Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 30, 1967

Letter To Uncle Zeke

Your faithful nephew, Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke:

We still don't have us no preacher over here to Turkey Run, but, if we were a might more modern, we just might decide we don't need none. I imagine you're a mite curious to know what I got to say. Well here it is.

The other day I was a visitin' down to Blue Creek when I run into Silas Hatfield at the grist-mill. Silas told me about a plan the church down there has come up with. Silas is one of the more influential people at Blue Creek. It seems that they read about a fellow down in Little Rock (That's in Arkansas) what had done recorded some of his sermons off on a long playing record. As Silas told it to me, and as he learned of it from the Christian Chronicle, this fellow hopes to sell his recordings for the use of "shut-ins, for youth or Bible classes or for congregations without full time ministers."

Well, that last one shore does fit Blue Creek. They ain't had no full time preacher since 64. They's plannin on buyin some of them records and usin them regular. Then old Silas told me as how they had done gone over to Hog Holler and Bear Waller and got the elders of them two churches to tape record some elder talks. Now, so he says, they don't need no real elders so they deeldered the ones they had. Silas says that if they could figure out some way to solve their song leader problem they would have it made. Big mouth me, I guess. I suggested, more in jest than anything else, that they just buy some religious Albums of brother Pat's. That Silas, he done went out and did that very thing.

Well, like I said earlier. If we were a little more modern we might could solve our problems too. But, you know, I kind of think the solutions are a might worse than the problems.

You tell the missus hello for me and come see us when you can. Why don't you come by and preach for us? That would be preciated by all.

Yours truly,