Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 26, 1967
NUMBER 25, PAGE 11-12a

News & Notes


During a recent meeting at the Woodlawn church, Columbus, Miss. , four were baptized...August 23rd one was baptized at Pine Hills, Orlando, Florida... Three have been baptized recently at the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn... One was baptized during August at Zion, Ill... Two were baptized in recent weeks at the College Road church, Lafayette, La... One was baptized the second week in August at the Fairview church, Garden Grove, Calif... Four have been baptized recently at the Southside church, Kansas City, Mo... On Aug. 9th two were baptized at the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn... One recently was baptized at Expressway, Louisville, Kentucky... Two were baptized recently at Huffman, Birmingham, Ala...One baptized in recent weeks at Park Hill, Ft. Smith, Ark... Six were recently added to the Lord at Peoria, Ill... On August 6th two were baptized at Steele, Mo... On July 6th one was baptized at Youngstown, Ohio...On July 23rd one was baptized at Crawfordsville, Indiana... On July 30th one was baptized at Moundsville, West Va... During recent meetings conducted by Guthrie Dean at Damascus, Arkansas, and Kokomo, Ind., there were three baptisms... One was recently baptized at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Mo... The second week in June one was baptized at Tenth and Francis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... Two were baptized at Ellettsville, Indiana, during June...On August 6th one was baptized at Zion, Ill...On August 13th two were baptized at Norwalk, California.

Gospel Meetings On October 9-15 Connie W. Adams will assist the Roseville church, Detroit, Mich., in a series of gospel teaching.

From Oct. 19-25 Ferrell Jenkins will assist the Mansfield, Ohio, church, in a gospel meeting.

Connie W. Adams will be with the Barberton, Ohio, church in a meeting, Oct. 16-22.

A gospel meeting will be conducted at 5th and Bessemer, Birmingham, Ala., with different speakers.

Jesse Brookshire will assist the Graysville church, Birmingham, Alabama.

Robert Crawley will assist the Pinson church in a meeting beginning Nov. 5th.

A meeting will be conducted at the 77th street church, Birmingham, Alabama, with different speakers.

Eugene Britnell will assist the South 46th Street church, Ft. Smith, Ark., in a series of meetings, Oct. 23-29.

New Church

A new group is now meeting in Gallatin, Tenn. Gary L. Ruddell is working with this group of brethren. The meeting house is located 1101 Bales St. When passing through worship with them.

New Building

Jack Holt, Richardson, Texas: "The first phase of our building program should be completed so we can move in the last Sunday in September. The new building is located at 4602 West Walnut in Garland, Texas. It is near the city limits of Richardson, and North and Northeast Dallas, We invite all in this area to meet with us. For further information you may call me at this number: AD1-0571-Richardson. "


C.A. Cornlious, Box 625, La Porte, Texas: "We have just closed a very fine meeting in which Jesse M. Kelley did the preaching. His sermons were indicative of much care in preparation, and were ably delivered. Brother Kelley shuns not to declare the whole counsel of God, and he does so in language that is easily understood. Such preaching can only edify and instruct. There were five responses with two baptisms, aside from the renewed enthusiasm among the members here. We feel that much and lasting good was done in the meeting. Brother Kelley is doing an outstanding work in a very hard field in Altus, Oklahoma. May God's richest blessings rest upon him."

Valente Rodriguez G., Monterrey, N. L. Mexico: "Last night we had an attendance of 37, more than our 34 chairs to seat the people. Our service was very spiritual also. Yesterday in the morning brother Oirilo Gonzales, the young man who is being prepared with us to preach the gospel, preached his third sermon. He is improving a lot. Yesterday in the morning a young man (17) confessed Christ and was immersed at afternoon in a river, not far from here. During the gospel meeting that we had in the second week of July four were baptized. Nine have been baptized in this year and until today continue faithful. The membership has almost doubled from the beginning of this year."

Donald Willis, 1814 Buchanan Street, Wichita Falls, Texas 76309: "I have a complete file of the Gospel Guardian, Volumes 1-6. Volumes one, two, eight, nine, twelve, and thirteen are bound; the others are not. I will sell them for $75. 00. I will not break the set, I also have numerous individual issues which I will be happy to supply to anyone who may need such to complete a volume."

Preachers Move

Bill Haynes has moved from the Vivion Road church, Kansas City, Mo., to labor with the church in Bartow, Florida.

Danny L. Halstead has moved from Houston, Texas, to work with the Vivion Road church in Kansas City, Mo.

Bob Walton has moved from Huntington, Texas, to labor with the church in East Columbus, Miss.

Edward Bragwell has moved from Charlotte, Tennessee, to work with the brethren in Grenada, Mississippi.

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave. , Lufkin, Texas: "For almost five years I have written this news column. Your co-operation, by sending bulletins, news items, etc, has been greatly appreciated and has contributed to the success of this page. Even though this has been an enjoyable work, it has been a time consuming work, Several weeks ago I asked brother Tant to find a replacement, as I wanted to give it up sometime this year, because I didn't have the time to give to it. At this writing I do not know whom he has selected. I urge you to send your news items, announcements, etc. to the Gospel Guardian, Box 470, Lufkin, Texas. I would like to continue to receive your bulletins at the above address. Farewell."