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May 17, 1982

Trend Of The Times

Thomas F. Shropshire

The following article appeared in the San Angelo Standard, San Angelo, Texas:

Harris-Irving Name Evangelism Director

"New director of personal evangelism at Harris and Irving Church of Christ will be Jim Bevis, due to arrive in San Angelo today from Sheffield, Ala.

"Bevis fills the position vacated by Carl Brecheen, who resigned to join the faculty of Abilene Christian College at the beginning of the fall semester.

"One of the chief duties of the new director will be to coordinate the church's "cottage meeting" program, an instructional plan based on four-and six-member classes held in individual homes

"Bevis has been educational director of Eastside Church of Christ in Sheffield, Ala., since 1959.

"The native Alabamian preached full time for seven years before going into educational work. He attended Mars Hill Bible School in Florence, Ala., Florida Christian College, and was graduated from Florence State College with a major in secondary education.

"He has done graduate work at Harding College Graduate School in Memphis, Tenn. toward a Master's degree."

To one who has accepted changes which have taken place over the past two or three decades, the above article will seem perfectly in line with the way things should be. While it is in keeping with the trend of the times, it nevertheless smacks of the professionalism and secularism which is characteristic of this trend.

Brother Bevis, about whom the article was written, is to be the "new director of personal evangelism" in the Harris and Irving church. We do not have anything against personal evangelism nor against the Bible's being taught in homes. But for brethren to have to have a special director in order to teach someone the truth in his home, or anywhere else, does seem strange. We were under the impression, from what is taught in the word of God, that elders are supposed to direct the church in its work. But it appears, that in these modem times, elders are unable to direct the church, and must secure the services of a professional director to do so.

According to the New Testament, elders are to feed the flock and have the oversight of it. It seems to us, that if the proper feeding and oversight were practiced in the church, the members would be able to do what God expects of them personally.

We notice that, according to the article, Bevis had been a full time preacher for seven years before going into educational work. Could it be that we have been preaching for twenty-four years under the false impression that people were educated in the word of God by our preaching, We think not!!

It seems that one must have a background of special training in "our" educational institutions in order to qualify for such highly specialized work. At least when you read of these things, this part is highly featured in the account. And we would not be greatly surprised if much of this trend has sprung from the educational institutions themselves. In fact, we are persuaded that many of the "high sounding things" in the church today have had their origin in these institutions.

Let us heed the admonition of Paul, who said, "Set not your mind on high things, but condescend to things that are lowly." Rom. 12:16.

— Brady, Texas