Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 19, 1968

The Sin Of Misrepresentation

John W. Hedge

In order to correctly represent the views or positions of others it is necessary to understand completely their views or positions. This requires diligent and earnest investigation of such views or positions before we undertake to represent those who espouse them. Once in a religious debate with a 'holiness' preacher brother C. H. Kennedy was charged with not believing and teaching 'heartfelt religion." Brother Kennedy arose to point of order and said: "I wish to correct this misrepresentation by my opponent by saying that we do believe and teach 'heartfelt religion.' but not in the same way that he believes and teaches it. I ask that he refrain from making this false charge again." This preacher thought that if one didn't believe and teach "heartfelt religion'' as he believed and taught it, such one didn't believe in 'heartfelt religion' at all! Perhaps the reader has heard the repeated charge that members of the churches of Christ do not believe in having music in the church'', nor in doing missionary work simply because we do not use instrumental music in our worship nor do missionary work through a Missionary Society. Such misrepresentations constitute a sin against those who oppose the use of instrumental music and the Missionary Society.

Of late some brethren have been charged with not believing in taking care of widows and orphans, and this charge is made without any qualification. Of course, this charge is made against those brethren who do not believe in taking care of widows and orphans in the same way they do. The charge has been made that some members of the churches of Christ do not believe in "the cooperation of churches" in the matter of helping the needy and preaching the gospel, whereas the fact is that these brethren do not believe in "the cooperation of churches" in these fields of service as they do. Why can't brethren represent one another's views correctly or not attempt to represent them at all? The name "anti" has been used to misrepresent some who are really "pro" in the accomplishment of God's will. Name calling is good if it doesn't misrepresent. How about being called a "Campbellite?"

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