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January 9, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

During a recent meeting at the Ridgecrest church, Orange, Texas, there were four baptisms. Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, did the preaching in the meeting.

Bob Franks, preacher for the Timberland Drive church, Lufkin, Texas, reports a baptism, Sunday, Dec. 15th.

One was baptized during November at the North Las Vegas church, Las Vegas, Nevada, where Bob West is the preacher.

One was baptized the second Sunday in December at the 6th and Meredith church, Dumas, Texas, according to Derrel Shaw, the local preacher.

Herbert Fraser, preacher for the Southside church, Kansas City, Mo., reports one baptism the second Sunday in December.

During the last month there have been 12 baptisms at the West Anaheim church, Anaheim, California. Ten of these were during a meeting with Peter J. Wilson. Bill Fling is the local preacher.

Bill Coffman, preacher for the Southside church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, reports a baptism the second Sunday in Dec.

During November there were two baptisms at the church in Norwalk, Calif., where W. W. Cassio preaches.

Two were baptized Dec. 11th at the Spring and Blaine church, St. Louis, Mo., where Jimmy Tuten preaches.

One was baptized the second week in November at the church in Austin, Texas.

James P. Needham, preacher for the Expressway church, Louisville, Kentucky, reports a baptism for Dec. 8th.

One was baptized Dec. 11th at Laurel Heights, McAllen, Texas. Judson Woodbridge is the preacher.

One was baptized the first Sunday in December at the Greens Bayou church, Houston, Texas, where Ardie Brown preaches.

Meetings This Week

Abilene, Texas — Roy Cogdill, of Canoga Park, California, will be with the North Park church, 2958 Grape Street, Jan. 6th-15th. Hoyt Houchen is the local preacher. Everyone in the Abilene area is invited to attend.

News Briefs

Camden, Arkansas — "The church of Christ, 1107 Washington St., in Camden, Arkansas, is willing to support any faithful preacher to conduct a Gospel meeting in any area financially unable to have one. If you know of any congregation needing a Gospel meeting, yet unable to finance one, we would like to hear from you. If some of you preachers have available time next year, please contact us. We will do this to the limit of our ability. Write or Call: TE 6-5369 or TE 6-3254."

Address Correction

The correct address of George Pennock is: George Pennock, TICI, P.O. Box 4064, Ibadan, Nigeria.

New Congregation

"The Lord's church in Cypress-Fairbanks (Houston, Texas) began last spring. Its first meeting was in the Post School in Jersey Village. We held our first meeting in August with Billy Dollar preaching, and closed another meeting in late November with James Wilson from Home Owned Estates. There were at least 100 visitors present during the week of this effort, many of whom were not members of the church, and many from unsound churches. We reached a new attendance record of 50 the first Sunday night and had nearly 100 present on Thursday night (Thanksgiving). Several have been restored here recently. We are sending to Ray Votaw a check for his travel fund to South Africa and we continue to send to three other evangelists each month. We reach at least 5,000 people on four rural routes with a publication we send about twice monthly. We are buying property on the Hempstead highway but are determined never to let a material building program hinder the work of sending the gospel to those at home and abroad. Three of us do the preaching here and in addition we have capable teachers and an excellent songleader. We sing the old songs heard in churches a hundred years ago. Pray for our work here." Written for the church and submitted by: W. D. Medlin, Rt. 9, Box 1077, Houston 40, Texas.

Preacher Wanted

"I am giving up the work with the Jackson Highway church, Sheffield, Ala., Jan. 1, 1964. We are anxious to locate some sound Gospel preacher immediately. Anyone interested in coming to the Tri-Cities area may carte or call: Chester Estes, 502 W. Michigan Ave., Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Phone 383-8581.