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November 21, 1968

Hershel Davis "Changes"

Elvis Bozarth

In the September 19, 1968 Gospel Advocate appears an article by brother Hershel Davis detailing his "changing" from "preaching and working with 'Anti' orphan home, and 'anti' cooperation brethren, who have slowly but continuously gone from one extreme unto a greater extreme in negativism..." Of course, editor Goodpasture used it as an occasion of misrepresentation, stating "It is a renunciation of `anti-ism'..." He was gratified that "this good brother has been able to extricate himself from the confused mazes of hobbyism."

First, let it be known that brother Davis never was associated with those who were anti-orphan home and anti-cooperation. He used to preach the truth that some of us who associated with him, supported him, and helped him get work, were anti-church support of orphan homes and anti-centralized control and oversight. But he didn't know any of us who were opposed to orphan homes and cooperation. His statements put him in the same category as the false accusers usually associated with the Gospel Advocate.

Second, brother Goodpasture is welcome to him. If he causes the liberal churches as much trouble as he caused the conservative churches I am glad they have him! Specific examples of his sorry record are the Ritchie church, Wilmington, Illinois, and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 1966 and 1967. At the latter place, while accepting support from loyal churches he forced out the sound brethren and took over the church with babes in Christ and immoral outcasts. When he left suddenly "for his health" he left the keys to the meeting house with a sister in fellowship who was a cocktail waitress in a downtown hotel. When I came in by the request of loyal brethren to help settle the mess she threatened to write to Abilene Christian College and have me taken care of!

In this defection the Lord's church has a signal victory!

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