Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 24, 1966
NUMBER 29, PAGE 7c-8a

In Memory Of A Fallen Soldier --- Earl F. Bassett

Kenneth A. Sterling

On Thursday, September 22, 1966, Bro. Earl F. Bassett, a stalwart soldier of the cross, departed this earthly existence. He had been suffering with heart trouble for many months. But this good man did not go to meet his Lord empty handed. He had served for many years as a very capable elder in the Lord's church, first in the San Diego area for a good number of years (last serving there in El Cajon city), and also serving faithfully for some six plus years at the congregation at 2501 Pine St. in Napa, California. He was a man who was loved and respected for his willing service and his ability--as an elder, a personal worker, a teacher and preacher. It was this writer's privilege to have worked with him for about three and one-hail years in the congregation at Napa.

During this time I came to know him and to love him and appreciate him and esteem him highly for his work's sake. He was never hesitant to do his duty, even when it was hard or unpleasant. He was a man who spoke his mind plainly, there was no two-facedness about him. He was a man who could make decisions--and would not turn back because of any pressure from others. He could be firm when the occasion demanded firmness, yet he was deeply concerned about the soul of every individual, particularly in the congregation where he served. I have seen him be very plain and firm with a wayward child, and then (though he would never tell you), lay awake half the night or more hoping and praying he had said the right things to bring the erring back. The church needs more men like this!

Living testimony of this good man's teaching and example is the fact that his two sons, Jerry and Don, are both faithful (and very able) gospel preachers. Jerry, who frequently writes articles for this journal, preaches for the church in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and Don now preaches for one of the faithful congregations in Sacramento (recently moving from one of the congregations in Tampa, Florida). They are both dedicated men and, like their good father, hard workers and men of the highest character and integrity.

Funeral services were conducted in Napa, California, where his good wife, Zada, (herself a faithful servant and wonderful person), still resides at 3030 St. Helena Highway. Bro. Ronny Hinds, preacher for the church in Napa, this writer, and Bro. Henry Kirkland who preaches for the church in Dillard, Oregon, conducted the service.

Earl Bassett was a good man, a good friend and an able and willing worker in the Lord's vineyard. He will be missed, sorely missed, but his example, his work, his life, his dedication and determination, will be felt many years hence. Truly, as was said of faithful Abel, "...he being dead yet speaketh" (Heb. 11:40.