Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 26, 1967

Sitton — Waters Debate

-Forrest D. Moyer

During the first part of June, David Sitton of Colton, Calif., met J. Ervin Waters of Odessa, Texas, in a four night debate on the questions of cups and classes. Bro. Waters has had numerous debates on these questions and is an able debater. He presented the usual arguments to seek to uphold his theories. This was Bro. Sitton's first public debate. He did a very able job in presenting the truth. Both men conducted themselves well without mud-slinging or rancor.


On the question of cups brother Sitton showed quite capably that the fruit of the vine is "the cup" which Jesus commanded us to drink. He showed that the drink element is "the cup" whether it be in one container or in many. He had several excellent charts sustaining this. Brother Waters contended that the container was an essential element of the communion and that there could only be one. In my opinion, brother Sitton sustained the truth well on this point.


On the question of classes brother Sitton showed exactly what our practice is and the scripturality of it. He showed that we teach God's word in practical arrangements that will accomplish what God's word demands. He showed that brother Waters opposition to our practice is actually an opposition to teaching the Bible. Brother Waters said that his objection to Bible classes was "classification."

Brother Sitton did an able job and I hope to see him debate more in the future