Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 14, 1967
NUMBER 32, PAGE 8-9a

Sound Off

Fanning Yater Tant

News editor. Every single week I am responsible for (a) selecting the articles which go into this journal, (b) writing the editorial of the week, (c) making up one or two of the major ads, (d) preparing the news items, and (e) catching up on odds and ends on this page. Well, it's just a mite more than I feel up to — so Floyd Chappelear, 1101 Dyson Street, West Columbia, Texas, has volunteered to come to my rescue. He is willing to do the "news page" each week — IF brethren will cooperate by sending him your news reports, bulletins, etc. Will you do it? Thanks! Your reports will get to the pages of the Guardian just as quickly through him as through me. And your help will be a BIG item lifted off my shoulders right now.

Married. Remembered quote: "A man who surrenders a point when he is wrong is wise; a man who surrenders a point when he is right is — married."

An "anti" church. Here is an item we picked up some time ago from the pen of Don McWhorter, preacher for a "liberal" church in Gadsden, Alabama, He was writing about a report from the Riverside Church in Nashville, Tennessee, showing how much they were giving each week to the support of various gospel preachers. Wrote McWhorter: "Other congregations averages $1,000 per week. That means they are spending close to three-fourths of their income directly in support of men preaching the gospel. My hat is off to these brethren. This is a so-called 'anti' congregation. In this matter they believe that the money for supporting a preacher must be sent directly to the man in the field. That action itself is not unscriptural. If sending directly produces that kind of results, perhaps more of us should try it."

Dialogue. That's the big word now, the "in" word. Seems like everybody wants to get a "dialogue" going with somebody about something. But, sadly enough, all too often they aren't dialogues at all; they are monologues being simultaneously pushed in opposite directions along parallel tracks that never meet. (We picked up the comparison somewhere; and it fits.) The way some "dialogists" miss the whole point of the conversation call to mind that old story about the prizefighter and his manager. Out on his feet after eight rounds against an infinitely superior pugilist, a glassy-eyed gladiator was implored by his manager, "Don't give up now, Eddie boy! You got a no-hitter going!!"

From "Campbell country." From Wellsburg, West Virginia, a town closely attached to the name of Alexander Campbell, comes this letter from G.O. Winland: "I have been taking the Gospel Guardian for about seven months now, and think it is wonderful. Every article is to the point, and you don't have to guess what the writer is trying to say. After thirty-eight months with the Warwood church in Wheeling, I am now working with the church in Wellsburg. I will have time in 1968 for two meetings of eight or ten days each. Prefer to work with small congregations that are not financially able to support a meeting. Write me at: 106 - 25th Street, Wellsburg, W. Va. 26070."

Sorry about that. We advertised Zondervan's new book, "The New Testament From 26 Translations," and laid in what we thought would be an adequate supply. Well, we have already sold out all we had, and had orders for nearly twice that many more. Zondervan says "You caught us with our printing plates down". They only printed 115,000 copies, and had orders for nearly 130,000 before they even released the first book. But their presses are humming again, and if your order is delayed a bit, this will explain why. The price of the book advances to $12.50 on January 1. Until then you can still get it for $9.95.

Murphy's law. You've heard of Murphy's law. It warns: if anything can go wrong, it will. Like getting orders fouled up; Books and Bibles you ordered to give away at the holiday season not delivered on time. Wrong Bible ordered; wrong material sent; wrong invoice included; wrong customer billed; pages missing from a book; package lost in transit; customer angry; office girl has a tooth pulled; or gets married and stops her work.... all of which is a part of the chaotic, hectic world in which we live. Not a place for a nervous person! Then add to that all the irate brethren who want to shoot me, because as they think, the Gospel Guardian "threw the fat into the fire" over sponsoring churches and benevolence societies. All I can say now is, "If you want to plug me, Buddy, get your number and get in line. There are others ahead of you!"

Those figures. Several brethren have asked us about the "circulation and subscription" figures published in the Gospel Guardian last month. Well, we often use the same editorial for BOTH the Gospel Guardian and Truth in Love. And once the page is set up, it runs in both journals. The figures published in the November 9 issue show a paid subscription for Truth in Love of 2,535. The little box in which the figures were published said they were for Truth in Love, but apparently several missed that item. The figures for the Gospel Guardian were published on the editorial page in the issue of October 5 — and showed a paid circulation of 5,340.

What issues? Word keeps going around that at long last Brother Foy Wallace is going to write on "the issues". What issues? He has already written, with considerable clarity and force, on the sponsoring church, the benevolence society, and the social gospel. Maybe now he will write on tongue-speaking, immediate Holy Spirit indwelling, denominationalizing, non-inspiration, and a host of other "issues" which threaten the congregations with which he now affiliates and for whom he preaches. It will be of casual interest to some, perhaps; but probably most of the hard-working preachers of the gospel will take little note of what Brother Foy may say, one way or the other.

IMPAC. We are getting a wonderful reception to IMPAC — the new "personal evangelism" program which is proving so highly effective as used by an ever increasing number of people. It works — for those who are concerned enough and serious enough to follow directions. Write us for particulars."

Special coming up. Early in 1968 we are scheduling a "Special Issue" of the Gospel Guardian. It will be devoted largely to the life and labors of John T. Lewis, and the influence of one man's firm stand for the truth. It will help us if we can have some idea in advance as to how many to print. Probably every church in Birmingham, and most in Alabama, and many others in various parts of the nation will want an appreciable number of this issue. Will you order in advance? Like NOW, please! We have not yet determined the size of that issue, so cannot give a firm price; but it will not be $15.00 per one hundred.

Mother knows best. Then there was this young Southern belle who was trying to find a suitable Christmas gift for her well-to-do suitor. She asked her mother, "What do you give a man who has everything." Mother responded instantly, "Encouragement."

New building in Garland. Brethren in Garland, Texas, have moved into their new meeting place at 4602 West Walnut Street. Jack Holt is their preacher. This congregation can serve the needs of faithful brethren in Garland, Richardson, and Northeast Dallas.