Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 14, 1962

Mrs. Eddy

Jerry C. Ray

In 1929, Edwin Franden Dakin wrote a biography of Mrs. Mary Ann Morse Baker Glover Patterson Eddy under the same title at this article. Mr. Dakin handles his subject with sympathy, yet the book can be classified as an expose of Christian Science because it shows Mrs. Eddy as she really was: a temperamental, often treacherous, neurotic woman. In the words of W. E. Garrison, Christian Century: "Mr. Dakin has given an exhaustive documentation to every phase of Mrs. Eddy's career.... In short, Mr. Dakin has committed an unforgivable offense against Mrs. Eddy: he has done her justice."

The book is what it claims to be: a biography of Mrs. Eddy. It traces her from infancy to the grave. The author makes no effort to offer scriptural refutations of her doctrines (although he shows the philosophical weaknesses and errors of her teachings). Yet this book is a powerful weapon against the advocates of Christian Science. It strikes at the tap root of the system — Mrs. Eddy. It is interesting, thorough, and fully documented.

Among the several classic refutations of Christian Science written at the first of this century, and soon thereafter, this is the only one still in print. Georgine Milmine published a series of exhaustively documented articles for McClure's Magazine about 1908. This monumental work was later enlarged to include additional material brought to light and was published by Doubleday Page and Co. in the U. S. A. In 1909. The copyright eventually was bought by a friend of Christian Science and the published edition has disappeared. The only known copies of this book in the U. S. A. are to be found in the library of Congress, the New York Public Library, and the Boston Public Library.

There were several other potent refutations of Christian Science written during this time, but the ending is the same: they cannot be found today. Christian Scientists have long seen the value in concealing and destroying adverse writings. "At a convention of the American Library Association recently it was reported by librarians that books criticizing Christian Science were constantly stolen from the shelves of public libraries in the United States." (Martin & Klarm, The Christian Science Myth. p. 5)

Mrs. Eddy is in print today because its publishers, Charles Scribner's Sons, firmly withstood the pressures exerted by the Christian Science organization. This book has been re-issued in a paperback edition by Universal Library. (Grossett & Dunlap, New York) It is approximately 8 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches in size, has 523 pages of average size print, and has a valuable bibliography. The price is $2.45.

The book is interesting and revelatory. Anyone dealing with Christian Scientists, or anyone interested in this subject will count this book an excellent investment.

— Irving, Texas

(It may be ordered through the Gospel Guardian.)