Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 3, 1966
NUMBER 26, PAGE 7-10a

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Clyde O. Moore - 2706 Paul Avenue - Lufkin, Texas 75901

Ernest A. Finley, 1101 Dyson Road, West Columbia, Texas: "Dean Bullock recently conducted a very fine meeting for us at West Columbia. Two were restored. My last meeting was with the West End church in Bowling Green, Ky., Sept.18-25. Before that the West Columbia church supported me in a meeting at Spur, Texas. The brethren here at West Columbia have indicated a willingness to release me for two or three meetings a year for congregations that are not able to afford a meeting. I have time for one or two more meetings this year. Phillips Petroleum Refinery, just five miles west of West Columbia is presently installing two new units which will require new personnel. If you are a high school graduate, married, twenty or older, they might have a place for you. They usually find a place for high caliber men. Look us up if you come to look into the matter."

* * * * * *

Kent Harrel, 1009 McRae Road, Camden, South Carolina 29220: "The church in Camden, S.C. will have a gospel meeting October 17-23, with Bob Bunting of Lafayette, N.J. doing the preaching. Brother Bunting came to Camden to work fulltime, about sixteen years ago. He is well known in the area, and we feel an announcement in the Guardian will be helpful. Things are going well with the church in Camden. We have had several baptisms lately, and one restored to Christ. The work among the "conservatives" is growing here in South Carolina. The churches already in existence for some time are growing, and several new churches have begun within the last twelve months.

* * * * * *

David Lawrence, 3317 N. Amidon, Wichita, Kansas 67204: "The Melton Ave. church in Trumann, Arkansas, for which I preached three years, has not yet secured a preacher to replace me. I have been in Wichita for almost two months now, beginning a highly promising work with the Pleasant Valley church. The church in Trumann is loyal to the truth. They number around 100 in attendance on Sunday mornings. They are not yet self-supporting, but made tremendous strides in that direction during the time I was with them. They have had much opposition from the beginning, when liberalism in the old congregation forced sound brethren to separate in 1960. They are looking for a man willing and able to declare and defend the gospel of Christ. He will need to raise some outside support. The brethren there will do all they can. The work there is hard, as it is nearly everywhere, but the fellowship of those loyal brethren is pleasant indeed. If anyone is interested, please contact: J. C. Presley, Jr., Route 3, Trumann, Ark. 72472; Phone AC 501-483-5046."

* * * * * * *

Charles House, San Luis, Arizona USA:"Marvel and I spent three days here (Vista, California) August 19-21 with brother Gabriel Ortiz, evangelist for the Spanish speaking church of that city. He devoted full time to the work, but only receives $390.00 per month. The faithful churches at Santa Ana, Ontario, Home Gardens, Brea, and Coalinga, California, plus West End in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This man needs an additional $290 per month now. He has a hospital bill due that is in the thousands of dollars. Address him: Gabriel Ortiz, 416 West Los Angeles Drive, California,"

* * * * * * *

Irvin Himmel, 7222 Graham Road, Hazelwood, Mo. 63042: "The week (Sept.8, 1966) has been a record-breaking week at Hazelwood. We have set new attendance records in all meetings of the church. Sunday morning we had 217 for Bible Study, 240 for worship, then 186 for the evening meeting. Wednesday evening we had 157, our largest mid-week crowd except during vacation Bible School. Sunday's contribution was $551. Let's keep the upward trend. Two were recently baptized."

* * * * * * *

Dies G. Reid, Jr., 400 Enslen Circle, Hartselle, Ala., 35640: "Recently we made the decision to resign from secular work and devote full time to the preaching of the gospel with the Westview church. About three and one-half years ago, a few faithful brethren left the liberal congregation to begin a sound, scriptural work. By the good providence of God, substantial progress has been made. At present, our attendance is averaging over 100. The West-view church is the only one in Morgan County that conducts a daily radio program. We are in the process of appointing elders, which will be a great asset to the work. The prospects look good for a pleasant and a profitable work. We have a gospel meeting scheduled in March, 1967 with brother Jimmy Thomas of Columbia, Tenn., and in August, 1967, brother Hiram Hutto of Peoria, Ill., will assist us. Our building is conveniently located in Hartselle, on the Vaughan Bridge Road, just two blocks west of Highway 51. When in North Alabama, be sure and stop and visit with us."

* * * * *

Brent Lewis, Culver City, Calif. "I held an August meeting with the church in Sacramento, Calif. There were no responses, but 28 non-members were present as a result of some hard work on the part of some of the members there. Brother Don Bassett is the local preacher. He is an excellent worker and proclaimer of the word. I plan to move to Eau Gallie, Florida, about Oct. 1 to work with the church. All information points to a good and fruitful work. I have been laboring with the church in Culver City for a little over two years. My new address will be: 1189 Firthview Drive, Eau Gallie, Fla., 32935. Please note change of address."

* * * * *

B. J. Thomas, Box 705, Haynesville, La.: "I am in my seventh year with the church in Haynesville, Louisiana. Progress continues to be made and the work continues in peace and harmony. Sunday four were baptized. The church has five elders and their good work is much appreciated. We are glad to have a part in the support of three other preachers: brother James Beech, Jr., who preaches in Magnolia, Arkansas; brother Leo Christ, Jr. , who preaches in Bossier City, Louisiana; and brother Keith Sharp who preaches in El Dorado, Arkansas. Besides this, the church is doing a lot of radio work over KLUV in Haynesville. Brother Leonard Tyler was with us in our spring meeting and brother Ward Hogland was with us in August. We had a number of additions in these meetings."

* * * * *

Ardie Brown, Box 3224, Port Arthur, Texas: "The work here at Thomas Blvd. is doing well and we have been blessed with the fact that there was not what you would call a "summer slump". We are anticipating a fine fall meeting with George T. Jones of Spring Branch, Texas, doing the preaching. I am to be with the Lake Villa church, Metairie, Louisiana, greater New Orleans, Sept. 12-18. I will assist the Southside church in Beaumont, Texas, Oct. 10-16. Any Christians who are opposed to the modernism and digression that is so prevalent among the Lord's people, and are desirous of meeting to worship in spirit and in truth, please contact Paul Smith, No. 100 Windermere, Apt. T-1, Wayne, Penn. Recently due to his taking a stand for the truth on modernism and institutionalism, Jim Roberts had a good part of his support cut off by liberal brethren. He is working to establish a faithful congregation in Hope, Alaska, under handicapped conditions of inadequate support and is having to "build tents" or provide for himself and his family. This young man has proved himself to be worthy of the support of faithful brethren, and any who can and will are urged to contact him as soon as possible. He can be reached through Jim Puterbaugh, Drawer 89130, Anchorage, Alaska,99504."

* * * *

Ralph W. Lewis reports that a congregation is now meeting in Albany, Georgia. It is known as the Central church and meets 231 North Jackson Street. Prospects for a growth are good. He is supported by Valley View church of Athens, Alabama, the Rose Hill church of Columbus, Georgia.

* * * * *

William C. Sexton, 2318 Renick, St. Joseph, Mo. 64507: "The three months, June-August, we have been with the church which meets at 10th and Lincoln Streets in St. Joseph, Mo., we have:

1. Made a number of contacts; had several home Bible studies; baptized two men.

2. Been supported by the following:

a. 10th and Lincoln, St. Joseph, Mo.; Vivion Road, Kansas City, Mo. ; Perry Heights, Nashville, Tenn., Franklin Road, Nashville, Tenn. ; Etna, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Russell, Zion, Illinois.

3. Been made glad by these brethren, to see them demonstrate their faith in God's plan, that His work can be done without the sponsoring church set-up. (2 Cor.11:18; Phil. 4:15-17; 1:5). Also, they do believe in "going into all the world and preaching the gospel."

4. Scheduled a meeting with brother Billy Moore of Butler, Missouri, for Oct.24-30.

Somebody Goofed

Pryde E. Hinton: "Either the printer or I made some mistakes in the Guardian of August 18, 1966. It was likely I, because my old worn-out typewriter doesn't spell well and often omits or adds words and letters. But if you still have the issue, "Just suppose" you put a hyphen between the 1 and 4, where it says "1 Peter 5:14, and blot out the "he" in the sentence that says: "Somebody might have read 2 Thess. 2 and asked Paul to name one group of churches that he had set up a pope over them." in the third paragraph. Then the brief article will make a little better sense to you, I think."


One was recently baptized at Red Bluff, Pasadena, Texas.... Three have been baptized recently at the Pleasant Run Road church, Lancaster, Texas The last Sunday in August one was baptized at the Tenth and Francis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma During a recent meeting in Tiffin, Ohio, there were four baptisms... One was baptized recently at Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tenn...During an August meeting two were baptized at Fultondale, Alabama.. During a September meeting at Valley Station, Ky., nine were baptized....


Fred A. Shewmaker of Wooster, Ohio, will assist the Eastside church, Mansfield, Ohio, in a series of meetings, Oct. 24-30. The building is located 1400 Paradise View Road.

J. M. Gillpatrick of Amarillo, Texas, will do the preaching in a series of meetings Oct. 24-30 at the Floral Heights church, Wichita Falls, Texas, where Donald Willis is the preacher.

Pryde E. Hinton of Rt.2, Dora, Alabama, will begin a meeting with the Stark, Florida, church of Christ on the evening of October 10 and continue through the following Lord's day, October 16."

Hoyt Houchen of Odessa, Texas, is scheduled for a series of meetings with the South 46th church, Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Cecil B. Douthitt is the preacher.

Kenneth Hoyle will assist the brethren in Gladewater, Texas, in a gospel effort, October 31-Nov. 6. Haynes Reneau is the local preacher.

New Churches

Duncan, Oklahoma: Box 201-- David Bonner, preacher. If you know of anyone in Duncan who might be interested in studying the Bible, please write.

* * * * * * New Church In Stillwater, Oklahoma

Yesterday (Sunday 9-25-66) was the beginning of the University church in Stillwater. It was indeed a thrilling experience for all of us. There were thirty-five people present for the first service. The One thing we all had in common was the desire to work and worship God as He directs us to. The church meets in room 434 of the Student Union Building on the University campus. Bible School is 9:45 and Preaching and worship is at 10:40 and 6:00. Radio broadcast every Sunday at 8:00 AM on KSPI Stillwater.

* * * * * *

John Iverson, Pasadena, Texas: "Several weeks ago a family who had been meeting in their home a few miles from downtown Fayetteville wrote the elders asking if they would send me to conduct an "open air" meeting. So, the first week of August (1-5) the Red Bluff church made it possible for me to go. The crowds were very small and for a time it looked pretty discouraging. However, about the middle of the week we learned of some brethren (about 25 in number) who had been meeting in a home since July 31. The brother with whom I was staying (John W. Pittman) and I invited these brethren to attend our meeting; they came and following the service Thursday evening we had a very pleasant and profitable discussion. We learned that our visiting brethren had secured the basement of the Legion Hut which has facilities for classrooms as well as a spacious auditorium. Too, the "HUT" is ideally located-- it is on Highway 71 right in the heart of the city. Not only have brother Pittman and his family begun to meet with those worshipping in the Legion Hut, but a large family from Springdale, Arkansas, has also started going there. For further information contact; Jack Cole, Rt. 3, Fayetteville, Arkansas; Philip Lumpkin, 800 Eleventh, Fayetteville, Arkansas; or John Pittman, Box 103, Fayetteville, Arkansas."

Preacher Needed

A gospel preacher is needed to work full time with the church in Marked Tree, Ark. The salary will be about $125 per week, with house rent also paid. This can be paid for about one year. Contact A. Z. Ford or Al Hale, Marked Tree, Arkansas.

* * * * *

A preacher is needed to move to the Rio Grande Valley. Some support will be needed. For details write Central church of Christ, Box 2233, Harlingen, Texas 78550.

* * * * *

The First Ave. church in Yuma, Arizona is in need of a preacher. It is a small, but sound congregation with good potential for growth. They will be able to support someone $125.00 per week, so some additional support would be needed. Anyone interested in this work should contact the brethren at 2345 S. 1st Ave. , Yuma, Arizona 85364.

Preachers Move

Larry Devore, Wooster, Ohio: "I am moving to Charleston, W. Va. on or before October 1st, to work with the Daugherty St. church; one of the very few sound churches in the Kanawha Valley area. These brethren are under pressure from the liberal churches. The brethren are only able to furnish partial support for me and my family. If any of the brethren are able and willing to have fellowship with us in this work, please let us know as soon as possible. Please remember us in your prayers. For references or further information, contact me at 369 Skylark Ave. , Wooster, Ohio 44691."

* * * * * *

John A. Humphries moved to Hopewell, Virginia, October 1st to work with the Rivermont church. His address is Rt. 2, Box 669, Chester, Virginia 23831.

* * * * * *

After two years with the sound church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Floyd Chappelear has moved to Garden City, Georgia, to work with the small church there. His new address is: 4510 Augusta Road, Garden City Branch, Savannah, Georgia. He would like to continue to receive bulletins and be placed on the mailing lists of those who send their bulletins out.