Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 15, 1968
NUMBER 40, PAGE 9b-11a


Floyd D. Chappelear — 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

Larry Bunch, 1911 Glenn, Lawton, Oklahoma, 73501. The church in Lawton consists of about eight families with an attendance of about 25. The brethren here have been meeting for three years with Joe Watson (1535 N. 43) doing the preaching. Lawton is the third largest city in Oklahoma (70,000) and there are at least six liberal congregations here.

I moved here during the Christmas holidays from Palmetto, Florida, to work with this fine group of Christians. I had been in Florida for almost two years and had moved there from Louisville, Kentucky where I worked with the Shively congregation for one year. My home is Lone Wolf, Oklahoma and it was from there that I moved to Kentucky.

We have obtained the following support:

Floral Heights, Wichita Falls, Texas $100.00 Lewisville, Texas 50.00

McAlester, Oklahoma 50.00 Total $200.00 (per month)

I am married and have four children. Would any church be interested in completing (or helping) the needed support? Additional information may be obtained by writing brother Watson concerning myself, you may write to the Elders, church of Christ, 420-9 Avenue, Palmetto, Fla 33561 Tom Bunting, Box 97, Lafayette, New Jersey. Since our last report, the church is Sussex, New Jersey, has had one baptism. The attendance continues with about 18 at all services. This Spring, Bill Echols of Indianapolis will preach in a series of gospel meetings. The church continues meeting in the Wantage Grange on East Main Street in Sussex.

The work in Washington, New Jersey continues with usually 11 at all Sunday services. Brother Jack Gibbert held a good meeting in Washington last fall. We thank God for continued teaching opportunities. The church in Washington is meeting in the Washington Grange on Brass Castle Road at 3 and 4 p.m. For information concerning either church call 383-6249, or write me.

Ercel Ray Warren, It was greatly appreciated that the Gospel Guardian printed the report of brother Elvis Bozarth concerning our need. The needs were met with sufficient monies left over to, with the permission of the senders, to make some necessary changes in the building, such as adding a baptistry, and making a few miscellaneous repairs which were needed. We have purchased the property. "For those sending we express our gratitude, and want each to know they have helped us to overcome a real obstacle to the cause here. If there was ever a congregation which needed an adequate meeting place, we certainly did! Well, thanks to the good assistance received, we are blessed with a fine building which should satisfy the needs of the Albion congregation for some time. (Albion, Michigan)"

"Response has also been received with regard to my personal support. All that is now lacking is support of $25 to $50.00 monthly.

"One unfortunate incident has occurred, however, and I suppose that a notice in the "Guardian" is the only way to overcome it: We received a check from a good sister (I think) for $35.00. It was from someplace in Texas, and it was to be applied toward my personal support. I only read the letter once, but if my memory serves me correctly, it was in response to the pleas put forth in the "Guardian." Anyway, after having read it, I placed it on a table, and have not seen it since. This was about two weeks ago, and we have made a thorough search without results. Maybe the one who sent it will see this notice, and be able to straighten this out for us. I have no idea who she is, or what the address, just that she is located somewhere in Texas.

Ross O. Spears, Since January 1, I have been with the 4th and Arkansas St. Church of Christ in Mulvane, Kansas supplying the pulpit until a man can be found to work with them. This congregation is one of the few in Kansas still holding the line against digression. They have been served in the past by such capable men as Judson Woodbridge and Jesse Wiseman.

I personally feel that there is a bright future for the church here. They have good solid elders and members. Any faithful gospel preacher interested in moving here in the near future may contact the elders in care of the church, or me. 548 East Mulvane St. Mulvane, Kansas.

This is the first report I have sent in several months. For the last two years we have worked with the Clovis, California church. During that time there were fourteen baptisms. The contributions increased from an average of $196 a week to $280 a week. This was due to the interest and willingness on the part of the members to do more in the work of the Lord. There were three very fine men appointed as elders. I have never worked with better people or more zealous people than those in Clovis, Bro. Max Bradford is now working with this fine congregation. I understand that there have been several more baptisms since we left in August. Their budget now calls for $290 a week. I rejoice in the progress being made among sound churches in central California.

We are now with the good church meeting in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. The church here at present is able to support us only $100 a week and house rent. My wife and I have six children and need $50 a week more than the church here can supply. The South End church in Louisville is helping $120 a month to month basis, until they secure a man to work with them. This we appreciate deeply. If any church could help us in the work here we would appreciate hearing from you.

Roy S. Fudge, 803 N. Main, Beaver Dam, Ky.42120


On March 25, 26 and 28, 29, Ward Hogland, of the Walnut Street church in Greenville, Texas; will meet Mr. Vernon L. Barr, of Dallas in public debate. Mr. Barr is brought to Greenville by the Emmanuel Baptist church of this city. The first two nights will be devoted to a study of the PLAN OF SALVATION. The last two nights will be given to the apostasy question. Both of these men are well experienced in the field of polemics. It has been our desire, as elders, to hear brother Hogland in a debate but his work in this field has been away from Greenville in the six years he has been with us. Due to the fact that our building will seat many more than the Baptist building, all sessions will be conducted here. Sessions will begin' at 7:30 each night. Many motels are available in this city for those who would like to attend. This should be a great debate and we welcome you to come. Why not plan your vacation at this time?

Elders, Walnut Street Church Pat Gnatt

Roy Luttrell Cecil Owens

C.E. Luttrell Guthrie Dean, 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Ark. Brother John W. Pitman, formerly of Fayetteville, Arkansas, has recently moved to Mountain View, Arkansas, to work with the church there. Brethren McIntire and Neil Partee also live in Mountain. View, and preach for churches in that area. The sound church in Fayetteville, Arkansas is blessed with having such men as brethren: Roberts, Marsh, Phil Lumpkin, and Dave Tackett, as preachers.

Gospel Meetings:

Huey Hartsell, April 8-15 At The Church Which Meets At 1700 Imhoff Ave., Port Arthur, Texas. Paul J. Casebolt, April 15-25 At Moundsville, West Virginia. There Will Be A Lecture Series At The Arlington, Texas, Church With The Following Speakers: Tom Baker, Ward Hogland, Johnny Ramsey, T.E. Webb, Lindy McDaniel, Jack Holt, And James R. Trigg.