Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 26, 1968

That Arlington Meeting — "My" View (So Far)

Dick Blackford

I am somewhat reluctant to add to the confusion over the "A" meeting, but not too reluctant not to. I shall be brief.

Most articles I have read have been one-sided — they were against it on the grounds that it made "propaganda hay for the liberals." But what debate has ever been held that the opposition did not do the same thing by misconstruing statements made by the participants? Re-read some of the Gospel Advocate accounts (what few there be) of past (great) debates. I don't think any of us expected to be given equal space in which to "set the record straight."

It seems that we often fail to apply to ourselves the standard by which we readily condemn others. We all condemn the person who forms an opinion about the Bible or the church on the basis of hearsay but has never investigated either. Why should we step on our own tongues concerning the "A" meeting before we have opportunity to investigate? As for "my" view, I hold the same one I did at the beginning — I intend to investigate when the book is printed. I may then have some basis on which to accuse. But I'll not be guilty of pre-judging.

I hope none of the brethren will make "propaganda hay" out of these comments and misconstrue them that I am a "box-in-the-vestibule" advocate. I'm not.

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