Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 21, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Prescott, Arizona — Ferrel Jenkins of Bowling Green, Kentucky, will be with the Miller Valley Road church in Prescott, November 17-22. He will preach on "Evidences of Christianity." David Curtis is the local preacher.

Leesville, Louisiana — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Leesville, Nov. 18-24.

Del Rio, Texas — Harold Sharp of Conway, Ark., will in a meeting at the Northside church, Nov. 19-26.

Racine, Wisconsin — The church which meets 1301 Oregon Street will have a meeting, Nov. 17-24. Luther Blackmon of Pasadena, Texas, will do the preaching according to George Pennock, the local preacher.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas — Hoyt Houchen of Abilene, Texas, will be with the church in Pine Bluff, Nov. 18-27.

San Angelo, Texas — Derrel Starling, preacher for the church in San Angelo, which meets 322 North Main, announces a meeting for Nov. 18-23, with Frank Thompson of Hobbs, New Mexico, doing the preaching.

New Creatures

One was baptized Oct. 23rd at Norwalk, Ohio, according to R. E. Corns, the preacher.

During a recent meeting at the South Street church, Nacogdoches, Texas, there was one baptism. Oliver Murray preached in the meeting. Otis Thompson is the local preacher.

Three have been baptized recently at the Grand Ave. church, Chicago, Ill. Vestal Chaffin is the local preacher.

During a recent meeting with the church in Mud Lick, Kentucky, there were two baptisms. The meeting was conducted by Vestal Chaffin of Chicago, Ill.

Two were baptized Oct. 13th at Richmond, Virginia, where Cecil F. Cox preaches.

Earl Fly, preacher for the Holden Heights church, Orlando, Florida, reports a baptism recently.

Bob Crawley of Lexington, Kentucky, recently conducted a meeting at the Central church in Louisville, Kentucky. One was baptized.

Late Announcements

Richmond, Virginia — The West End church, 4909 Patterson Ave., announces a meeting for Nov. 10-17. Cecil F. Cox, the local preacher, will preach in the meeting.

Green Bay, Wisconsin — Ronald Glass, preacher for the church in Green Bay, announces a meeting Oct. 30-Nov. 6.. James W. Sasser of Joliet, Ill., will do the preaching. The church meets 991 N. Military Ave.

Louisville, Kentucky — E. Lacy Porter of Benton, Ill., will be with the Preston Highway church in Louisville, Kentucky, Nov. 11-17,


Horse Branch, Kentucky — There will be a discussion between Charles Crawford, preacher for the First Christian Church and James P. Needham, gospel preacher, Nov. 25th-26th. The Subject both nights will be Mechanical Instrumental Music. All in that area are urged to attend.