Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 9, 1969
NUMBER 23, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram,

William E. Wallace — News Editor

The Pulse Of The Brethren (II.)

II. Northern Indiana. — It was this writer's pleasure to preach in an eleven-day meeting in South Bend, Indiana September 14-24. Rarely do we hear of meetings going beyond the two-Sunday period, and most of them begin on Monday evening ending the following Sunday night, or, beginning on Sunday they end on Saturday. But the South Bend brethren like it the old fashioned way, and I enjoyed the eleven day event too!

South Bend is to the east of the Calumet region of Indiana, and the church there is somewhat isolated from brethren of like precious faith. In the Calumet region there are a number of excellent congregations, in fact, sound brethren out number the liberals. We had a most refreshing visit with preachers Glenn Shaver, Cecil Belcher, William B. Murrell, Robert Archer, Charles Gentry, Claude Wilsford, Jim Barnes, Jim Eldridge, and John Gerrard while visiting in the area. We detected a real unity and a genuine biblical peace existing among these brethren and these churches. The church in the Calumet region of Indiana is in great shape!

In Northeast Indiana, from South Bend eastward, the "Churches of Christ" are really "Christian Churches" — they use instrumental music in the worship. I had a pleasurable visit with Ellis Crum of Kendallville. He publishes the hottest item going on the song book market-Sacred Selections. He preaches for a church in Kendallville which does not use instrumental music in the worship, and he shares with us positions against church support of institutions and the Herald of Truth. Although he holds a more liberal view on fellowship than we can accept he is a good man and has a great song book!

A visit with Cecil Willis of Truth Magazine, in Marion, Indiana, was a highlight of the Indiana trip. It is always great to visit with him. He is a man of God who has the best interests of the Cause of Christ at heart, always, He was more than helpful in consigning to us a large supply of "Journeys Through The Bible." We engaged in lively conversation about brotherhood affairs and his counsel is highly beneficial.

Driving through the farming sections of northern Indiana gives you the feel of being where people live like God wants them to live. The Amish people appear in their beards and buggys. The farms, houses and barns reflect the pride-in-work of the people of this area, and the productivity of their efforts graces the countryside.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: This is where four major religious publishers are located — Baker Book House, Zondervan, Eerdrnan, and Kregel. Kregel in particular is a preacher's delight, for here is to be found one of the most exciting collections of used books in this country. Occasionally preachers ask permission to spend the whole night browsing through the used books, locked inside. Just recently my friend Gordon H. Wilson and some others spent the night in Kregels. Turn a preacher with a little money loose in Kregels and it is the next thing to heaven for him! We weighted our "Gospel Guardian" wagon down with books and supplies from Grand Rapids — that is, we overloaded it!

My companion on most of the visits in and around northern Indiana was Larry Devore. He preaches for the South Bend congregation. Having just recently moved to northern Indiana he is off to a fine start with the South Bend group. We are preparing a historical report on the South Bend church and will have more to say about this fine church and this fine preacher in the forthcoming report.

What is the pulse of the brethren in northern Indiana? It reflects a healthy and sound situation among brethren. Whatever disagreements may exist on various points, among conservative brethren, the brethren show a mature ability to cope with church affairs and handle personal dissension to the good of the cause in this area. There is less evidence of intemperate dissenters or immature reactionaries in this area than in any I know. Yet, the brethren have no brief for compromise or softness toward error in or out of the church.

Wm. E. Wallace

From Way Out West Robert A. Bolton Preaching The Word:

Arizona: ROBERT F. TURNER at 5th Avenue & 12th Street in Yuma, October 13-19.

California: PETER J. WILSON at Bellflower, Oct. 6-12; FORREST F. MOYER at Saratoga, Oct. 13-19 and at Madea, Oct. 20-26; KEN STERLING at Turlock, Nov. 3-9; MILTON ANDERSON at Wilmington, Nov. 3-9; ROBERT A. BOLTON at Palm Springs, Nov 10-16.


Glendale, Arizona — Sept. 19: "The work continues to make good progress at 60th Avenue here in Glendale. We have had five baptized and two restored this week. This makes a total of eight baptisms and three restorations in less than two months. Interest and attendance are good at all services and several who are not members of the church are attending services regularly." — VOYD N. BALLARD, 6801 North 60th Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85301.

Glendale, Arizona — Sept. 21: "During the month of September, 2 have been baptized into Christ and 1 restored." — GARRETH L. CLAIR, 7161 North 55th Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85301.

Yuma, Arizona — Sept. 15: "We are having a meeting with Robert F. Turner, October 13-19. At the same time we will be 'celebrating' the opening of our remodeled church building. The inside will have been completely redone by then." — DAVID E. CURTIS, 555 12th Street, Yuma, Arizona 85364.

Needles, California — Sept. 17: "I have been working with the Needles congregation for the past three years, following Bro. Parker of Blythe, Calif., who was forced to terminate his many years of excellent work in Needles, due to an accident. The church in Needles has always been traditionally conservative in its views. Although located on the main street of America, U. S. 66, we are small in numbers and poor in temporal wealth, but we are 'Bible-Christians.' The Gospel Guardian has been a great help in keeping us informed on what is happening across the American scene in the churches of Christ." — BILL COFFMAN, Box 250, River Route, Bullhead City, Arizona 86430.

San Bernardino, California — Sept. 18: "In January of 1969 a new church began in San Bernardino. About 50 members of the Mt. View Ave. church who lived in the Del Rosa area of San Bernardino began meeting in the `Native Sons of the Golden West' building on Del Rosa Ave. and Date Streets. Arthur W. Atkinson, Jr., who had worked with the Mt. View Ave. church for eight and a half years, went with the group to work with them as an evangelist. The Mt. View Ave. congregation supported this new congregation fully for three months and since April of this year the church has been completely self-supporting. The membership at this time is 69. To date there have been 6 baptisms, 7 restorations, and 12 have placed membership. Five members have moved away. The work is progressing very well and the brethren now have about $2500 in a building fund and are looking for property. In August, W. L. Wharton, Jr., of San Antonio, Texas, preached in a series of meetings for the church. The meetings were well attended and the church was much strengthened." — ARTHUR W. ATKINSON, JR., 22567 De Soto Street, Colton, Calif. 92314.

BY THE WAY: "About the only exercise some people get is: PUSHING their luck, RUNNING down their friends, SIDESTEPPING responsibility, and JUMPING to conclusions!"

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio And Kentucky George Eldridge Responses:

Illinois: Peoria meeting, three restored and one baptized, with LUTHER BLACKMON preaching--Indiana: Hammon meeting, two baptized, AUDE McKEE preaching--Four baptized at Indianapolis (Traders Point) — One restored at Belmont Ave., One restored at Plainfield. Stier& meeting, four baptized with AUDE McKEE preaching. Ohio. Two baptized, one restored at Dayton; one baptized at Columbus. Kentucky: Glassgow, one baptized; Louisville: Three identified at Expressway. Fourteen were withdrawn from for unfaithfulness at Gardiner Lane. The Gardiner Lane brethren must be congratulated for obeying the Truth on the subject of "discipline." Murry, Two identified. Owensboro, one baptism.

Gospel Meetings:

Zion, M., Sept. 29 — Oct. 5 with DAVID TANT preaching. Connerville, Ind., Oct. 6r12 with GLEN L. SHAVER preaching. Gary, Sept. 29 — Oct. 5 with JERE FROST preaching. South Bend, Sept. 14-24 with BILL WALLACE preaching. Hobart, Oct. 5-12 with CECIL WILLIS preaching. Ohio: Mansfield, Sept. 22-28, ELLIS WEBB preaching. Youngstown, Sept. 14-20, different speaker each evening. Kentucky: West End in Bowling Green, Sept. 28 — Oct. 3, MARSHALL PATTON preaching. Dry Fork, Sept. 22-28, ROBERT WILLIAMS preaching. Valley Station in Louisville, Oct. 13-19, W. L. WHARTON preaching.

LLOYD P. ATHERTON has recently moved to Gibson City, Illinois to work with the church in that city.

Religious Discussion:

Charles Brown and J. W. Holcomb will discuss the Bible class question Sept. 27 at King's Palace church in Lockport, Kentucky. J. T. Smith will moderate for Charles Brown. The time will be at 2:00 P. M. and 7:30 P. M.

JAMES NEEDHAM'S MEETING SCHEDULE FOR REMAINDER OF THE YEAR: Pontiac, Ill., Sept.22-28 Beaver Dam, Ky., Oct. 13-19; Murray, Ky., Oct. 20-26; Lewisburg, Tenn. (Hickory Heights) Nov. 10-16; Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Nov. 17-23.

New Churches:

A new church is meeting in Bloomington, Ill., a city of 40,000 and is next door to Normal. Normal has a population of 21,000 and is the home of Illinois State University. This church was started because congregations of that area are on the "institutional route." The brethren are meeting in the CONFERENCE ROOM of the FURNITURE MART which is on Highway 51 about one mile north of I-75. For more information, contact Hiram Hutto at 6337 North Devonshire in Peoria, 61614.

Also, a new church is now meeting in Savanna, Tenn. Douglas Bain moved to Savannah from Nashville. He helped to start this church by renting a place to meet for six months, with an option to rent longer. W. E. Bingham of Corinth, Miss. preached at their first service on Aug. 31. Thirteen were present for the first service. Douglas Brain's address is 1322 Raugh St. in Savannah, 38372, Phone 925-4890.

New church in Oxford, Miss. Contact W. E. Bingham of Rt. 3 (3150 Kendrick Rd.) in Corinth, Miss. 38834 for more information.