Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 21, 1963

Do Not Sin Against The Child

Elvis Bozarth


1. Text: Genesis 42.22 2. Relate the history of Joseph's sale into slavery. Genesis 37.

2. Recall Reuben's efforts on behalf of Joseph and relate to text.

Discussion I. God Has Ever Championed The Rights Of Children.

A. Old Testament.

1. Israelites were to diligently instruct children. Deut. 6:4-9; 31:9-13 2. Solomon admonished parents. Proverbs 22:6

B. New Testament 1. Jesus elevated children. Matt. 18:1-6; 19:13, 14

2. Paul was concerned with their welfare, Eph. 6:4 C. Truth of God still stands. Need for responsibility toward our children is as great today as ever. Reuben's words....

II. How May We Sin Against Our Children?

A. By Showing Partiality. Gen. 25:27-28 B. By Selling the Child for Material Gain.

1. Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver.

2. Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom for material gain and lost all his family. Gen. 13:1-13; 19:1-38

C. By Improper Discipline.

1. Eli was one of the Judges and a high priest who was a devout man, but his sons knew not Jehovah, caused the people to transgress, and Eli "restrained them not." 1 Sam. 2:12, 22-25; 3:11-13 2. Discipline — Show proper meaning & extremes.

3. Wisdom of Solomon in Proverbs:

a. 13:24 - Ever hear some parents say they love their child so much they just can't punish him?

b. 15:5 - Father must correct, child will not get prudence by accident.

c. 22:6 - Parents must train.

d. 22:15 - Rod of correction implies physical punishment, and this should not be softened to mere rule of correction.

e. 23:13 - Though he may sound like he is dying!

f. 29:15 - And she deserves the shame.

4. Eph. 6:4 — Chastening of the Lord. Heb. 12:4-11 D. By Failure to Prepare for Marriage & Homemaking.

1. Parents are marital images to children, thus special need for manifestation of proper attitudes toward each other.

2. Specific teaching must be given on selection of companion, morality in courtship, duties of husband-wife and parent-children.

3. Should be Christians and marry Christians.

E. By Failure to Set the Proper Example.

1. Greatest compliment ever paid Abraham. Gen. 18:19 2. Can I fairly correct my child? Do I want him to be a liar, drunkard, etc?

3. No parent can be the right example unless he is a Christian.

F. By Indifference toward the Salvation of His Soul.

1. Judges 2:10 — What a change in two generations. Josh. 24:16,17 2. Many parents concerned about health, education, social acceptance, job preparation, etc., all worthy goals within themselves; yet show little concern about their souls.

3. Under normal circumstances children ought to become Christians by high-school age, if parents have not sinned against them.

4. Teaching children to be servants of God involves: Example and teaching.


God will not hold him guiltless who sins against the child.

— Tahlequah, Oklahoma