Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 21, 1968

Letter To Uncle Zeke

Your faithful nephew Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke, Long about two weeks or so ago I went over to Piney Ridge to the Hog Auction. The auction was held on a Sattidy but I stayed over Sunday being as how it were too far to get back home in time for services the Lord's day.

While I was over there they had themselves a real barn-raisin. What they did was fire their preacher. They had themselves a real Sunday picnic in the process, too. Seems that Piney Ridge is sound on the issues but real terrible worldly minded. They don't fool none with the Helard of Truth but they do have their dancin and warm of immodest apparel. Well, it seems that the preacher got to preachin again those things while trying to bring the brethren to repentance. It didn't work. They allowed as how he preached the truth but it seems he didn't have the love he ought to have had. Least wise, that's what they allowed. That was convenient. Can't find nothin wrong with what he said so they come down on him with the way he said it.

Anyway, Sunday night this fellow got up and acted like the spokesman and really read the riot act to that poor preacher. He looked about as out of place as a coon at a hound dog convention. Yep, that preacher didn't have no buisness tied up with a group of brethren as mean as those brethren were. They showed him just about as much love and tenderness as a rabid buzzard would show the carcasse of a dead dog. In other words, none whatsoever.

When it was all over that preacher was sittin there less one preachin job and with those brethren beggin him to vacate the house he was livin in immediately. Felt sorry for the feller but I guess if he'll serve the Lord the Lord Himself will care for him. At least, that's the kind of faith the feller had.

Seems a shame that we judge a congregations worth by whether or not they's opposed to institutionalism. Piney Ridge is sure nuff oppossed to that sort of thing but otherwise they's a whited sephulchre full of dead men's bones. Well, got to go now. You take care.

Yours truly,