Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 28, 1964
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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Bessemer, Alabama — Jere Frost will preach in a meeting at Bessemer, May 24-31.

Dumas, Texas — E. Paul Price of Borger, Texas, will be with the 6th and Meredith church, May 31-June 7, according to word from Derrel Shaw, the local preacher.

Kansas City, Mo. — The Southside church, 7816 Paseo, will be engaged in a gospel effort, May 25-31, with Norman Fultz of Louisville, Kentucky, doing the preaching. Herbert Fraser is the local evangelist.

Silsbee Texas — The church in Silsbee will have a meeting, May 25-31, with Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas doing the preaching.

Coaling; California — Elden Givens of Cincinnati, Ohio, will be with the East Elm St. church, May 24-31, according to word from Donald R. Givens, the regular evangelist.

Hartselle, Alabama — The Westview church, the only conservative group in Hartselle, is planning a lectureship program, beginning May 27th and it will continue through June 7th, with a different speaker each service. Below are a list of the speakers and their subjects.

May 27 — Irvin Lee - "Do-It-Yourself Religion"

May 28 — Carrol Sutton - "Dangers of Contention and Strife in the Church"

May 29 — Bill Hall - "Give Us A King"

May 30 — Joe Clayton - "Individual Christian's Responsibility"

May 31 — Harold Lentz - "Withdrawing Fellowship" - (11:00 A.M.)

May 31 — Sam Binkley - "Christianity Unity to be Desired" - (3:00 P.M.)

May 31 — Richard Weaver - "Work of Benevolence and Cooperation by the Church" - (7:30 P.M) June 1 — Hiram Hutto - "Organization of the New Testament Church"

June 2 — Herschel Patton - "When should one change?"

June 3 — Tom O'Neal - "All Sufficiency of the Bible"

June 4 — Asa Plyer - "According to the Pattern"

June 5 — Lindsey Allen - "How to Establish Scriptural Authority"

June 6 — Barney Keith - "Division - Who Is Responsible?"

June 7 — Baxter Evans - "When Is a Bible Example Binding?" - (11:00 A.M.)

June 7 — Ed Bragwell - "The Church as a Light in the Community" - (3:00 P.M.)

June 7 — Granville Tyler - "Elders - Their Responsibility and the Duty of Church Members Toward Them" - (7:30 P.M.)

Ules G. Reid, Jr., is the local preacher for the church in Hartselle.

New Creatures

Five were baptized during March and April at the church in Glendale, Arizona, were Robert J. LaCoste is the preacher.

Edward Brouillette, preacher for the church in Alameda, California, reports a baptism on April 5th.

On April 12th two were baptized at Norwalk, California. W. W. Cassio is the local preacher.

Bill Cavender of Greggton, Texas, reports a baptism there recently.

During an April meeting with the church in Plainfield, Ind., there were three baptisms. Robert Jackson did the preaching' Aude McKee is the local evangelist.

Since January there have been five baptisms at the North Las Vegas church, Las Vegas, Nev., where Robert H. West preaches.

Leon Odom reports one baptism recently at West Ave., San Antonio, Texas.

One baptized during April at Gladewater, Texas. Truman Smith is the regular preacher.

Klingman Prentice reports one baptism at the church in Melrose, Florida, April 26.

During a recent meeting at Titusville, Florida, there was one baptism. Marshall Patton did the preaching in the meeting.

On April 12th one was baptized at Orlando, Florida, where Marshall Patton preaches.

Grover Stevens, preacher for the Park Blvd. church, Louisville, Kentucky, reports one baptism recently.

New Congregations

Deming, New Mexico — A new congregation is now meeting in Deming. Their address is 717 S. Iron St. Elvis Bozarth of Las Cruces is preaching for them on Friday nights.

Preachers To New Locations

Herschel Davis has recently moved to New Smyrna, Florida.


Panama City, Florida — A debate between Don Ross Patton and a brother Brown has been scheduled for the second week of May in Panama City. The subject for discussion is the right to have Bible classes.

Connie W. Adams, Orlando, Florida — "I have just returned from a meeting with the Gingellville congregation near Pontiac, Michigan, in which one was baptized and two restored. Faithful brethren will be glad to know that there are five congregations in the Detroit, Pontiac and Flint area which are walking in the "old paths." (1) Wayne Central meets at 35900 Palmer Rd., Wayne, Mich. 0, E. Dickinson is the preacher. His phone number is 721-1312. This is the largest of the five and has about 100 in attendance on Sunday morning. (2) St. Clair Shores meets in South McComb at 27718 Harper at 11 Mile Road. Contact H. C. Palmer, 24705 Johnston, E. Detroit, Michigan, phone PR 3-1582. (3) The Romulus church meets at 9426 S. Wayne Road, Romulus, Michigan. (4) The church meets in Flint at 863 W. 12th Street. Contact Ezekiel Gowin, 2032 E. Whittemore, Flint 7, Michigan, phone 743-1726. (5) The Gingellville congregation meets at 4193 Baldwin Road, Pontiac, Michigan. Contact Flavil E. Wallace, 716 E. Madison, Pontiac, Michigan. At present Jim Prestininzi is preaching for the Gingellville, congregation. He supports himself in business through the week. He is willing to work full-time in that area if adequate support can he raised, or would consider local work elsewhere. He may be contacted at 25258 Campbell, Warren, Michigan. He is a faithful preacher, 29 years old. The Detroit area has been neglected. Only one of the five congregations listed has a full time preacher, Who can help support men in that area?"

Charles House of San Luis, Arizona, U.S.A., preached for the faithful little church at Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, (160 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona) in a gospel meeting April 19th for a total of six services. In addition, his wife, Marvel, taught six classes of women and children. There were no visible results, but the church was edified and the Gospel was preached to a good number of Catholic visitors. Fidel Cisneros, local preacher, is doing a fine work here, in a very difficult field. One old lady started to throw boiling water all over him if he didn't leave her front door and quit talking about the Bible, as he was going from house to house inviting people to services. The liberals have offered to send him to ACC if he would leave Sonoyta and the antis. He, his wife and two teen-age children have been trying for several months to live on $50 per month support and have greatly suffered for the cause of Christ and the truth, when there is no secular work available. He needs an additional $50 per month support. Send it directly to Fidel Cisneros, P.O. Box 241, Lukeville, Arizona., U.S.A.