Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 2, 1964
NUMBER 34, PAGE 1,10b-11a

According To Law But Not According To Equity

417 E. Groesbeck, Lufkin, Texas

A story making the rounds these days points up a situation that needs earnest attention from all who claim to believe the Bible. The story is that a teacher, noticing a group of boys in a huddle at the back of the class room, inquired, "What are you boys doing?" Their reply was, "Telling dirty stories." "Well, that is all right," said the teacher, "I thought you might be praying and that is against the law." Yes, the story is somewhat exaggerated, but basically, there is more truth than humor in it. Evil and immorality flourish in public schools and the religion of atheism is taught with the state doing little or nothing to check it or in any way discourage it while devotionals are banned by the supreme court's ruling, except in such situations as would rarely occur. The teaching of evolution as if it were an established fact of science, is allowed.

Not A Victory For Righteousness

Rather than being a victory for the doctrine of separation of church and state, the court's ruling was a clear cut victory for atheism and communism. Communism profits by anything which cripples or restrains exercises which tend to hold atheistic materialism in check. While restraining measures are being imposed against practices of those who believe in God, atheists have a field day teaching their creed of materialism in public tax supported schools. The Bible must not be read but organic evolution can be taught and all the ridicule possible can be directed at any student who has the courage to contend for the Bible account of creation.

James Bales Writes;

"Of course, not all atheists are communists, but all indoctrinated communists are atheists, interested in the spread of atheism, since only when people's hearts have been voided of faith in God is it possible to instill faith in Marxism. As before pointed out, Carl Marx was an atheist before he developed and accepted the communist philosophy of life. In his teens William Z. Foster said that his religious faith was shattered, and 'all I needed for a complete materialistic outlook on life were the works of Marx and Engles, which I was to read some years later.' Some ex-communists, who have told of their conversion to communism have testified that atheism prepared the way for their acceptance of communism. Charles David Blodgett told the House Un-American Activities Committee: 'If young people don't have a firm foundation in God and the church, they are Communist material. Once I didn't believe in God. I was an atheist....and the Communists got me, the way they get people who don't believe ....who don't have faith.'

Since atheism is so essential to communism, 'Whittaker Chambers believed that "the crisis of the western world exists to the degree in which it is indifferent to God." (Emphasis mine, R.H.F.) Communism: Its Faith and Fallacies, by James Bales, p. 39.

Zeal Of Atheism

Indifference to God, and not concern for the doctrine of separation of Church and State, is the real reason for the people of the United States of America supinely accepting the ruling against Bible reading and prayer, which ruling was against God and in favor of the god of communism.

James Bales refers to their god as "Diamet." This term is, "a contraction of Dialectical Materialism." (Ibid, page 40) Atheists adore "Diamet"; they worship at his shrine, their eternal existing one is Matter. Their zeal for materialism is great, they are never embarrassed to preach it. They go into all the world and preach atheism. This is demonstrated in the story told of the Russian atheistic astronaut who, while being entertained by some scientists in Australia, unable to hold his dialectics, just had to get in some propaganda for his god and against the God who made the world. He said, "While I was in orbit I looked for God but was unable to find him out there." One of the Australians quietly replied, "You should have stepped outside your capsule and then you would have found Him." But not only are they not ashamed to preach their God on social occasions; they have gotten their sectarian teaching introduced into the public tax supported schools. The Bible believing citizen is deprived of the privilege of having the Bible read in tax supported schools, but the atheist has the distinct religious advantage of the state paying teachers to teach his articles of faith of "spontaneous generation of life from non-life." No, my friend, the supreme court's decision was not a victory for those who hold the doctrine of the separation of church and state; it was a clear cut victory for atheism.

Read Bible At Home

The cunningly deceptive argument that those parents who want their children to hear the Bible can read the Bible to them and teach them to pray in their own homes, is the bait that has been taken by most of the members of the Lord's church who approve the court's decision. That parents have the obligation to teach the Bible to their children and that they cannot successfully shift their individual responsibility to any one else or to any institution, is not questioned, but this is not the issue. The real issue is shall our children in schools supported by our taxes be indoctrinated with the articles of faith of atheism respecting the origin of man and matter, while the historical account of creation is forbidden to be even read, to say nothing of being emphasized and argued.

This contention that increased Bible reading at home will take the place of public Bible reading in school is ably analyzed by Justice Stewart who dissented from the decision of the supreme court. This quoted from an article,

Give Me Back My Child!, written by John M. Stuart and published in Christianity Today.

Justice Stewart Wrote:

"It might be argued that those who wish their children exposed to religious influence can adequately fulfill that wish off school property and outside school time. But this argument seriously misconceives the basic constitutional justification for permitting the practice at issue. For a compulsory state education system so structures a child's life that if religious exercises are held to be an unpermissible activity in schools, religion is placed at an artificial and state-created disadvantage." (Emphasis mine, R.H.F.)

From the ages of six through eighteen the child spends most of his time in the public schools, where most of his contacts are made and most of his learning is accomplished. There exists an authoritarianism in the public schools which has almost entirely supplanted "father or mother knows best" with the concept that "teacher knows best." Parental authority, in its crippled and deteriorated condition, is in no position to engage in an "assertion contest" with those who have such an advantage and, too, parents have their children for such a short period of time, that it is, to say the least, extremely doubtful that they can present arguments sufficiently detailed to offset the authoritarian assertions of the state supported teachers, and all this in a situation in which "religion of the Creator and Lord is placed at an artificial and state-created disadvantage."

The Bible In Areas Other Than Purely Religious

"We cannot erase the shaping force which the Christian religion gives in so many ways to all realms of learning and life. This fact is for all to see and must be recognized. To confine the significance of Christian commitment to the area of private piety is to surrender society to such secular ideologies as scientism, political democracy, and communism, which ignore the place of divine revelation and redemption in reorganizing human life." Editorial — Christianity Today. August 30, 1963.

Law And Equity

The situation may be according to "law" but it certainly is not according to "equity."

Whether the current Supreme court of the United States was within its proper sphere of function in ruling against prayer and Bible reading in tax supported public schools is perhaps a question which requires a knowledge of law beyond that possessed by the average tax paying citizen but that the situation in which it puts the tax paying Bible believing citizen is not according to equity is readily recognized by any fair and reasonable person, be he atheist or believer.

It is still true that "Righteousness exalteth a nation." (Prov. 14:34) What effect will eliminating Bible reading and prayer from class rooms have? Will it result in an increase or decline in righteousness? An honest answer to this question will help to shape a correct attitude toward the court's ruling.

Murder is on the increase not only in other places but in the United States as well. The president of the United States, a brave city policeman and the alleged murderer of the president have been murdered only a few weeks ago and an attempt made on the life of the governor of the great state of Texas. The cause of these murders has been generally assigned to "hate." While there is no denying the prominent place which hate played as a cause, yet, the indifference to the value of human life which necessarily develops in the true atheist must not be discounted. Murder in high places as well as in low places will continue to increase in proportion to the spread of the belief that man is simply highly developed matter.