Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 1, 1967

Preacher Moving

Oak Lawn, Illinois

Dear Brethren:

"If the Lord will, we shall live" (Jas. 4:16), we plan to move to work with the new congregation meeting in Pocahontas, Arkansas around the first of July. This church will not be able to support me in the work of preaching at the present, so I am asking YOU for help in this needy field. Since "the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel" (I Cor. 9:14), and we have the EXAMPLE of churches giving "wages" to the apostle Paul while he preached in Corinth (2 Cor. 11:8), we are asking for "wages" -- a living, while we preach at Pocahontas. We hope you can and will have "fellowship" with us in the gospel from the beginning of our gospel work there (See Phil. 1:5; 4:15, 16). We have six (6) in our family with our son in college at Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida, hence, our present needs will require $600 a month in order to provide a house, utilities and the necessities of life. This will be about $115 a week to live on after we pay our house rent and utilities. Also, we will need about $300 to pay our moving expenses from Oak Lawn to Pocahontas, a distance of about 535 miles. Brethren, we solicit YOUR help and assure you that all monies will be greatly appreciated and fully acknowledged and that a report will be given monthly to those supporting us while we labor there.

This new congregation began in Pocahontas last November (1966). Other churches in that area have gone into MODERNISM -- support of human institutions, etc. They have about eight families meeting there with the attendance in the fifties and the contributions in the eighties--$$. They have purchased an acre of land about 3/4 mile out of the city limits on Highway 90 (NW). The city is expanding in this direction and will soon incorporate the area where the building will be located. The building they have planned will seat about 225 with eight class rooms. They now have a fifteen minute radio program on the local station and desire to publish a bulletin to mail to interested prospects to help interest people in the "sound doctrine" of Christ. These brethren have zeal with knowledge and a mind to work.

Randolph county is where I was born, reared, obeyed the gospel and began preaching the glorious gospel of Christ in 1943 (June). I have conducted many meetings in the county in times past, however, since 1955 I have not been asked to preach as the liberal leaders in the county have labeled me an "anti". Brethren, "my heart's desire and prayer to God (cf. Rom.10:1) for my kinsmen in the flesh and brethren in the Lord is, that they might be saved -- reclaimed from the error they have been blindly led into. The Lord willing I will work to the end that many of them will be brought back to the "old paths" and walk therein.

Brethren, if you can possibly help us in any amount we will be most grateful and ask you to let us know what you can do soon as possible. Pray for us!

Brotherly yours, Glenn L. Shaver

-8230 S. Laramie Ave.