Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 22, 1966
NUMBER 33, PAGE 3b,5b

Of Debaters And Muley Cows

Floyd Embree

When I was just a small boy, my family moved to Petersburg, Texas. The church had just divided there, and there was a debate in progress between brethren Ira Lee Sanders and J. N. Cowan over the Bible school question. As I grew up in West Texas, there were many other such discussions. Brethren on both sides believed they had the truth and were willing to contend for what they believed to be truth. Besides Bro. Sanders, I remember others. There was Guy N. Woods, probably the best informed, and most able debater on this question, who had many discussions and was willing to go any where anytime fifty or more of the so-called "Anti-Sunday School" brethren could be found and debate the cause. Also other able men as Roy Lanier, Logan Buchanan and a host of others I could name were ready to meet the "antis" and defend what they taught and believed. I have many notes in my files taken from material prepared by these brethren.

But, as is stated in the Baptist Manual, "Now it is different". Many of these able men now believe it is all right for the church to do its work through institutions other than the church. Some of these able men also believe that the church is sufficient to do all God commanded the church to do and are willing to defend their beliefs in honorable discussion. But many of those who debated issues facing the church in years gone by are no longer willing to meet those whom they now brand as "antis", They used to be willing to go any place and debate the "antis" (Bible School) if a congregation of forty of fifty would endorse a man to debate. "Now, it is different." They refuse to meet the "antis" (Institutional) though there be a number of congregations of from 150 to 300 membership that endorses the man and believes the doctrine. It seems they no longer "believe in debating." This reminds me of a statement made by Bro. N. B. Hardeman on the same question when he said "Neither does a muley cow believe in hooking." (For you of the younger generation, a muley cow has no horns). Naturally she wouldn't believe in hooking as she would have nothing with which to hook.

And I am persuaded that these brethren--debaters--able men--will not debate now because they know there is no scripture in the Text to support the arrangements they endorse. Let a Baptist or a Catholic challenge one of them and they will jump on him like " a June bug on a grasshopper': Let a brother who believes differently to them on human institutions challenge them and they will find some excuse not to meet the challenge. Truly, "the muley cow doesn't believe in hooking."