Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 16, 1967
NUMBER 40, PAGE 9b-10a

Uncle Zeke's Correspondence

-Your faithful nephew, Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke:

Long about two weeks ago last Sattiday I was a passin through Hog Woller when I seen a sign what read, "Come --- Hear the Word preached --- See it illustrated in full life color." When I read for shore what they was a doin it made me curioser than a calico cat. They was a showin them Herald of Truth movin pictures fer everbody's consideration.

Being as how I had nothin better to do, I moseyed over thet way to eye-ball them a spell. When I got over there I shore had no trouble at all a-gettin a seat. They couldn't been over forty or fifty people there at the most. (They said they would be about 500 people expected. Guess their crystal ball got itself mixed up with their bowlin ball.) The way I figger it, if the crowd at Hog Woller has got anythin to do with it nowhere near as many people look at them pictures as they think wants to look at em.

When the show was all over the preacher got up to brag about the high quality of the picture. (Seemed kinda funny what with them not havin the previews of next week's picture.) I shore do have to admit that the colors were as purty as the colors on a hereford bull. The sound was real good too, Yep, they shorely did a good job of puttin out a high quality picture. Onliest thing wrong, as far as I could see, was they didn't sell no popcorn.

Then the preacher went on to say that if they could work out the arrangements with the Highland church of Christ (That's way down there in Texas) they would show them films ever Sattiday. They wasn't too shore if the arrangements could be made at all. Seems they was the first Lutheran church (That's right, I said Lutheran church) up this way to get to show them pictures and the future seemed darker than a trip out to the barn at midnight as to whether or not the Highland church could beg enough money to allow them to provide them flickers for the denominations.

The Pea Ridge preacher was there proud as a banty rooster struttin around his flock about how they got that picture for the Hog Woller Lutheran church. They talked about the glorious spirit of love what was shown by their "fellowship" with them Lutherans. I asked him about 2 Cor. 6:14 but he wouldn't talk to me none about it.

The next thing you know will be that the Pea Ridge church will get to discardin their tracts about the "One true church" and will be a gettin somethin in their place that the Baptists can use. Who knows, Pea Ridge may well start to providin all the literature for all the denominations in these here parts.

Seems kinda funny though. I know the denominations ain't no more interested in the truth today than they ever was. Must be that the Pea Ridge church ain't teachin the whole counsel of God or them aliens wouldn't be so anxious to let Pea Ridge arrange their teachin program for them.

It makes me more than a little sad to see what the condition of Pea Ridge is gettin to be. Nothin l can do about Pea Ridge, though, so I guess I will just have to work a little harder to see that Turkey Run don't get none of them modern notions.

Come see us when you can. We want to see you all and talk about old times.