Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 6, 1967

"Rottenness Of The Bones"

Robert H. Farish

Prov. 14:30

The distributives of sin such as fornication, murder, lying, failure to give, unfaithfulness in attendance, etc. are more popular subjects for writers and preachers than other sins such as envy, maliciousness, evil speaking, unhealthy thinking, etc. The former class ought to be condemned but condemnation of the latter must not be neglected. In our war against sin, we need to recognize as enemies of the soul all the members of the opposing host. A lack of awareness of the sinful nature of any specific action and a feeling of person immunity, with reference to any particular sin which would cause one to fail to take measures to protect his soul against those sins are responsible for many travelling the "broad way that leadeth to destruction." The need of self examination will continue with each person so long as his "life that now is" continues.

In our day the sin of envy and jealousy is as deadly as ever. It has not lost its power by reason of antiquity. The following article, taken from "EVENINGS WITH THE BIBLE" by Isaac Errett, is worthy of careful study.