Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 30, 1963
NUMBER 5, PAGE 6,11a

Clippings. Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

One was baptized at the Miranda Street church in Las Cruces, New Mexico, April 28.

On April 21, two were baptized at the Westside church in Wichita Falls, Texas.

On Wednesday, May 1, one was baptized at Holden Heights, Orlando, Florida.

Two were baptized during April at Park Boulevard, Louisville, Kentucky.

One was baptized May 5, at Pruitt and Lobit, Baytown, Texas.

On April 28, one was baptized at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Missouri.

The church in Norwalk, California, had one baptism April 28.

On April 28, one was baptized at Venice, California.

On Sunday, April 28, there were three baptisms at Greens Bayou in Houston, Texas.

The Ex-Press Highway church in Louisville, Kentucky, had one baptism on April 28.

The Maryvale church, Phoenix, Arizona, had two baptisms on April 28.

On May 5, one was baptized at the Southside church, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Two were baptized the last Sunday in April at the Vivion Road church in Kansas City, Missouri.

One was baptized May 5, at North Park in Abilene, Texas.

Two were baptized April 19, at Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico. Charles House is preaching in Old Mexico. If you would like to have more information concerning this work, write: Charles F. House, Box 641, San Luis, Arizona.

Meetings This Week

Leitchfield, Kentucky — The church which meets on 733 Mill Street will have a meeting, May 27-June 2. Earl Robertson will speak. James Cooper is the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — The Express Highway church in Louisville, Kentucky, meeting at 3347 South Sixth Street will be engaged in a meeting, May 26-June 2. James Needham, the local preacher, will be preaching in this meeting. These brethren have just moved into their new building. All in the Louisville area are urged to attend this meeting and encourage these brethren.

Kankakee, Illinois — William C. Sexton of Lowell, Ind., will speak in a meeting at the church in Kankakee, May 27-June 2. The building is located 1360 River St. John Eldridge is the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

Rolan A. Warren is now preaching for the Northside church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His new address is 1000 N. W. 19th St. He formerly lived in Dunlalin, Florida.

Paul Keller, formerly of Paragould, Arkansas, is now preaching for the Caprock church in Lubbock, Texas. The Caprock building is located 5201 College Avenue.

Clyde Strickland of Morton, Texas, is to move soon to preach for the church in Jacksonville, Texas. He still needs about $250.00 per month support. He is deserving of support. I have known Clyde for several years and appreciate very much the work he has done. If any church can help, contact him by writing: Clyde Strickland, 210 South Taylor, Morton, Texas.

New Congregation

The North Jasper church, Jasper, Alabama, will meet the first time, June 2. Irvin Lee, who has worked with the Washington Ave. church, Russellville, Alabama. for the past six years, will be the preacher for the new church. There has been a need for a sound congregation in Jasper for a long time. The building of the North Jasper church is located on Highway 5, about one half mile north of the city limits.

News Briefs

Robert L. McDonald, preacher for the Garden Valley Road church in Tyler, Texas, has a radio broadcast each Sunday morning in Vernon, Texas. The time of the broadcast is 8:30 A. M. and may be heard over station KVWC 1940 KC.

New Church In Tucson, Arizona

Four families, consisting of twelve members of the Lord's church, started meeting together as a congregation last July. Since that time four families, consisting also of twelve members, have identified themselves with us. These twenty-four Christians have labored together in peace and love, and the labor has not been in vain. Three have been baptized. And by the time this notice appears in print we hope to be meeting in our own building.

Since the congregation started we have been meeting in one of the public school buildings here in Tucson. But that necessity will soon end. Our contributions from the very beginning of the work have averaged about $400.00 per month, and with this as a basis, we were able to secure a $20,000.00 building loan. With much donated work by the various members we have constructed a neat little brick building, which will seat approximately 125 people, and which has adequate class-rooms and other facilities.

Whenever you are in Tucson you are cordially invited to stop and worship with us. Address of our new building is 2145 South Sahuara Avenue (at the intersection of East 32nd Street and South Sahuara).

— Gale Cummings, 4719 E. Scarlett St., Tucson, Ariz.

E. Paul Price, P.O. Box 15, San Saba, Texas. This is my first report in over a year to any of the papers. Since moving to San Saba, we have enjoyed meetings with brethren Bryan Vinson, Sr., Bob Bolton and Hoyt Houchen. On April 21st of this year we closed our second good meeting with Bryan Vinson, Sr. Any church desiring a good meeting, with sound gospel preaching would do well to contact brother Vinson. In August, we anticipate having brother Vernon Ripley with us.

The church here being unable to support me fully, I have been working at a funeral home 45 to 60 hours a week in addition to my duties as a preacher of the gospel. If anyone reading this can or knows of anyone who might relieve this situation, I would be eternally grateful.

We have had four to join hands with us in this place in little over half a year. Peace exists, and it is our prayer that it will continue. When traveling this way, worship with us.

Frank Thompson, 305 W. Castle, Hobbs, New Mexico: On Sunday, May 5th, we closed a seven day meeting with W. E. (Bud) Irvine of Odessa, Texas, doing the preaching. The attendance and interest were good. The lessons were plain, straight forward, and in harmony with God's Word. The congregation was edified and strengthened in the Truth. Three were baptized and one placed membership with us. This makes a total of six baptisms in the past month — three others having been baptized in the two weeks preceding the meeting.

When in Hobbs, worship with us at Southside, 1720 So. Turner St.

Sickness! Sadness! C. D. Plum

1. Our daughter is too sick to stay alone. My wife must be with her. My wife, Russell, and I cannot continue to live apart.

2. We must complete a large room on my son-in-law's house, and move in, storing the rest of our furniture, by July 1, 1963. We have no choice.

3. Also, we must make application for Social Security in January 1964. Again, we have no choice.

4. We must cancel our promise to labor at Elizabeth. W. Va., beginning July 1, 1963. Elizabeth understood from the beginning this might have to be done because of sickness.

Intending to move to Elizabeth July 1, 1963, I only engaged the following meetings definitely for the last six months of 1963: Elyria, Ohio, Sept. 1-11; Uhricksvile, Ohio, Sept. 29 to Oct. 4; Akron, Ohio, (S. E.) Oct. 27 to Nov. 6.

So, I need more meetings, and over Lord's day appointments, to fill in the twenty-one unpromised Lord's days in the last half of 1963. I am at the mercy of God, Jesus, and the brethren. Expenses are heavy.

Until July 1, 1963, address me: Paden City, W. Va.

After July 1, 1963, address me: Route 3, Box 135, Corapolls, Pa., %Carl W. Parsons.