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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures Three were baptized recently at Northside, 912 N.W. 19th. St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. where Roland A. Warren preaches.

Max Ogden recently conducted a meeting at Waterview Ky., in which three people were baptized.

One was baptized Oct. 12th at the Fairview church, Garden Grove, Calif., where Floyd Thompson is the preacher.

One was baptized Sept. 6th at the Rivera church, El Paso, Texas, where Mack Kercheville is the preacher Two were baptized Oct 4th at Canoga Park, Calif., where Roy Cogdill and Leon Goff are. the preachers.

Leroy E. Posey, preacher for the Huntington Beach, Calif., church, reports three baptisms the first Sunday in October.

One was baptized in the Panama Canal Zone.

On Oct. 12th one was baptized at Irving, Texas, where Jerry Ray is the preacher.

Grover Stevens, preacher for the Park Blvd. church, Louisville, Ky., reports four baptisnas Oct. 12.

Meetings Harry Pickup, Jr., will be with the church in West Bend, Wis.. Nov. 17-24, where the church meets at 2120 Parkfield Drive.

A special series of meetings will be conducted at the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. The theme of the meeting will be 'Problems We Face". Speakers will be: Curtis Platt, S. L. Edwards, Barney Keith, B. G. Hope, Arvid McGuire, and Ed Harrel. Hershel Patton is the local preacher.

Clinton Hamilton will be preaching each night in a meeting at the Liberty Road and Lago'nda Street church, Lexington, Ky. The dates will be: Nov. 15-22.

Harvey J. Williams, preacher for the Gardendale church, Birmingham. Ala.. will conduct a meeting there Nov. 15-22.

Jack Holt of Richardson, Texas, will conduct a meeting at Highland Ave., San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 2-8, where W. L. Wharton and Boger Hendricks are the preachers.

Billy Norris of Russelville, Ala., will conduct a meeting at Beaufort, S. C.. Nov 16-22, where Conway Skinner is the preacher.

News Briefs

Charles Degenhart, 5526 Cottonwood Ave., Marysville, Calif:. 95931: "I began with the little church at Marysville in Sept. 12th. The good church at San Bernardino is assisting in our support, but we are in need or an additional $125-152 per month for rent and utilities We would appreciate any financial help individuals or churches can supply that desire some fruit to their credit here. This area is one of those the government has designated "distressed". Beal Air Force Base is located here. if you know of Air Force men and their families being transferred here that desire to work and worship with a group that is standing for the "Old Paths wherein is the Good Way" send us their names, rank, serial number, and address that we may call on them, Remember us and the work in your prayers. Correspondents note our new address."


On Dec. 3-4 A. C. Grider will meet W. L. Totty in the Garfield Heights building, Indianapolis, Ind. The debate concerns church helping destitute children.

On Nov. 30-Dec. 4 a discussion will be conducted at the College church, Lafayette, La. between Bob Franks and Frank Mullins, Jr. The proposition is:

"The Bible definitely teaches that after the second coming of Christ and before the final resurrection and judgment, there will be an age or dispensation of one thousand years during which Christ will reign on the earth." Mullins will affirm and Franks will deny.