Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 3, 1969
NUMBER 47, PAGE 10-13a

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

FOY W. LAYTON: "The West Side congregation in Irving, Texas began construction on a new building March 10th. We plan to occupy the new facilities, the Lord willing, around the latter part of August or first of September. We have sold our present building located at 1605 W. Irving Blvd, and will have to meet temporarily in the Crockett Jr. High School Building, 2431 Hancock (Near intersection of Highway 183 and Story Rd.), Irving; Beginning Sunday, March 30th. Our mailing address beginning March 13th will be 2300 W. Pioneer Dr., Irving, Texas 75060."

OLD "JOURNEYS THROUGH THE BIBLE" AVAILABLE: The Gospel Guardian has on hand a good number of the old Journeys Through The Bible selling at the old price of 40 cents per pupil book and 75 cents for teacher's manual. Stock up while they last.

ROBERT A. BOLTON: "I am half-way through my 4th year with the good church in Ontario, California which averages more than $2000 per month in direct support of preachers at home and away. In 1968 there were 8 baptized, 7 restored, and 10 identified. Meetings in Ontario in 1969 will be with H. Osby Weaver, April 7-13 and W. L. Wharton, Jr., September 8-14. February 3-14 I was with the 5th Ave. and 12th St. church in Yuma, Arizona in a singing school and gospel meeting. My meeting schedule for the rest of 1969 is as follows: Northside in Tucson, Arizona, April 14-20; Market Street in Salem, Oregon, April 27-May 4; and in California, at Studebaker Road in Long Beach, May 12-18; Palm Springs in November, and Apple Valley at a time yet to be decided. When in southern California, visit with us in Ontario only 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles on Interstate No. 10." 610 E. LaDeney Dr., Ontario, California 91761 A SPANISH SPEAKING CONGREGATION IS NOW MEETING AT GRAND AVENUE, CHICAGO: "On Sunday afternoon, December 7, 1968, I received a telephone call from brother James Sasser (Griffith, Indiana). He told me of a call he had from brother Elias Rivera (The Puerto Rican preacher). Brother Rivera has been engaged by the Lincoln Park church (while he is self supporting) in efforts to establish a Spanish-speaking congregation in the city. Brother Rivera has said many times that he always had been content to teach only that which was revealed by the New Testament. He continued by saying that until recently he had no idea what many of the churches (liberal) were doing. He had reference to the human institutions which have taken over (practically) in many places. When this was brought up, and brother Rivera said that if they could show him these institutions in the Bible he would be glad to go along with them, they let him know that they could no longer work with him as they had been doing. Brother Rivera gives much thanks for men such as Brother Sasser, who sent the Griffith Bulletin to him. In fact the stand he has taken is a direct result of the good teaching found in brother Sasser's bulletin. Brother Sasser has been sending his bulletin into the homes of many of the liberals in hopes that at least some of them would read it before throwing it into the trash can...IT HAS PAID OFF IN THIS CASE! As he put it to me, 'It is a shame for a congregation which can, not to be sending a bulletin. It will pay off in HIS service.' Anyway, brother Rivera has now taken a stand and has come out from the liberal groups with about fifteen or twenty members. Pray that the Lord's cause will continue to be increased, and that this recent door of opportunity will be taken full advantage of in our service toward God through His Son Jesus. The door of opportunity is open, and with the Lord's help we shall reach much people in this city."

— Earl Ray Warren, 1639 N. Parkside Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60639.

ROY L. FOUTZ: "I am in my sixth year with the South Houston church, and we continue to be encouraged in every way. Recently, brother Maurice Powell was selected to serve as an elder, joining brethren Tant Williams and Jim Wellman in the work of oversight. I will be with the church in Brazoria, Texas April 7-13 for a meeting. Jerry M. Wilburn is their preacher. From April 27 through May 2, I will be with the Central church in Beaumont, where Bill Crews preaches." P.O. Box 346 South Houston, Texas 77587 HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY: "We will appreciate notice in the Guardian that the congregation formerly identified as Hopkinsville, Church of Christ in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, has purchased property (and occupied it), at the corner of skyline and Moseley Drives, two blocks west of highway U.S. 41 (Nashville Highway). Also, please note that the identity has been changed to Skyline Drive Church of Christ to reflect the new location. Numerical growth has been very slow and painful but we look forward to renewed interest on the part of the present members and additional growth from the surrounding community. Inquiries regarding employment opportunities and a challenging opportunity to be associated with planting a church in this area will be welcomed. Address all correspondence to Jack S. Dugger, 7354 Charlotte Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37209."

DEBATE IN NORTH CAROLINA: "Have just signed propositions for a debate in Eden, N.C. with a Church of God (Cleveland) preacher. We will be discussing baptism two nights and 'signs and miracles' one night. I will be in the affirmative on both propositions. Brother Jack Gibbert who preaches for the church in Myrtle Beach, S.C. will moderate for me. If things go as planned the date is April 10,11,12." Benton R. Graves, 1211 Dunn St., Eden, N. C. 27288 CERES, CALIFORNIA:"After one and a half years since its beginning, the church which formerly met for worship in the Odd Fellows Hall and old Justice Court building in Ceres, California, would like to be known that we have now purchased a very nice and adequate church building at the corner of Orange and Columbia Streets, Turlock, Calif. The building formerly belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist of Turlock. All the furniture was included with the purchase. The auditorium has forty ten foot hardwood pews, enough to seat at least three hundred and twenty five. Class rooms are complete with everything necessary, such as tables, chairs, etc. We were able to purchase this building for $18,000.00 cash, which was obtained through private financing for twenty years making a total payment of $128.00 per month. We are easy to find and would like all who are coming our way to stop by and visit. Turn west off freeway 99 five blocks to Orange St., south one block to Columbia. Mailing address: 323 Columbia St., Turlock, Calif. 95380. The churches who have been helping me in my support from the beginning are: Winnetka Ave. Canoga Park, Calif., and Sutter Ave. in Carmichael, Calif. There have been nine to place membership and two baptized since last August. Total membership at present is thirty five with about fifty in attendance." LeRoy E. Posy, 2304 Thomas St. Ceres, Calif. 95307.

RIVERSIDE WEEKLY of the Riverside Drive congregation in Nashville, Tennessee reports an all time high contribution — $1046. The congregation is "sending forth" seventeen preachers.

IRVIN HIMMEL: "I lack nine issue having a complete set of the Guardian. I need Vol. 1 Nos. 1,2,3,4,6,8,17,19,23. I have an extra bound volume 8 which I will sell for $7.50" 305 Glen Ridge Ave. Temple Terrace, Florida 33617 GLEN PARK CONGREGATION, GARY, INDIANA: Their program includes a men's training class, women's Bible class, personal work class, singing school, monthly singing, quarterly teacher meetings, teacher training classes, weekly bulletin, special monthly bulletin, Vacation Bible School, two meetings. A working church! Glen L. Shaver preacher, P. O. Box 7065 Merrillville, Ind. 46410.

GREEK CLASS: "Six preachers in the area (Northern Indiana) meet each Tuesday morning for two hours at the Glen Park church building for a study in N. T. Greek for beginners with James Sasser of Griffith church teaching the course."

COME TO JAPAN! "Full time preacher of the Gospel urgently need in Yokohama area. OPPORTUNITY to work with English speaking congregation while learning Japanese language. We can furnish travel fare and partial support. If interested contact Earl Chilson CTCS U.S. NSGA Box 2 F.P.O. Seattle, Wash. 98768."

MEETINGS: Charles L. Morton at 6th and Meredith in Dumas, Texas May 5-11...Harry Ozment at Expressway in Louisville, Ky. May 11-18...J. Ed Nowlin at S. Jacksonville, Fla. April 6-11...Harold Dowdy at Sante Fe Hills, near High Springs, Fla. April 20-27...James P. Needham in Plano, Illinois April 21-27...Norman Fultz at Joliet, Illinois beginning March 21...Ellis Webb in Wooster, Ohio April 14-20, Hamilton, Ohio April 28-May 4...Yater Tant in Hobart, Indiana April 20-27...

ROBERT HARKRIDER reports from Australia: His new address is P.O. Box 52 Caringbah, N.S.W. 2229, Australia. He observes, "I wish I knew what could be said or done to encourage other faithful men to come labor in Australia for the next 3 to 5 years. At least seven different areas (some involve more than one congregation) are asking for faithful men to come help, and it would be difficult to say which place was in greatest need, for they are all worthy works."

BOLIVIA, N.C. "Sunday March 2nd three were baptized into Christ, then Sunday March 9th four more precious souls were baptized into the Lord." J. O. Walter P.O. Box 21 Bolivia, N. C.

PREACHER NEEDED: Portage, Indiana — Ben Puterbaugh writes that the church in Portgage, Indiana will be in need of a preacher this summer. He is moving to Cottage Grove, Oregon. Portage attendance averages 60. A sound church with willing and able workers. Able to provide $120.00 support per week. Write Church of Christ, 2797 Russell St., Portage, Indiana 46368.

BREMERTON, WASHINGTON: The Bremerton congregation is small, 80-90 Sunday morning, but self-supporting. I began working with the church here in August of last year, since then 3 have been restored and 1 baptized due to the efforts of the brethren and while the work is slow the brethren have a mind to work and the future looks bright. If you know any Navy personnel going to the P.S.N.S. (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard) please let us know about them and let them know about us as we are just a short distance from there. Transportation can be supplied by calling ES 7-0311 or ES 3-3269. We have a meeting scheduled for May 11-18 with Milton L. Anderson of Roseburg, Oregon doing the preaching.

HELP NEEDED: Connie W. Adams writes: "I know of several good men who are in need of support. I wish to call attention to their needs in the hope that some who read this column may be disposed to render assistance.

"(1) Ronald Chaffin, % Church of Christ, Uhrichsville, Ohio. By the time this column appears, Brother Chaffin will already be moved to Uhrichsville. The church in Uhrichsville is small and has been without a preacher for a long time. There are a number of congregations throughout that county which are committed to the liberal cause. The brethren in Uhrichsville are determined to stand for the truth. Brother Chaffin is the son of Vestal Chaffin, gospel preacher known to many. I have had occasion to work with Brother Chaffin during his stay at Alliance, Ohio and consider him a capable and consecrated gospel preacher. As of this writing, he is moving to Uhrichsville, even though he is still $150 a month short of the needed amount. He has four children and should not have to suffer want. I should be glad to supply further information concerning Brother Chaffin or the church in Uhrichsville. Brown St. in Akron, is putting $200 a month into his support and other congregations in this area are supplying the balance. But he needs this $150 a month badly.

12) Marvin Young, 18 Elm St., Roseville, Ohio. Brother Young has been supported by the church in Paden City, W. Virginia, but has been notified by that congregation, that due to unforeseen expenses in the local work, they will be forced to discontinue their support as of the end of June. Roseville is in the Zanesville area and surrounded by many liberal congregations. In the last few months, several families have left churches to take their stand for the truth and worship with the church in Roseville. I was with the congregation there last December in a meeting and although they only had 10 members when the meeting began, the attendance reached into the 80's. They now have about 25 members. They will be able to take up a small portion of Brother Young's support, but the rest must come from elsewhere. I consider Brother Young and the work there worthy of support.

131 Flavil Wallace, 761 E. Madison, Pontiac, Michigan. The cause in the state of Michigan has been seriously neglected. To my knowledge, there are only six conservative congregations in the whole state and only three full time men. None of these congregations is very large. Brother Wallace preaches for the Gingellville congregation in the Pontiac area. It is a small congregation with about 40 or 50 in attendance. Brother Wallace supports himself by working for the Post Office. He has been desirous of devoting his full time to preaching, but is in need of support. He has appealed for help without much success. Recently, a young man in the congregation, under 25 years, personally went into debt $3,000 to purchase pews for their modest little meeting house. I have preached in several meetings in Michigan and don't know of any state that has been more neglected than the state of Michigan. Can't some congregation, somewhere, help support this good man in this needy field?

"I know a fine young man who is in his second year at Florida College who would like to preach for some congregation during the summer. He will be available May through August. He is the son of a gospel preacher and has been preaching since he was 16 years old and has worked regularly with a congregation in the central Florida area while a student at Florida College. I will be glad to put him in touch with any congregation that might be interested in his services." 491 E. Woodsdale Ave., Akron, Ohio 44301 PREACHER NEEDED: "Small congregation (approximately 80 membership) in Council Bluffs, Iowa desires full time evangelist. Three-year old building that will seat 300 with adequate classroom facilities. Two bedroom unfurnished apartment in building for preacher's home. If interested, furnish brief resume and amount of support expected." Write Lynn Harris, 1247 Oak Park Lane, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501