Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 20, 1967

Uncle Zeke's Correspondance

Your faithful nephew, Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke:

We've done lost our preacher over here at Turkey Run. He got hisself an "offer" from a big church over at Mount Idy and decided to leave us and move on over there.

Brother Mulelick was one fine pulpit preacher but he always did have an itch to move on to some bigger church. As far as his character was concerned, he had all the qualities of a fireplace poker except its occasional warmth when he announced he was moving to Mount Idy he said it was like "movin up the ladder." Seems funny a gospel preacher havin worldly like ambitions to "get on" in this world. Of course I can't say, as I've never preached, but it seems to me that preachin in one place would be as satisfyin as preachin in another.

Well, anyway, like as I said, when the Mount Idy group made him an "offer" he lit out of here like a scalded dog. He didn't say what an "offer" was but I got an idee that he meant they "offered" him more money. He was a touch like the kind of a man who crumbled like an old barn when you waved money fore his face. We are in a mite of a pinch here and weren't able to support him near as well as he ought to be supported so he made it clear some months ago that he might be forced to move on. Mount Idy done heard about it and up came that "offer" of theirs."

We'll shore miss brother and sister Mulelick around here. We'll miss her more than him cause she did more work here than he done. She is a fine preacher's wife. You remember her, uncle Zeke, she was a short woman who had a face as pale as a bucket of butter. They had three fine youngins, too.

I've noticed several preachers lately have got to bellerin like a stuck pig cause they ain't got enough money. Near evertime they threaten to move if the brethren don't either give em more or find em more from some place else. Don't guess too many of these young whippersnappers ever heard of makin tents or any such thing. Yessiree, uncle Zeke, they's too many young preachers today what wants a position, and not a work.

I don't know how long it will be fore we are able to locate a preacher, but we've got good elders and a consecrated membership so I know we'll get along right well in the meantime. One thing I know for sure, we shore won't get as hysterical as a tree full of chickens just cause we ain't got no man doing the preachin on a regular basis.

By the way, uncle Zeke, that bird dog I got from you is a mite gun shy. I don't suppose you knew that fore you give him to me, did you? Guess you did, I never knew you to part with a dog what was worth his feed. Oh well, the youngins love him and he traipses along behind them ever where they go. All in all, we're happy with the old dog.

Yours truly,