Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 30, 1964
NUMBER 51, PAGE 6,12c-13a

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Novato, California — Ronny E. Hinds, preacher for the Pine Street church, Napa, Calif., will hold a meeting during the dates of April 26 — May 2. O. Max Bradford is the local preacher.

San Antonio, Texas — The church which meets at 1226 Highland Blvd., will be engaged in a meeting, April 27th — May 3rd. Roy L. Foutz of Houston, Texas, will be the visiting preacher. W. L. Wharton and Roger Hendricks are the local preachers.

Tompkinsville, Kentucky — The Grandview church will conduct a meeting, April 27th — May 2nd with the following speakers: David Claypool, Robert Jackson, and Harris Dark of Nashville, Tenn., Ronald Mosby and Glen Shaver of Louisville, Kentucky. Ross D. Spears is the local preacher.

Borger, Texas — Derrel Shaw, preacher for the church in Dumas, Texas, will be with the Franklin and Juniper church, April 26th — May 3rd. E. Paul Price is the local preacher.

Pasadena, Texas — Robert Goodman, preacher for the Southside church, 808 Presa Road, announces a meeting with Charles Holt of Wichita Falls, Texas, for April 26th-May 3rd.

Lufkin, Texas — The Union Road church will be engaged in a meeting, April 27th — May 3rd. Ardie Brown of Houston, Texas, will be the visiting preacher. Jim McDonald is the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — Ross Saunders will be with the Central church in a gospel effort, April 27th — May 6th.

Meridian, Miss — Bill Cavender, preacher for the Gregg-ton, Texas, church will preach in a meeting at the church in Meridian where A. C. Grider preaches, May lst-8th.

Batesville, Arkansas — H. L. Bruce of Baytown, Texas, will be with the church in Batesville, Ark., April 27th — May 3rd. He will be with the Gap Road church.

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada — Jim Nicholson of Tintorn will be with the church in Owen Sound, April 26th — May 6th. John Whitfield is the local preacher.

Indianapolis, Indiana — Steve Hudgens of Ocala, Florida, will be with the Lafayette Heights church, April 26th — May 3rd, according to an announcement from William B. Murrel, local preacher.

Wichita, Kansas — The church which meets at 3317 Amidon, will have a meeting, April 26th — May 3rd. Jesse Wiseman will be the visiting evangelist. Donald Willis is the local preacher.

Bridge City, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the Osborne Road congregation in Bridge City, April 27th — May 3rd.

Paso Robles, Calif., — E. L. Lewis of Sunnyvale, Calif., will speak in a series of meetings at the Northside church, April 26th — May 3rd. Gilbert Estes and Richard Millwee are the local preachers.

Port Arthur, Texas — The church which meets at 1700 Imhoff Ave. at Gulf way Drive, will have a meeting April 26th — May 3rd. C. D. Plum of Caropolis, Penn., will he the visiting speaker. John Iverson is the local preacher.

St. Louis, Mo. — Billy Moore of Harrison, Ark., will be with the Hazelwood church, April 20th-26th. Irvin Himmel is the local preacher.

New Creatures

During a recent meeting at the Henderson Blvd. church, Tampa, Florida, there were two baptisms. The preaching was done by Robert Jackson.

There were two baptisms at the University church in Baton Rouge, La., during March. Herbert Thornton is the local preacher.

During a March meeting at the Haynesville, La., church there were 12 baptisms. Ward Hogland preached in the meeting. B. J. Thomas is the local preacher.

Arnold Hardin, preacher for the Oak Forest church, Houston, Texas, reports a baptism the last Sunday in March.

On March 29th one was baptized at the 6th and Meredith Streets church in Dumas, Texas. Derrel Shaw preaches for this church.

John S. Whitfield, preacher for the church in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, reports two baptisms during March.

One was baptized the last of March at the Park Hill church, Ft. Smith, Ark., where Gene Frost preaches.

Three have been baptized recently at the Westside church, Ft. Worth, Texas where Bill Crews is the preacher.

Charles Maples, preacher for the church in Peoria, Ill., reports a baptism the last Sunday in March.

One has been baptized recently at the Riverside Drive church, Nashville, Tenn., where Robert Jackson is the preacher.

Dudley Ross Spears, preacher for the Main Street church, Blytheville, Ark., reports one baptism the last Sunday in March.

The last of March one was baptized at the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., where Herschel Patton preaches.

Three have recently been baptized at the Shively church, Louisville, Kentucky, where Glen Shaver is the preacher.

One has recently been baptized at the West End church, Franklin, Tenn. Martin Lemon is the local evangelist.

Earl Robertson, preacher for the Fairview church, Birmingham, Ala., reports one baptism during March.

Five were recently baptized at the Red Bluff Road church, Pasadena, Texas. Ralph Williams is the preacher.

During a meeting at the MacArthur Heights church, Jasper, Ala., there was one baptism. Curtis Flatt did the preaching. Thomas O'Neal is the local preacher.

Irvin Lee of North Jasper, Alabama, reports a recent baptism.

Brewer Gant, preacher for the Swindle Hill church, Walker County, Ala., recently baptized two.

S. L. Edwards, preacher for the Hickory Heights church, Lewisburg, Tenn., reports a baptism the first day of April.

Preachers To New Locations

Kent Harrel has recently moved from Little Rock, Arkansas, to work full-time with the Lord's church in Camden, South Carolina. The meeting house is located two blocks west of Highway 1, at 1009 McRae Road.

Guy P. McDaniel has recently moved from Shelbyville, Tenn., to Sheffield, Ala. He began working with the El Bethel church in Shelbyville, Tenn. April 23, 1961, and worked with the church until March 30, 1964. During this time 27 were baptized and 113 made confession of public sin or were restored. E. R. Roark has moved to work with the El Bethel church. Brother McDaniel's new work will be with the Jackson Highway church in Sheffield. The building is located on Southern Blvd. His address is: Box 2455, Muscle Shoals, Ala., 35662.

Those Who Have Fallen Asleep

From sister Inys Whiteside, daughter of the late bro. R. L. Whiteside, comes the following:

"Mama died February 28th, just one month short of ninety one years. She had lived a long and full life. She was ready and willing to go. A consecrated Christian, an ever loving faithful wife, a devoted mother, a servant of the people is the full summary of her life."

For those who might like to write sister Inys Whiteside, her address is: 1103 Bernard Street, Denton, Texas.

News Brief

Billy W. Moore, Capps Road, Harrison, Ark.: "I came to Harrison, Arkansas more than five years ago after trouble over the present issues had divided the church, and preached to 32 people that first Sunday morning, and 14 of them later left to join forces with the Liberals. The liberals outnumbered us at that time about 450 to 32, that's 14 to 1. Presently our Sunday morning attendance will average 110. Nearly two years ago our building burned, but we moved to a new residential area, built a new building that will seat 250, with ample classrooms, and have it paid for. During my stay in Harrison the Park Hill church, Ft. Smith, Ark., has assisted in my support, sending unto my necessities each month. Without their help I could not have stayed in Harrison. Now after more than five years I am leaving the work in Harrison to begin work with the church in Butler, Mo., July 1st. The future for the sound church in Harrison looks bright. In this and surrounding counties the sound churches have increased in number and strength in recent years. It has been a joy to live and work in Harrison, and to see a sound church where the liberals are strong. The liberals now outnumber us about 500 to 110, but that's only 5 to I. The sound church is growing, slowly, one by one, but we are growing. May God bless and strengthen everyone who is fighting for the truth, that we be not weary in well-doing."