Leonard Wright is the man for the town of Edinburg. He needs support and is ready to visit churches and present the case for the work in Edinburg.

His references include Richard Soto of McAllen; Wayne Partain and Glenn Rogers who have been known for their work among the Spanish speaking; the elders of the Loop 287 church in Lufkin, Texas.

THE CHURCH OF CHRIST IN BLUE ASH, OHIO is in need of a preacher. If interested write to the elders at 4667 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 or call 791-3527.

COMMENTS: Leo Rogel: "I appreciate and value your kindness. With you at the 'helm' of the Guardian-ship I have all the confidence in the world in the success of that journal. It is my prayer that God will bless you with good health and wisdom to continue your good work." — Mike T. Rogacs: "Keep the fine work on the `Gospel Guardian.' Really enjoyed the editorial of Oct. 23. The article by Ketcherside, although written in 'love' reveals that he needs to study with love AND understanding." — L. R. Hester: " .And I am not especially impressed with one brother's special effort to 'feel the pulse of the brethren. By brother's 'pulse' may indicate what he is likely to do or not to do regarding unity or fellowship, but it doesn't alter God's plan nor my obligation to carry it out . .. no offense, just an expression of conviction — a revealing of my pulse, perhaps." — Nellie A. Skinner: "Am enjoying 'Gospel Guardian' very much." — Robert Harkrider: "I appreciate your efforts with the Guardian, particularly in trying to keep the door open for brethren who have begun to re-evaluate their position."

PREACHER NEEDED: "The church at Gingellville, Michigan has been established for about five years now, and the work is doing very well. However, they are in need of a man to preach and work in that area full time. There are about 35 members meeting there each Lord's day . . .Many of the members feel that they could be self-supporting within a year if they could get a full time man to work 'with them' — R. A. Pentecost , St. — 23101 Rein St. East Detroit, Mich. 48021, telephone 1-313-776-8004.

ALBION, MICHIGAN: "On September 17-24, a concentrated effort to salvage the church at Albion, Michigan, took place. Taking part in the effort were brethren Gordon Wilson of San Diego, California, Rolland Fritz of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Richard Pentecost of Roseville, Michigan, and Ercel Ray Warren of Grand Avenue in Chicago, Illinois . . . The results proved our daily efforts successful." Ercel Ray Warren.

Robert J. LaCoste: "Like a meeting in the year of 70? I will come anywhere and anytime after May 30th. Contact me at the Lord's work here in Hereford, Texas, 601 Ave. N., 79045."

MONSER'S CROSS — REFERENCE BIBLE is out of print. We located three copies recently. $14.95.

PAUL R. JOHNSON: "I have just moved to Frankfort from Abbeville, S. C. and since beginning the work here there have been three people to identify with us. Things look real encouraging." P. O. Box 208, Frankfort, Ky. 40601.

'Read The Arlington Meeting Book

In the October, 1969 issue of The Preceptor, the front page scribe observes, in a hard hitting attack:

"We also know, and mark this, that both we and they have from the beginning and do now regard the use of instrumental music in the worship and the establishment and maintenance of human institutions and sponsoring church arrangements through which churches generally function to perform their mission as occupying identical ground both logically and scripturally ... We could as easily fellowship one practice as the other." (Page 9)

But the Same Preceptor Writer Says IN THE ARLINGTON BOOK:

"In answer to his question, may I say that I have never made these matters a test of fellowship. From the beginning of the controversy, I have tried to stay away from the question of fellowship. There is not a man here who can lay his finger on the place or time where L have said or written or done anything to make these differences a question of fellowship." (Arlington Meeting, pg. 398).

The Question Answered Was:


In Further Reply To The Question, The Front Page Scribe Said:

"I have never made these matters a test of fellowship. Some of my 'conservative' brethren do not feel about this as do I. They believe that the question of fellowship should be 'pressed.' I do not. I believe that we should keep away from the question of fellowship as long as we can." "I deny the charge that I have ever made these matters a test of fellowship." (pg. 399).

W. E. W.