Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 13, 1963
NUMBER 7, PAGE 6,11b

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Ozark, Ark — Harold Sharp of Conway Ark., will speak in a meeting at Ozark, June 10th-16th.

Kirkland, I11. — John Iverson, preacher for the Orange Hi-Way church, Port Arthur, Texas, will speak in a meeting at Kirkland, Ill., June 12-19.

Trevatt, Texas — June 10-16, Robert Farish, preacher for the 4th and Groesbeck church, Lufkin, Texas, will preach in a meeting at Trevatt. Trevatt is located about 30 miles Southwest of Lufkin.

Birmingham, Ala. — A. C. Moore will preach June 9-15 at the Mt, Olive church.

Orange, Texas — The West Orange church, located 2734 Milam St... will have a meeting June 10-16. H. E. McRaskin will preach. Donald Collins is the local preacher.

Shelbyville, Tenn. — The Shelbyville Mills church will have a meeting, June 2-9. Hershel Patton of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., will preach. Eugene Crawley is the local preacher.

Skellytown, Texas — The Franklin and Juniper St. church, Borger, Texas, will have a meeting June 11-19. Paul Foutz of Houston, Texas, is to preach in this meeting.

Grass Valley, Calif — The church which meets at 133 Bennett St. will have a meeting June 10-16. Gordon Wilson of Clovis, Calif., will preach.

Wichita Falls, Texas — The Westside church, 4326 Barnett Drive, will have a meeting, June 5-12. Paul Brock of Jacksonville, Fla., will preach. Charles Holt is the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — In connection with the Vacation Bible School, June 10-14, there will be a meeting, with a different speaker each evening, at the South End church, located 4001 Taylor Blvd. The theme of the meeting will be, "Building Up The Church." Following are a list of the speakers and subjects:

Monday — "Building up the church through Bible Study" — J. F. Dancer.

Tuesday — "Building up the church through pulpit preaching" — Norman Fultz.

Wednesday — "Building up the church through godly living" — Bob Nealy.

Thursday — "Building up the church through personal evangelism" — Grover Stevens.

Friday — "Building up the church through the cooperation of the members" — Ronald Mosby.

New Creatures

During the week of May 12th three were baptized at the Southside church in Midland, Texas. A. A. McInroe is the local preacher.

One was baptized at Waynesburg, Pa., during a recent meeting conducted by Paul Keller. Hershel Davis is the local preacher.

During the Aurora, Ill., meeting, Conducted by Ronald Mosby, there were eight baptisms. Leslie Diestelkamp is the faithful evangelist.

On May 19th one was baptized at Cooper, Texas, where Joe D. Swint is the local preacher.

One was baptized May 12th at Pine Hills, Orlando, Fla. Connie Adams is the local preacher.

Three were baptized at Pinson, Ala., during the recent meeting conducted by James Adams. Robert Hark-rider is the local evangelist.

One was baptized at Preston Ave., Louisville, Ky., during the recent meeting by Grover Stevens. Norman Fultz is the local preacher.

At Willisburg, Ky., two were baptized during the recent meeting conducted by Donald Townsley.

On May 20th, one was baptized at South End, Louisville, Ky., where Donald Townsley is the local evangelist.

On May 15th one was baptized at West End, Bowling Green, Ky., according to Ferrel Jenkins, the local preacher.

Two were baptized during the Manslick Road meeting, Louisville, Ky., according to Charles Goodall, the local preacher. Rufus Clifford did the preaching.

On May 24th, an 86 year old man was baptized at Zavalla, Texas, according to Richard Cravy, the local preacher.

News Briefs

The Orange Hi-Way church, Port Arthur, Texas, will enter their new building June 9th. The church will then be known as the Imhoff Ave. church. John Iverson is the preacher for this church.

Bob Tuten, Warner Robins, Ga., is making plans to go to Bergen, Norway, Aug. 16th. At this writing he still needs $1200 in travel funds and $300 per month in support. Will you not consider his request and help out all that you can. We urge you to write him and get all of the information. His address is: Bob Tuten, 109 Marilyn Drive, Warner Robins, Georgia.


Any faithful brother or sister who is qualified to teach mathematics, physics or chemistry on Junior College level that desires to teach in Florida College should write to:

James R. Cope, President Florida College Temple Terrace, Florida

New Church In Modesto, California

Faithful brethren in Modesto, California, have realized the need for a sound congregation there for a long time. For the past few years these brethren have been driving about 15 miles to worship in another town.

During the week of May 12 it was my pleasure to work with these members of the church in an effort to establish the Lord's church in Modesto. During that week I preached publicly and from house to house to those who demonstrated a love for the truth. This congregation begins with 20 members and an average attendance in the neighborhood of 40.

L. L. Freeman (my father) will work with this congregation in proclaiming the word of God in that area. His financial support will come in part from the faithful congregation in San Pablo, California. Modesto is a growing city with a population in excess of 40,000. With other members of the church planning on moving to that area, this congregation should soon grow in numbers and spiritual ability.

Modesto is on much traveled Highway 99. Those passing through on trips will find a cordial welcome and an opportunity to worship with Christians interested only in doing the will of the Lord. The Burbank Paradise Hall has been secured (rented) as a place to assemble. This hall is on Beverly Street next door to the fire station. For directions or any information needed call either LAmbert 4-1583 or LAmbert 4-4155.

My work in preaching the gospel for one week in Modesto was made possible by the church which meets at 931 South Birch in Santa Ana, California.

— Jack Freeman

Beware Brethren

Church bums are on the prowl. Dorothy Paskell (a member of the church??) and husband (non-member) came through Cleburne, Texas, April 28, 1983, seeking a handout. They were supplied with the necessities of life for two days and the man was offered a job. When time came for him to go to work they packed their suitcase and went toward Phoenix, Arizona.(?)

The woman is exceptionally fat, Latin-American, and does most of the talking. She carries a bulletin from Lansing, Mich., showing an account of her baptism. Beware brethren!

— Lee Hamby