Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 20, 1969
NUMBER 41, PAGE 8-10

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

FLORIDA COLLEGE LECTURES, 1969 — The Week That Was — It was a great week. (January 27-30). This writer began attending the yearly lectures back in the 1950's. (L. L. Dukes of Louisville, Ky. has attended every lectureship at F. C. for twenty years). When I began attending the lectures the assemblies met on the riverside, or in a tent. Later the Hutcheson Auditorium was erected. It offered ample seating capacity for the crowds which came. This year, and last year too, the auditorium proved too small for the size audiences seeking to attend. Next year the lectureship may have to move to the college gymnasium. This lectureship reflects the growth and vitality of a great "conservative brotherhood." The enthusiasm and exuberance of brethren from all parts of the country presented a glorious picture of a succeeding and successful brotherhood.

DID HE SAY IT? We have it from a quite reliable source that Foy E. Wallace, Jr. has observed that the liberals are "gone" and the "anti's will save the church."

THE GOSPEL GUARDIAN BIBLE LAND TOUR: Better sign up soon if you are going. Those who have already signed to go include the Roy Cogdills, The Lewis Garretts, The Melvin Currys, Yater Tant, Troy Irvin, the John Smythes, Michael Filstrup, and others. Send for information. The difficulties in the Middle East are not of such seriousness as to interfere with the trip. If difficulties were to arise alternate visits will be arranged.

WHAT'S YOUR QUESTION? A $1.00 publication of questions and answers by James P. Needham — Published by James L. Prestininzi, 974 Robinson Ave., Barberton, Ohio 44203. Order from him.

LOOKING FOR A PREACHER? I know a number of fine young men who are looking for churches able to offer fulltime support. They are men who are well educated and ready for sizeable responsibility. They are sound, good in the pulpit and good "personal workers."

PAT HARDEMAN has made confession of his wrongs to a liberal church in Florida, apparently seeking to regain his faith and former status with the Lord's people.

W.F. CAWYER of Herald of Truth circles has resigned with misgivings and is now working for York College, according to reliable sources.

NEW CHURCH: Martinsville, Virginia. Thirty brethren are meeting on Highway 58 on the east outskirts (toward Danville). Write Wayne Morley 802 Tanglewood Drive, Martinsville, Virginia for information. (Zip 24112). These brethren pulled away from the liberal church in Martinsville.

H.L. DUBOIS, formerly of Noblesville, Indiana, is now preaching for the West Main St. church in Bartow, Florida.

WRITE James Barnes, 6650 Rhode Island, Hammond, Ind. 46323 for Paul K. Williams' reports.

VALLEY STATION near Louisville had 390 present for Sunday morning January 19 -- considered as possibly one of the largest, if not the largest, number to attend a "regular" weekly service at Valley. Lewis Willis, local preacher.

GOSPEL MEETINGS COMING UP: Griffith, Indiana March 31-April 6 with Granville Tyler preaching. James W. Sasser the local preacher...Manslick Road in Louisville, Ky. March 19-26 with J.R. Snell preaching. J.F. Dancer, local preacher...Billy Moore scheduled for a spring meeting with Mulvane, Kansas. Ross O. Spears, local preacher.

SIX BAPTISMS at Southside in Ft. Smith recently. Lou Brown is the local preacher.

LETTER FROM CHRISTIAN CHURCH PREACHER: "Gentlemen: I am pastor of the Christian Church in _____ . We recently voted to have the name of this church deleted from the year book of the Disciples of Christ, of which we are not a part. We read a quote from your magazine dated January 2, 1969 about the `Disciples having nothing but scorn' for those who were Bible teaching and Bible preaching and believing Churches, or something to this effect. Would it be possible for you to send this article or the magazine for this date? ("The Gospel Guardian"). This article will probably help convince some of our brethren who are not so conservative."

FROM CLINT SPRINGER: "After Sunday, January 26, I will no longer be associated with the West Orange Church of Christ. For the next few months I will be teaching electronics at Port Arthur College and preaching part time or fill-in' as opportunity permits. Future plans are still indefinite. For bulletin and correspondence please note my new address. Clint Springer 500 DeQueen, Port Authur, Texas 77640."

FROM ELVIS BOZARTH, Montebello, California: "Dear 'News Editor': As I read Earl Kimbrough's remarks in the Jan. 16 edition I was minded to just say 'me too!' But after reading your comments I hasten to suggest that we 'me Tooers' do something more constructive to show our appreciation for the Guardian these twenty years -- like get him some subscriptions! I was already working on a club but I am going to redouble my efforts. This just could be more convincing to Yater of our appreciation. Besides when we get someone to subscribe we are doing them a favor." (Good idea Elvis!)

NEW CHURCH IN KERRVILLE, TEXAS: Junction Highway Church of Christ. Meeting temporarily in Women's Club Building 1241 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas. Sunday services 9:45, 10:45, 6:00. Thursday evening 7:30. Elmer Moore preacher. His address: 937 Prescott. Phone CL 7-6345. (Elmer Moore recently moved to Kerrville to help start this new congregation. He had done a most excellent work in Lufkin with the Loop 287 congregation.)

BOB FRANKS of Lafayette, Louisiana has resumed most of his work of preaching and teaching after a long illness.

GROVER STEVENS is moving to Lubbock, Texas to work with the Caprock church in Lubbock. He leaves Gardiner Lane in Louisville after many years of successful service there.

C.D. PLUM is scheduled for a spring meeting with West End in Bowling Green, Ky. Weldon Warnock reports,

"We plan to build a new auditorium IF we can get our attendance up some more to make building practical."

TERRY CORZINE of St. Louis passes: Many will remember Terry Corzine as a barber who for many years operated a shop in the St. Louis train station. Wilson Wallace preached the funeral. Brother Corzine died January 11. He had been a member of the Spring and Blaine church for more than the past forty years, except for a few years with the Kirkwood church.

NEWS REPORT ON ANOTHER "UNITY MEETING": It is not disturbing like the one that followed the Arlington meeting of last year. Here is the 1969 report entitled "Cooperation Disputants Stage Dialogue" (Christian Chronicle, January 27, 1969):

Thirteen representatives from each side of the division `cooperation" issue within Churches of Christ met Jan. 13-15 to sound each other out in doctrinal areas which, a decade and more ago, triggered splits in churches across the country.

Spokesmen for both sides stressed that the meeting, held at the H.E.B. Encampment near here, (Leakey, Texas) progressed in a friendly and amiable atmosphere but that in the final analysis "nothing has changed."

Typical was a statement by Jerry Riley, minister for the Oak Hills church, San Antonio, who spoke from the cooperation side. The meeting, Riley said, "was eye-opening because I didn't realize how deep the cleavage is. It also dawned on me that the few specifics usually brought up in these meetings are not really the problems. The issues really seem to be (1) what is the mission of the church and (2) how is one to use the Scriptures in terms of an authority?"

Riley's assessment was echoed by Stanley J. Lovett, editor of The Preceptor Magazine and a speaker for the non-cooperation side. Lovett, also of San Antonio, said he felt the meeting was "good in the sense that we met together and discussed the Scriptures and thus we brought into strong focus the divisive differences that exist among us."

It was a "pleasant" meeting, Lovett said, but in conclusion, he would have to agree with Riley, "who in his speech made the statement that, with reference to his position and that of the speaker opposite him, they were playing in different ball parks."

Neither Riley or Lovett felt further meetings — at least meetings involving the Leakey participants — would be useful or forthcoming.

The major speakers (cooperation speakers listed first) and their topics were: "How to establish a biblical authority" — Dr. J. D. Thomas, professor, Abilene Christian College, and James W. Adams, minister, Mound and Staff church, Nacogdoches, Texas.

"The difference between church action and individual action" - 0.H. Russell, Preston Road School of Preaching, Dallas, Texas, and Robert Farish, Austin, Texas.

"How churches may cooperate" — Hulen Jackson, Dallas, Texas and Robert Turner (Turner was not able to attend and his paper was read for him.)

"The work of the church" — Riley and W. L. Wharton, Highland Blvd. church, San Antonio.

"Unity" — Rueul Lemmons, Austin, Texas, and Lovett.

Norman Starling, director of the Bible chair at Southwest Texas State College, San Marcos, was moderator.

Leakey is located about 80 miles northwest of San Antonio.

(The only objectionable thing in the above report is the use of the term non-cooperation.) WEW