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October 3, 1968

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

AN APOLOGY AND EXPLANATION: In the July 11th issue of The Gospel Guardian there appeared a brief news item regarding a church division in Peoria, Illinois. It is not the editorial policy of this paper that such items be published. If I had been editing the news section at the time, the news item would not have been published. The Gospel Guardian does not "take sides" in the Peoria trouble and we apologize about the appearance of the news item. We received a lengthy article from the elders of the Paris Avenue church in Peoria replying to the news item of July 11th. It is a good article, and we can appreciate this effort to have the other side represented. We recommend that alt interested parties contact the elders of the church meeting at 1509 East Paris Avenue in Peoria, or the other group represented in the news item of July 11th for further information. We apologize to all concerned for the appearance of the item.--Wm. E. Wallace PREACHER NEEDED: Southside in Huntsville, Texas - Write Frank Perkins, 1611 Eleventh Street, zip 77340 or telephone 295-6058. Partial support will be needed from elsewhere.

Floral Heights, Wichita Falls, Texas: Meeting with David Bonner, October 14-20.. Eugene Britnell at Eastside in Athens, Alabama December 2-8...W. C. Sawyer at Harrodsburg,Ky. October 7-13...Leonard Tyler at Gardiner Lane in Louisville, Ky. November 4-11...Shively church in Louisville, Ky. announces change of meeting date to October 28-November 3, Harvey Williams preaching...

Jerry Eubanks began work with the church in Plant City recently (Florida). He writes, "The work thus far has been encouraging in that unity and peace exist. *With such a pleasant environment among God's people, surely God will give to us an increase."

Volumes of The Gospel Guardian: Jerry Eubanks writes, "Should anyone be interested in securing volumes of The Gospel Guardian, I can supply nearly a complete set. Since I have the bound volumes for my record, I would like to sell my loose copies. I have volume 5, with numbers 1-15,25,44 missing. Vol. 6 through volume 19 is complete except for volume 9. These are furnished with 'hard-back folders with each folder labeled. They can be bought for $60.00 plus postage." - 1701 Linda Street, Plant City, Florida 33566.

"The Downtown Church of Christ began meeting at the Y.W.C.A. in Oklahoma City on June 9th with 16 members. This congregation has grown to 53 members and plans to move to the northwest or southwest section of Oklahoma City as soon as property can be located for building."--George R. Willis, 6612 St. Clair, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116 J. R."Ronnie" Pope's New Address: 1604 Fisk, Pullman, Washington 99163.

Herbert Knight, Paducah, Ky. "We moved to Paducah to begin our work with the Clay Street church, formerly Northside, on July 29th. The first month (August) has seen an increase in the contribution from an average of $75 per week to $115. The attendance has increased, with a record being set last Lord's Day with 51 present for the morning service....this church started meeting only 18 months ago with 9 adults and 8 children...I am still in need of $125 a month support." Brethren this is a worthy work. Brother Knight needs help in order to continue in this effort. Write him at 1520 Clay Street, Paducah, Ky. 42001.

"Progressive Conservatives" In Alberta by Ferrell Jenkins: "During the last part of June it was my pleasure to work with the church in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, in a series of lessons on Evidences of Christianity and a regular meeting. The brethren secured a public school building for the lectures on evidences. Their work and good advertising attracted many outsiders and some profitable open discussions followed the lessons. This was especially true when we discussed the evolutionary hypothesis of the origin of man. The meeting was in the church building, located at 2720 21 Ave. S. A total of 36 different non-Christians attended these efforts; some attended several times. This is exceptionally good in view of the fact that there are 27 members of the church in Lethbridge.

"The Lethbridge congregation was begun in 1956 through the efforts of Marvin Noble. After five years here bro. Noble returned to Washington. Two years ago he returned to Alberta and is now working with the church in Medicine Hat. He led the singing several nights at Lethbridge.

"Joe Corley, who worked in Medicine Hat for five and one-half years, has been in Lethbridge since 1964. Joe has done a good work and he and his family are appreciated by the brethren there. Practically all of his support has come from the states during his work in Alberta.

"The church has a modest, but adequate and nice, building in a residential section of a prospering town of about 38,000 population. We believe there is a bright future for the work in Lethbridge.

"Just before the meeting closed Dave Bradford and his family arrived in Lethbridge for the summer. Dave will preach there while the Corleys are in the states for meetings. In September the Bradfords will move on to Calgary to begin a new congregation.

"We were in Canada during the elections. Among the many political parties are the 'liberals' and 'progressive conservatives.' As I thought on the religious implications of these terms and observed the Godly efforts of these brethren I realized that they are, like so many others who stand for the Old Paths, 'progressive conservatives.'"--49l E. Woosdale Ave., Akron, Ohio LUCEDALE, MISS: "The church here is growing and the brethren have a mind to work. A new building is planned, perhaps within the next year."--Julian R. Snell. Snell was recently with the Lucedale brethren in a meeting.