Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 21, 1966
NUMBER 11, PAGE 13-14

The Bulletin Board

"WHY SCIENTISTS ACCEPT EVOLUTION," by Robert T. Clark and James D. Bales, both teachers at Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, Paperback, $1.50, and Cloth, $2.50. Baker Book House, publisher.

The aim of this book is not to delve into arguments pro and con for the hypothesis of evolution. It is to deal with the real reason why it was accepted in the 19th century and then passed on to the 20th century. It is "a historical study of Hutton, Lyell, Darwin, Spencer, and Huxley."

This is a valuable book for the open-minded evolutionist to trace the development of his hypothesis. It is a valuable book for the non-evolutionist to assure himself that he need not castigate himself as being unscientific. This is a book that all really interested students in the evolutionary hypothesis will want to study. It would be well to place it in the hands of any and every young person of college age, especially where they are likely to be exposed to this insidious teaching. Order a copy today from the GOSPEL GUARDIAN.

"THE MINOR PROPHETS," by Jack P. Lewis, Professor of Bible in the Harding College Graduate School of Religion, Memphis, Tennessee. $1.95 per copy, Cloth. Baker Book House, publisher.

This is a brief, inexpensive, well written study guide to the "minor prophets." It is suited for group study, classes, or personal reading. It offers valuable help and information, and can be used with profit and pleasure by all students in this field. After a general Introduction the author works through each book in turn, following each lesson with relevant questions.

These lessons are built on the assumption that the prophets had a message relevant to the moral and religious situation of their day--and for our day as well. Times have changed but the basic issues of life today are much like those of the days of the prophets.

(In your study of the minor prophets," it would certainly be worthwhile to secure a copy of "THE MINOR PROPHETS, "a Syllabus and outline for class study, by Homer Hailey, of Florida College. It is a very valuable work in this field, by a recognized authority on the subject. It is a mimeographed work, but it is neatly done. It contains extensive and very usable notes, which have been used in college classes taught by Hailey. This book sells for $2.00 per copy, and there are not many copies left of the current printing. Be sure to get and use a copy of this book.)

"1600 SQUIBS AND QUIPS," by E. C. McKenzie, Minister, Church of Christ, Monroe, Louisiana. Paperback, $1.00.

This material can be used with pleasure and profit by the thousands who prepare and publish church bulletins, on bulletin boards, and in any other way that one needs some pithy message or wise and clever saying. Some of them may well serve to give additional life and point to sermons and talks. Order a copy today...

Texas Residents--Sales Tax

Lately the readers of this journal have been seeing repeated notices that all Texas residents are to include 2% additional for sales tax on all orders for individuals on all material save Bibles. Churches, of course, are excluded from payment of this tax on any purchase made. Even dealers and agents, in Texas, must send this extra 2% for sales tax UNLESS THEY FILE WITH US THEIR LIMITED SALES TAX NUMBER. We have to pay this tax and we must look to you for payment of such when it is in order. PLEASE COOPERATE. Thanks.

Your Zip Code, Please

We should like to have the cooperation of every reader and all who may order materials from us in sending your zip code number with any and all correspondence and orders. It will really help us. The post office is really getting strict about this, and we are having to zip code all packages now, and the necessity of such for letters will soon be an absolute requirement. Whether we like it or not, such a procedure is upon us and with it we must comply. Hence, we turn to you and ask that you help us by including your zip code number on every letter and order.

"A SURVEY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT," by Earle H. West, author and publisher. Wookbook, 90 each; Teacher's Manual, $1.00. This is another study booklet from Brother West, and it will take its place along side the other fine works he has authored. He has given us some of the very best Bible study class books available.

This is a unique 26 lesson study, giving the Bible student what is often lacking in Bible study programs: a good, rapid, comprehensive view of the New Testament. It is a 72 page workbook, directing the student to the Bible as a text. Space is provided for answers to exercises which are truly thought-provoking and stimulating. A VITAL study unlike any other material in scope, depth, and mastery of the Biblical text. Here is a booklet that would make a very fine study for any high school, college, or older adult class. Order from the GOSPEL GUARDIAN COMPANY.

"WRITINGS ON INSTITUTIONAL AND COOPERATIVE ISSUES 1930-1952." $1.00 per copy. This is a collection of many of the articles by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. on the above themes, which he offered during the years mentioned above. There is some very fine and choice material in this collection. There have been few men who could write with the clarity and force of Foy E. Wallace, Jr. , and anything he writes is certainly worthy of consideration. This is an interesting and worthy booklet, which puts most of this brother's writings on these themes in one volume. It makes for an informative study.

Bound Volume Number 17

Have you ordered your copy of the latest bound volume of this journal? If not, then do so at once while they are still available. There will not be as many of this volume available as there have been of past issues and the supply will soon be exhausted. The price is $6.00 for the entire year, durably bound into one volume--which will make good reading for years to come.

There is a big special sale on the bound volumes available--and many are taking advantage of this opportunity for great savings on these valuable volumes. Here are the back volumes that we can supply: Volume 12,13,14,15,16, and 17. Any one of these is $5.00; any two (2) for $11.00; any three (3) for $15.00; any four (4) for $19.00; any five (5) for $22.50; and six volumes for only $25.00. All six can be obtained for slightly over $4 each--which is less then the actual cost of printing and binding. Order what you need today. Get with someone else and buy together what both need--and SAVE.