Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 3, 1967
NUMBER 13, PAGE 2b-3a

Loving God In Youth

H. Edward McCaskill

One must view with magnitudnal alarm the many reports that are read and heard concerning our youth. Pictures present bearded young men in their "beatnik" attire, leading protest marches, "sit-ins," "draft card burnings." News releases inform us of the increased numbers who are becoming addicted to dope, taking "LSD trips," sniffing glue, and that most crimes today are being committed by the 16 year old range of young people.

While I believe, personally, the reports are of minority groups I cannot help but wonder what has caused it among them. I may recognize, myself, that for the most part our youth is no worse than it has ever been and in certain respects I view youth today with accomplishments and credential that outweigh those of yesteryear. To any one who is concerned about his own young and those of others this spirit of restlessness must be one of concern. While expressing such for them I must of necessity express what I believe to be the cause. That being the apathy on the part of parents to sufficiently teach and instruct. The concern for material things and disregard for authority of God has caused them to be derelict in duty toward their children. But simply to give one's judgment of the cause does not in itself give information as to the solution. In this one must place faith in God's word. I believe the answer can be found in this verse. "Remember also thy Creator in the days of thy youth, before the evil days come, and the years thaw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them." (Eccl. 12:1)

Remember thy Creator. Our God wants us to instill in the mind of children respect and reverence for Him. His truth (John 17:17) must be taught and "written upon hearts" that will love and live the truth. No parent, teacher, or preacher can say he has done what he could until his very strength is exhausted in the work of instruction and instilling the youthful mind of God. In a world today that says, "there is no God" or that "God is dead" the first line of defense is a child who has been taught to remember God early in life. The attacks of the atheist and the insistence of the skeptic will not dent his faith.

Remember thy Creator in youth. If your child has grown beyond the age of youth and you have not instilled the love of God within him, then more than likely you have waited too long. It is quite rare to observe many adults obeying the gospel of Christ. Statistics, I believe, are evident that those being "baptized into Christ" for the most part are young people being given a good home, a good education, clothing and food and yet deprived of the blessing of knowing God in their youth. The greatest measure of strength there it has been withheld from them. Most of their lives they will spend groping, trying to fill the vacuum that was not satisfied with spiritual blessings of God in those tender years.

Remember thy Creator in youth before the evil days come. Your own experience teaches you that temptations become stronger as you grow older. Unconcern for things spiritual develop. The heart of the child is naturally inclined to things that are right and such must be developed. Every vice, evil companionship, beckoning of Satan comes as age progresses. How unfortunate that most children are sent forth to fight the battle - with nothing.

Remember thy Creator in youth before the evil days come... I have no pleasure in them. The proper foundation and preparation provides the strength to overcome what will be "trivial temptations. A young person will make many mistakes. He will not be sinless, but he will not be destroyed. His delight in maturity will be the God remembered in his youth.

What is the lesson for all of us? "This is the end of the matter; all hath been heard: Fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every work into judgment, with every hidden thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." (Eccl. 12:13,14)