Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 6, 1969
NUMBER 43, PAGE 9-11

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

GUTHRIE DEAN, 1900 Jenny Lind Ave., Fort Smith, Ark. 72901. "In addition to working with the Park Hill church during 1968, I also preached at a number of other places, and conducted nine meetings in Arkansas, South Carolina, Indiana, and Oklahoma. The work goes well here."

ELDERS APPOINTED: Roy Brewer, Roy Ellingbee, Winston Holt appointed to serve with R. O. Downey and Charlie Jones as elders in the Downtown congregation, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

FORREST HURST is working for the church in Lebanon, Indiana after five years with the church in Seymour, Indiana.

BILL ECHOLS has been approached by the brethren in Poughkeepsie, New York, as to the possibility of his moving there to work with the church. Echols is quite well acquainted with the work in the Northeast. He is quite well qualified for this work in the Northeast. He is quite well qualified for this work. He needs financial support in order to do this work. He will be leaving the West Washington church in Indianapolis. Write him at 1655 S. Lynhurst Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241. He will send complete information.

ROBERT FARISH reports on the work in Austin, Texas. "Our plans are to become self-supporting by the end of 1969...Our average attendance for the year 1968 for Sunday Bible study was 79; for the 10:30 A.M. service 109; for the 6:00 P.M. service 77."

MEL MYERS of the West Second Street, Bloomington, Indiana reports on two years work: 60 responses to the invitation — 15 restored, 23 baptized, 22 identified. Elders were appointed last October, deacons a little later.

ELMER L. EUBANKS, 2737 Braemore Rd. Columbia, Missouri: "Friends and former members of the church in Columbia will be glad to know that Leo Anderson, LeRoy Day, Albert Hagan, and John Lasly have been appointed to serve the congregation as elders. Deacons are now being selected. This should add a great deal to our efforts here."

McRAE ROAD IN CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA: Meeting date changed to April 7-13. James R. Cope to preach. Kent Harrell, local preacher.

HAROLD TABOR of Nacogdoches, Texas is seeking back copies of Christianity Today to complete his files. Write him at Mound and Starr Church of Christ, Nacogdoches, Texas.

CALVIN C. ESSARY: "From the time of our work with the church here began in October, 1968, until now (February 1969), 8 have been baptized into Christ, and 18 have made public confessions and been restored to their first love. Of the last group, 3 represented membership gains. The others have also placed membership with the congregation here during this time. These figures include 7 restorations and 1 baptism which took place during a Gospel Meeting January 26-31, in which bro. Otis Moyer from Colton did the preaching. Our next Gospel Meeting is planned for October 5-10 with bro. Elvis Bozarth to do the preaching. If there are congregations that desire to conduct a Gospel Meeting, but are not financially able to do so, the brethren at Fontana have made it known that they will continue my regular support if I am away in such an effort. If I may be of help to some in this regard, do not hesitate to write to me at 9132 Sierra Ave, Fontana, Calif. 92335."

KARL DIESTELKAMP, 3361 S. 98th St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227: "I note in the Tell-Al-Gram, from time to time, that you list the papers some brethren are seeking. If you can work me in also I'd surely appreciate it. Following is what I need to complete my files: Gospel Guardian: Vol. 1, Nos. 2,3,4,6,8,18,19,20,22,23,24 and 25. The Preceptor Vol. 1, Nos. 8,9, and 10. Torch: (Foy E. Wallace, ed.) — Vol. 1, Nos. 11." Diestelkamp also has some Bible Banners he might sell, or trade.

THEOPHILUS by Bob West. The price for these books is now only $1.00. Order From Us.

ELDERS AND DEACONS appointed at Mountain View Avenue in San Bernardino, California. Gowan E. Evans and John W. Gravlee have served for thirty years. Glyn D. Swaim, George Hamilton, and Eugene Johnson were recently appointed to serve with them. Orval Burnam and Mel Brower were appointed to serve as deacons. Appointment was made by Arthur W. Atkinson who leaves for the new work in San Bernardino.

RONALD G. MOSBY reports that the membership in the new Douglass Hills church has doubled since its beginning February 1, 1969. (Louisville, Kentucky)

PREACHER NEEDED: "Preacher for small rural congregation. Location 30 miles west of Texarkana, Texas. Contact V. L. Mehaffey, Rt. 1 De Kalb, Texas 75559. Phone: Area Code 214 585-3212."

CECIL B. DOUTHITT: "I am back in the harness and preaching every Sunday morning at Etna Church of Christ. The doctor still does not want me to try to preach but once a week." Feb. 10, 1969. 1919 Bluff Avenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901.

CHARLES A. LIMBURG, Palm Springs, California: "After five years with the church in Oroville, California we have moved to work with the Palm Springs church. While in North California we were supported in that work by the following churches: Ontario, Studebaker Rd. Long Beach, Brea, and San Bernardino, all in California. The good church in Ontario, Bob Bolton, the preacher, continues to assist us in the Palm Springs work. We have an abundance of well known and well to do sinners living in this area. Any Christians traveling this way or thinking of moving into this area can rest assured that there is a faithful church with which to worship...The church meets at 68-192 Ramon Rd., Palm Springs. (The building is located East of the city). Since moving to Palm Springs we have changed houses and our new address is 4733 Eagle Way, Palm Springs, Calif. Those that have extra copies of their bulletins to send please include us. (Zip code 92262)"

LARRY A. BUNCH, 7317 N. W. Compass Dr., Lawton, Oklahoma 73501: "We have poured the foundation for our meeting house and are waiting for a good weekend to pour the floor. We anticipate having a building suitable to meet in by the end of this year, the Lord willing. All the work will have to be done by us since we are financially unable to have one built. We ask for your prayers on behalf of the work here."

JON R. ARMSTRONG: "Let me thank you for the excellent set of books The Restoration Library Reprint series. I have found them very helpful." Editor's Note: Send for information about our book of the month plan for these Restoration Library reprints. A great bargain. Enroll soon.


VOYD N. BALLARD, 6801 North 60th Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85401: "After spending 25 years preaching the gospel in the state of California I am now located in Glendale, Arizona. We moved here January 26th to preach full time and work with the church meeting at 6801 North 60th Avenue. This congregation is one of the oldest in the Phoenix area and perhaps among the oldest in Arizona. The church was established here back in the days when it was a three hour wagon ride over rough and dusty roads into Phoenix. The steady growth and prosperity of this congregation has been like that of the entire community. The city of Glendale now numbers nearly 31,000 people and extends to the city limits of Phoenix. It is about a fifteen minute drive from the heart of Glendale to the center of Phoenix by modern automobile. The church now numbers over 200 members and continues to prosper upon the basis of presenting solid Bible teaching and upon its known reputation for good works and friendliness. Wise and godly elders have directed it for many years and continue to do so. In addition to its work here the church is helping to support preachers in Chili, Argentina and Portland, Oregon. Support is sent directly preachers in these areas. We look forward to a good work with this congregation." (Feb. 10, 1969)

Mulvane, Kansas Meeting Begins March 10 Continuing Through March 16. Billy W. Moore Of Butler, Missouri Doing The Preaching. The Congregation Meets At Fourth And Arkansas In Mulvane.

PRINTER'S MISTAKES: Your news editor has frequented the pages of the GG with articles since 1952. A number of these presentations have been considerably mutilated by printer's errors. My wife has often suggested that "someone at the printer's place doesn't like you." A printer's dropping of the word "not" from one of my articles got me in trouble with W. L. Totty during the Indianapolis debate between Totty and Charles Holt. (The Indianapolis Debate page 111). It's a problem in the trade. Our consternation was somewhat relieved recently when we noticed where the high quality professionals who print TIME MAGAZINE committed the following boo-boos (Time, Feb. 14, 1969): There were two each of the following pages in the copy I received -- 39,40,41,42,59,60,61,62. There were extra pages between 39 and 40. Pages 51 through 58 missing. There were extra pages between 64 and 65, and between 68 and 69. (I might mention just here that my article in last week's Gospel Guardian was a victim of printer's errors). WEW A BOOK OF PREACHER STORIES — Help Needed — Jack Frost Sr. died October 18, 1968. He had planned to publish a collection of "preacher stories." Sister Frost writes that "To his memory we plan to fulfill this desire of his." Brother Frost had written,

"I hope to publish a book...a collection of true stories concerning amusing and interesting incidents in the lives of gospel preachers. This is not to be just another book of jokes, but actual happenings, humorous experiences our fellow preachers are willing to share. I solicit your contribution of a personal experience, related with no offense to anyone. It will be published in the framework of your own words and arrangement. Keep the narrative brief and to the point. ...Credit will be given to each contributor. And remember, please, the incidents must be true, must have actually occurred to your personal knowledge."

Sister Frost writes further, "Please take a few minutes now to record an incident or two that comes to mind that you are willing to share. We hope to complete this project within the next few months." Addresses: Mrs. Jack Frost, Welti Road, Cullman, Ala. 3505; Jack Frost Jr., 225 S. High St., Deland, Fla. 32720; Gene Frost, 305 Highland Drive, Cullman, Ala. 35055; Jerry Frost Tupelo Road, Orlando, Fla. 32808.