Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 13, 1969
NUMBER 44, PAGE 8-11

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram


THE DANIEL SOMMER COMMENTARY: A Letter — "For the past several days I have been looking over QUESTIONS, ANSWERS and REMARKS, by Daniel Sommer. I am very much impressed with it. You have advertised it as a Commentary, but actually it is much more than this. Brother Sommer gives a brief of each chapter, asks questions concerning it, and gives the answer together with a scripture found some place else in the Old or New Testament. But the thing I like about it more than anything else is the application of the principles of righteousness he makes to present day Christianity; in many instances giving New Testament passages to emphasize his point.

"I have found it to be a valuable aid in the preparation of sermon notes. Every member of the church ought to have one of these; but more especially every preacher (younger ones in particular) ought to have one. It would be one of their most valuable aids in the preparation of sermons.

"You have done a real service in publishing this work. And the price — well, it is the most and best material I have seen for the money. I hope you success in this and all other like ventures for the cause of our Lord and Master. Send me ten of these. I want to distribute them among members of the church here." Jesse M. Kelley, Box 625, LaPorte, Texas. Note: Sells for $2.50 — Going up to $3.00 April 1st.

FERRELL JENKINS, 513 Carolyn St., Temple Terrace, Florida 33617: "I have a series of 'Illustrated Lectures on Bible Lands and Customs" scheduled for Feb. 20-22 at Lakeland Hills Blvd. in Lakeland Fla. Meetings are scheduled for March 9-15 at Nebraska Avenue, Tampa; March 24-30 at Valley Station, Ky.; and March 31 — April 6 at Eastland in Nashville, Tenn. These are my only meetings until after the Bible Lands Tour in May. Work on the new literature series is keeping me extremely busy."

WARREN H. SMITH P.O. Box 602 Center, Texas. He recently moved to Center to work fulltime with the church. He requests bulletins from other congregations. Zip 75935 LARRY BAILEY will be preaching for the church in Glen Gardner, New Jersey. Although Larry's home is in Alabama, he has chosen to finish his college work at East Stroudsburg State College in order to help spread the gospel in the Northeast. Any school teacher, students, or others able to support themselves should contact Larry if they are interested in moving to that area to help in the spread of the gospel. Larry's address is: Box 273, Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida 33617. (From Robert H. Bunting)

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE: The University Heights church is conducting a two hour and fifteen minute class each Monday evening at 7:00. The class is designed to help prepare men to preach the gospel. The class is divided into three sections: (1) A study of First and Second Timothy, (2) Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, (3) and the Book of Galatians. The teachers of the class, David Arnold and Bob Bunting, report good interest. The class will continue for 15 weeks." (From Robert H. Bunting)

GRANVILLE, TYLER at Bald Knob, Arkansas March 19-26 in a meeting. 7:30 P.M. Services.

TED BEEVER of Brea, California to hold meeting at the Greenwood Village congregation in South Houston, Texas March 23-29. Melvin Rose, local preacher.

FRED A. SHEWMAKER in a meeting at New Carlisle, Ohio March 3-9. Larry Devore, preacher.

ELLIS WEBB in a meeting in Wooster, Ohio April 14-20; Hamilton, Ohio following this meeting. De/ton Porter of Lewisburg, Tennessee will preach in a meeting in Columbus, Ohio where brother Webb is located May 11-18.

LARRY RAY HAFLEY: "The church in Noble, Illinois (a town of about 750 people near Vincennes, Indiana consists of about 20 members. The brethren have a building which is paid for. They are presently in need of a faithful preacher of the gospel who will help them attempt to sow the seed of the kingdom. There is a liberal church in the immediate area, so there is a demand for sound teaching and an opportunity to do much good. Anyone who would be interested in helping this work should call Harold Ash in Olney, Illinois, at 1-618-393-6631. James Fox of the Paris Avenue church in Peoria will be with these brethren in a meeting April 7-13."

JAMES B. LUSBY, 718 N. Sommerville, Pampa, Texas 79065. "I am to move to begin working with the Central church of that city about March 1. I am to be with the faithful brethren in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for a week's meeting March 31-April 6."

RESTORATION REPRINT LIBRARY: If you do not belong to our book-of-the-month club and thus not receiving the books of the Restoration Reprint Library you are missing a great opportunity. Through our club these books sell for $2.50 each. They are as high as $5.95 when purchased otherwise. George W. Dehoff says of the Restoration Reprint Library service, "You are rendering a great service to the cause of Christ. I heartily recommend The Restoration Reprint Library as the finest bargain in books I have ever seen." Send for the list and information.

FROM E. L. FLANNERY: "Enjoy your telegram page a lot. Also, I appreciate Lowell William's good series. It works fine! — if you can get a church to break from traditional 'prayer meeting' (Wednesday P.M.) which usually is not quite a worship and not 'quite a class situation. I'd like to work, sometime, with a sizeable church that would put in Lowell's ideas as to teaching, and James Needham's 'group teaching' idea. Actually, such a busy schedule might demand two preachers, but it would develop a congregation and develop gospel preachers too. Pete Wilson also has a fine program of congregational involvement. Should get him to write articles on it." 1005 Coburg Road Eugene, Oregon 97401.

CHARLES F. HOUSE: "Rapul Lopez Garcia, 48, an Aqua Prieta grocer, who has been baptized into Christ on December 4 at Douglas. We are eagerly looking forward to more baptisms from his family soon. A high of 26 in attendance was reached at DOUGLAS during December." P.O. Box 1031 Douglas, Ariz. 85607.

ROY E. COGDILL begins a meeting with Scyene Road in Dallas, Texas April 21.

ARE YOU MOVING SOON? Please inform us of your change of address in advance of your move. It costs us money to send papers to your old address...they are returned at our expense.

AUDIE B. McKEE to preach in a meeting at Silver Street in New Albany, Indiana beginning April 6. Claude Wilsford local preacher.

THE JANUARY 1969 ISSUE OF NIGERIAN NEWS contains a most interesting story of the plight of brethren in some parts of Nigeria — "Death From Starvation Stalks Nigerian Brethren"... "Hunger and Despair"...Order the report from "Nigerian News" R. Pennock, 803 Sunset Dr., Danville, Ky. 40422.

JEFFERSON DAVID TANT reports that Chas. M. Jones of 218 Lawrence St. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 38464 has a stack of Gospel Guardians from 1956 on up. He would be glad to send them free to any who may need them, or to send certain ones to those who might like to complete some sets.

THE BIBLE — THE LIVING WORD OF REVELATION edited by Merrill C. Tenney. A study that bears out the authority and inspiration of the Scriptures — both Old and New Testaments. Cloth. $5.95. Order From The Gospel Guardian Company.

CAPSULE SERMON: The Folly of Hatred — "A venomous-minded man took a hammer and boarded the house, making it impossible to enter. No single nail completely sealed the dwelling but all of them together had wrought total exclusion. The man looked up, stunned. Suddenly he began to cry, for now he realized that in his haste to forbid others he had denied himself. Foolish, indeed.

"A poison-ladened heart took rejection and secured itself a solitary nest, making it impossible to enter. No single heartless act utterly closed the mind, but all of them united had created a void. The heart pounded with fear. At once it quivered, for now it realized that in its struggle to eliminate others it had destroyed itself. Oh, the folly of hatred." Larry Ray Hafley HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE by Neil Lightfoot. This is a factual account of how the Bible has been preserved and handed down to our generation. This is a necessary and profitable study in our day of numerous and varying translations and versions. It is equally suitable for individual study or group use. $2.95 Order From The Gospel Guardian.

EDWARD J. CRADDOCK'S "THE CHRIST EMPHASIS NEW TESTAMENT" is the King James Version with all references to CHRIST capitalized and italicized to show the CHRIST emphasis of God's word. It

sells for $3.95. The readability of the text is impressive. Order from The Gospel Guardian.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL TIME IS COMING UP!s, The Gospel Guardian is going into the VBS in a big way this year. We'll be able to give you good service on the VBS series we will handle. Write for advertisements or sample kits. (Sample kits, returnable sell for an average of $6.95). Order early. Plan early. A good VBS is good for the church!

ANOTHER SPECIAL: Plans are in the making for another special issue of The Gospel Guardian — to appear sometime this summer. This special will deal with Bible teaching regarding the second coming of Christ and the end of the world. It will be designed to offset some of the speculative teaching aroused by exciting events in the Bible lands. We still have plenty copies of the second printing of our Holy Spirit special which appeared last summer. Order at 25 cents each or $20.00 per hundred.

BIBLE LAND TOUR — It's getting late — We leave New York May 5 — You need time to obtain your passport. Deposit for the trip should be in a month before departure. Reservations are now coming in. It is going to be a great trip. The difficulties in the Middle East have not affected tours. Tours continue to go and return safely. If matters were to get worse, alternate trips and visits will be made or money refunded.

TRACTS: We have a great supply of tracts now. In the past we have had to inform customers too often that our "tract-of-the-month" series was sold out. Most of the "tract-of-the-month" booklets are now available. $12.50 per hundred.

LESSONS IN POETRY — Many people miss great lessons because they do not read poetry. Try these:

God Gave Us

God gave us two eyes To look toward his throne.

We've used those eyes, To look for our own.

God gave us a mouth To sing praise to his name.

We've used that good mouth to curse, blaspheme, and blame.

God gave us two hands To fold them in prayrer

To work in his kingdom, His cross to bear

We have used our hands Not for the use that he gave them,

But to kill our mankind Rather than save him.

God gave us his Son To redeem our sins.

We've killed his son.

We've hated his friends.

God gave us his word To obey if we wilt

He can save us today Our God's waiting still.

Sammy Wilsey, 101 N. 9th St., Yakima, Wash, 98901 The following poem is noteworthy not only for its beauty, but for the remarkable fact that its 252 words are all monosyllables. The poem appears to have been written without a thought of its structural peculiarity.

MY OWN The fair frail blooms which loved the sun

Grew faint at touch of cold, And chilled and pale, fell one by one,

Dead in the dust and mold.

In yon tall tree, now bleached and thinned, A nest swings frayed and lone.

All soaked with rain and rent by wind —

Its fair freight fledged and flown.

Where are the birds, the moths, the bees, And scores of glad free things

Which thronged the ground, the grass, the trees, Or thrilled the air with wings?

Gone with the warmth, and bloom and light Born of the sun and sky,

Ere yet there fell this grief and blight And the chill night drew nigh.

On the low bough that arched the gate When days were warm and long,

A wren, that has no nest or mate, Droops, all too sad for song.

Shorn of its fruit, still clings the vine, Its fair robes torn and sere,

No tint is left, nor sound, nor sign, Of all that June held dear.

But here, where down the dim, drear walks The blanched leaves whirl and beat,

One rose looks through the bare brown stalks, And charms the air with sweet —

As one brave heart, when all the truth On earth seems dead or lost,

Still keeps the faith and fire of youth, And smiles in spite of frost.

Ah, though the friends I once held dear Are far, or false, or flown,

I need not grieve, for you are here, My hope, my love, my own! — Elizabeth Akers Allen

A Rule Of Life

Forget each kindness that you do As soon as you have done it.

Forget the praise that falls to you The moment you have won it.

Forget the slander that you hear Before you can repeat it.

Forget each slight, each spite, each sneer Wherever you may meet it.

Remember every kindness done To you, whate'er its measure.

Remember praise by others won And pass it on with pleasure.

Remember every promise made And keep it to the letter.

Remember those who lend you aid And be a grateful debtor.

Remember all the happiness That comes your way in living.

Forget each worry and distress, Be hopeful and forgiving.

Remember good, remember all the happiness That comes your way in living.

Forget each worry and distress, Be hopeful and forgiving.

Remember good, remember truth, Remember God above you,

And you will find, through age and youth, True joys and hearts to love you.

— Author unknown, submitted by Margaret Crump, Louisville, Ky.

A Man May Go To Heaven

Without health, Without wealth,

Without fame, Without a great name,

Without learning Without earning,

Without culture, Without beauty,

Without friends, Without 10,000 other things.

But he can

Never go to heaven

Without Christ.