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March 26, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Arthur W. Atkinson, Jr., preacher for the Mt. View church, San Bernardino, Calif., reports one baptism during the month of February.

The third Sunday in February one was baptized at the 6th and Meredith church, Dumas, Texas, where Derrel Shaw is the preacher.

On February 16th one was baptized at the Hickory Heights church, Lewisburg, Tennessee, where S. L. Edwards is the preacher.

Elvis Bozarth, preacher for the Miranda Street church, Las Cruces, New Mexico, reports a baptism the last Sunday in February.

Five have been baptized during 1964 at the South Houston, Texas, church, where Roy Foutz is the preacher.

One has recently been baptized in Beaufort, S. C., where Conway Skinner is the preacher.

The Berrydale church, Garden Grove, California, where Floyd Thompson is the preacher, had a baptism the last Sunday in February.

News Briefs

Borger, Texas — "The Franklin and Juniper church in Borger, Texas, is willing to support their preacher, E. Paul Price, in holding meetings where brethren are unable to afford one. Any interested group may send their correspondence to, Box 885, Borger, Texas."

Port Hueneme, California, 530 East Joyce Drive: "During the past eleven months the Port Hueneme church has enjoyed twenty-seven (27) responses to the Gospel invitation. Twelve (12) were baptized; Four (4) were identified and the rest either restored or confessed public sin. We would like to make a change of locations by July first. Any sound church desiring to contact us may do so by writing us at the above address, or calling us, Code 805, 486-8159. We will be able to furnish suitable references."

Butler, Mo.: "Billy W. Moore has moved from Harrison, Arkansas, to Butler, Mo., to preach the Gospel. He will be working with the North Fulton church.

Meetings This Week

Greens Bayou, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Greens Bayou, March 23-29. Ardie Brown is the local preacher.

Fultondale, Alabama — Edd Hayes will preach in a meeting at the Fultondale church, March 22nd-29th.

Phoenix, Arizona — The Maryvale church, 3101 N. 43rd Ave, will be engaged in a Gospel effort, March 22nd-29th, with Floyd Thompson of Santa Anna, Calif., doing the preaching, according to word from Tom Baker, the local preacher.

Baton Rouge, La. — The University Drive church, will have a meeting, March 23rd-29th. Harold Sharp of Conway, Arkansas, will preach. Herbert Thornton is the local preacher.

Beaufort, S. C. — Conway Skinner, preacher for the church in Beaufort, announces a series of meetings, March 23-29, with Guy Robertson of Akron, Ohio, doing the preaching.

Mt. Pleasant, Texas — The Southside church in Mt. Pleasant will have a series of meetings, March 23-29 with Dean Bullock of West Columbia, Texas, preaching. The local preacher is Carl Allen.