Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 12, 1963
NUMBER 19, PAGE 7,11b

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Chicago, Ill. — The congregation which meets at Capitol and Long Streets will have a meeting Sept. 12-21. Leslie Diestelkamp of Aurora, Ill., will preach in the meeting.

Brookfield, Mass. — Bill Echols of East Orange, New Jersey, will be with the Fiskdale Road church in Brookfield, September 9-15.

Groves, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will preach at the Westgroves church which meets on Hogaboom Road in Groves, Texas, September 9-15.

Montgomery, Alabama — The Gay Meadows church of Christ, 2665 Fisk Road, will conduct a series of meetings August 25-September 4. Following is the list of preachers.

August 25-Morning — Jim Binkley, Montgomery, Ala.

-Evening — Harrison Slaughter, Montgomery August 26 - 7:30 — Curtis Flatt, Florence, Alabama. August 27- 7:30 — Eugene Britnell, Little Rock, Ark. August 28 - 7:30 — Conway Skinner, Beaufort, S. C. August 29 - 7:30 — Lynn D. Headrick, Mobile, Alabama August 30 - 7:30 — Hiram Hutto, Birmingham, Alabama August 31 - 7:30 — A. B. McKee, Atmore, Alabama Sept. 1-11:00 — Carrol W. Puckett, Montgomery, Ala.

Sept. 1 - 7:30 — Ules G. Reid, Montgomery, Alabama Sept. 2 - 7:30 — Earl Kimbrough, Dothan, Alabama Sept. 3 - 7:30 — Edd Holt, Birmingham, Alabama. Sept 4 - 7:30 — Quenten McKay, Birmingham, Alabama


Orlando, Florida — The debate with Mr. O. G. Lodge of the church of God and Connie W. Adams of the church of Christ, has been set for September 16-17, 19-20, with sessions beginning at 7:30 P.M. The debate will be conducted in the building of the Pine Hills church, Hastings and Arundel Streets, Orlando, Florida. The propositions to be discussed are:

Proposition 1 — "The Scriptures teach that one is saved from alien sins at the point of faith, before being baptized in water."

Affirm: O. C. Lodge; Deny: Connie W. Adams Proposition 2 — "The Pine Hills church of Christ is scriptural in origin, doctrine, and practice."

Affirm: Connie W. Adams; Deny: O. C. Lodge Mr. Lodge will represent the views of the church of God with headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. There are several congregations of that persuasion in the Orlando area. Mr. Lodge has preached many years and has had a number of debates. All in the Orlando area are urged to attend and bring your denominational friends.

New Creatures

Bill McMurry of the Rockwell church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, reports two baptisms the last Sunday in July.

One was baptized the first Sunday in August at the Wendell Ave. church, Louisville, Kentucky, according to Frank Jamerson, the local preacher.

Four were baptized at X-PressWay, Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday, Aug. 11. L. L. Dukes preached in the absence of James Needham.

Grover Stevens recently baptized two at the Twin Oaks church, Huntingdon, Tennessee.

Robert Jackson, preacher for Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tenn., reports a baptism the first Sunday in August.

There were two baptisms at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Mo., on August 11, according to Jimmy Tuten.

New Congregations

A new congregation Is now meeting in Magnolia, Arkansas. They are presently meeting in the community building, 829 North Washington St., Magnolia, Ark. For further information write: Ellis Bradford, Route 1, Box 48, Magnolia, Arkansas.

Preachers To New Locations

Cecil F. Cox is now laboring with the West End church, 4909 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Virginia. He formerly worked with the 18th and 5th Ave. church in Bessemer, Alabama.

John D. Swatzell moved to Haleyville, Alabama, after two year's labor in Waycross, Georgia, to begin work with a new congregation three miles from Haleyville. He began his new work August 26.

Wayne Sullivan of Camden, S. C., has recently moved to Waycross, Georgia.

Elden Givens has moved from Waleerboro, S. C., to Cincinnati, to work with the Valley church. The Valley church is a new congregation. It meets 714 Arlington Ave., Arlington Heights. Elden Givens address is 1929 Delaware Ave., Norwood, Ohio, 45212.

News Briefs

A report on the church meeting in Comanche, Texas. This church was one year old July 29, having started because of rottenness in the old liberal church. Bob Craig preached for them on Sunday afternoons for several Sundays until Glen Burt moved there. These brethren have bought a meeting house from the Assembly of God church for $3400 and have reduced the debt to $2200. They have installed two evaporative coolers at a cost of $250.00, built a baptistry and painted the inside and outside of the building, paid for a radio program until recently, are mailing out 125 bulletins weekly and are now ready to take up $12.50 per week more of Glen's support. Their efforts have resulted in five baptisms, all adults, and four of these Baptist. Glen engaged a Pentecostal preacher in a six night debate on the dates of August 28-31. Hollis Windham of Crockett, Texas, held a meeting there, July 29-August 4. The meeting was well attended with sectarians present at every service. With a busy town of 3500 and a county of 15,000, they have a bright future if they can keep going. Glen is losing $50.00 per week support the first week in September and will need some help financially. His support is inadequate. If you can help, please contact him: Glen Burt, Box 328, Comanche. Texas.