Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 16, 1962
NUMBER 15, PAGE 6-7,13c

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, 4662 University Dr., Wichita Falls Texas

News Of Moves

William Wallace Is soon to move from Poteau, Okla., to work with the church in Lisbon, Ohio.... Richard Dewhurst has moved to Pekin, Indiana, to labor with the church there.... Bob Love, who has worked with the Eastside church in Baytown, Texas, since its beginning, has moved to Fort Worth, to work with the Calmont church I know of several good sound church, located in various parts of the country, which are seeking the help of a sound preacher. I shall be happy to put any preacher who may be interested, in contact with these churches....The Garden Valley Road church in Tyler, Texas, have now moved into their new building., The auditorium will seat 140 adults, there are four classrooms, a nursery, study, two rest rooms, equipment room and baptistry. One of the classrooms can be used as in "Overflow" for the auditorium which will increase the seating to about 170. The estimated total cost was about $17,000. This congregation has made continued growth numerically and spiritually since its beginning. The odds have been great and the opposition constant, but they have carried right on. The future does look bright for them. Robert McDonald is the preacher laboring with this church. ...Debate in Jacksonville, Florida. A debate is scheduled between Paul Brook, of the Lakeshore church in Jacksonville, and D. Ellis Walker of Gainesville, for August 20-25, in Jacksonville. Brock is to affirm for the six nights that the Lakeshore church is scriptural in teaching and practice. Of course, the real issue between the men centers around the current problems, but Walker would not sign any definite propositions on these points. It should be a very interesting and profitable discussion. All who can do so are urged to attend.... The matter of fellowship is an area of paramount importance and deserves some serious, objective study by all of us. Just how much or how far is conformity in the area of judgment involved in determining fellowship? Must we see "eye to eye" in matters of opinion or judgment in order for there to be fellowship between us? On questions of Bible teaching which in the final analysis affect only the individual, how necessary is conformity? In this last question, I have in mind such questions as whether or not we can limit the sin against the Holy Spirit today, the Lord's supper at the evening service, the question," is benevolence limited to saints only, the "hat question meaning of 1 Cor. 7:15, whether the church is limited in others of like nature. It would be of value to read some objective articles dealing with these matters It appears that Editor Lemmons and his Firm Foundation are having some trouble with the "issue" of "the man or the plan." Lemmons thinks he sees some modernism creeping out in all the emphasis being placed on "the man — not the plan" type of preaching! He acts like he is really concerned about it. Moreover, he acts like he is the very first to see and recognize such an evidence of modernism; and he has rushed in to be "Savior" of the church! If he is not careful he is going to make an "issue" out of this matter and thus become a first class "hobby-rider." In fact, he could very easily cause a division over his insistence that we must emphasize "the plan" as well as "the man" in our preaching. It he resists very strongly the efforts of those he is now designating as "modernists," there is certain to be division among them over the matter. It is good for Lemmons to get a taste of the encroachments of modernism, and I am happy to see him alarmed — even if he is so late recognizing any of the signs. Maybe this will bring him to his senses in other respects. It would be good if these "modernists" would "take the bits in their mouths" and really move on with their teaching and practice. This may be the only thing which will awaken men like Lemmons and turn them back from the path of digression. May God speed the day!!

Song Of The Indolent

Don't count on me when the weather's hot

— I'll stay at home and fan a lot;

And cook and can and stew and bake And do cool jobs for my family's sake.

Don't count on me when the Lord's Day comes;

If baseball's here with its hits and runs.

For my favorite team my shouts must peal, As they make home runs or bases steal.

Don't count on me at vacation time.

When fish tug hard at my unreeled line;

We've saved and scraped and planned and pined To leave our home and the church behind.

Someday back home we'll come again, With freckles rich and a golden tan;

Our Lord's day contribution, small, For sad to say, we've spent it all.

— Bulletin, Lancaster, Texas

_ 'Pajama Pants" No Handicap,

The Mount Dora Bible School Bulldogs have been subjected to some ribbing because of their basketball uniforms — it hasn't bothered their game a bit. They out-classed Jennings 79-30 for a berth in the state Class C tourney semifinals here just yesterday. "Pajama Boys" is what they have been named by basketball rivals in the north central part of the state.

Why? Because the Bulldogs play wearing bright blue long pants that resemble pajamas. That's why. Not really long pants, or pajamas, but a light nylon facsimile of the warm-up togs used by other schools. "We wear long pants," said Coach Cletus Stutzman, "because it is part of our training in modesty. We believe a person should be properly clothed at all times. We believe we should also be properly clothed for sports. We wear them to practice in, too."

Long pants haven't hurt their basketball. In the past five years, since Stutzman took over the cage job, the Dogs have been to the State Class C melee four times. ....In those five years they have won 106 basketball games and lost only 28. This year they were 28-1 for the season....The school is non-denominational, but all the instructors and members of the board of trustees are members of the church of Christ. — Taken from The Tampa Times, March 9, 1961.

Mt. Dora Bible School went on to win the Florida State Class C championship. Here is positive proof that you don't have to dress immodestly in order to play, and even to win, in sporting events. I am in favor of sports, but let's encourage modest apparel on the part of both boys and girls. — Conway Skinner

The Educated

WHOM, then, do I call educated?

First, those who manage well the circumstances which they encounter day by day; and those who possess a judgment which is accurate in meeting occasions as they arise and rarely miss the expedient course of action.

Next, those who are honorable in their dealings with all men, bearing easily what is unpleasant or offensive in others, and being as reasonable to their associates as it is humanly possible.

Furthermore, those who hold their pleasures always under control, and are not unduly overcome by their misfortunes, bearing up under them bravely and in a manner worthy of our common nature.

Most important of all, those who are not spoiled by their successes, who do not desert their true selves, but hold their ground steadfastly all wise and sober-minded men, rejoicing no more In the good things that have come to them through chance than in those which through their own nature and intelligence are theirs since birth.

Those who have a character which is in accord, not with one of these things, but with all of them, these are educated — possessed of all the virtues.

Socrates (470-399 B.C.) — Arkansas Baptist

Debate Scheduled

A debate will be conducted in the new building at the county fair grounds in Greencastle, Indiana, on the dates of August 20, 21 and 23, 24 with each session beginning at 7:30 each evening. There is ample seating space for as many as will come. We request that those in the Indianapolis area announce and attend as much as possible.

The disputants will be: Brother James P. Needham of Louisville, Ky., who is endorsed by the church here. His opponent in this debate will be Mr. Wilbur Shafer of Greencastle, preacher for the First Pentecostal Church. Propositions are:

Proposition I RESOLVED that the Godhead consists of three distinct personages: God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and that water baptism is to be administered in the name of these three as per Matt. 28:19, 20, and is the one baptism of Eph. 4.

AFFIRMATIVE: James P. Needham NEGATIVE: Wilbur Shafer Proposition 11

RESOLVED that the Godhead consists of Jesus Christ only, and that repentance and baptism in water should be administered in his name only, and that in being born again one is baptized in the Holy Ghost which is evidenced by speaking in a language (other- tongue) which was never learned.

AFFIRMATIVE: Wilbur Shafer NEGATIVE: James P. Needham Judson Woodbridge, Mulvane, Kansas. After thirteen years and two months I bring my work in Mulvane, Kansas, to a close. This is done by my free-will and at the insistence of the elders that I remain. No one can say that after this long time that I am being run out of Mulvane. The church in Mulvane stands for the truth in an environment where it is not easy. I feel confident that these brethren will continue to stand, for they have been "tested by fire."

Friends are many, and for this reason the leaving-is with feelings of emotions; but the new field is prospective for a profitable work with the Laurel Heights church in McAllen, Texas. Note my change of address after September 1: 320 Hackberry, McAllen, Texas.

Cecil B. Douthitt, 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Ark. The first printing of the two tracts, HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE, and DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, were soon exhausted and we were not able to supply all requested. However, more have been printed and the tracts can be supplied now upon request. You may obtain them free and post paid by writing Park Hill church of Christ, 1900 Jenny Lind St., Fort Smith, Arkansas. Please do not send any money. Sending money causes us more work. We have to return it.

Lloyd Moyer, 41325 Kathlean St., Fremont California. I recently began work with the Newark church of Christ. There have been seven baptisms, eight restored and a number have come to work with us, It is good to be able to preach again. I was disabled just about one year. Eight months in bed. All who wish to write me please note the change of address.

Pryde E. Hinton, Rt. 2 - Box 340. Dora, Alabama. A series of meetings begins at Sayre church of Christ, Almost 12th. Assemblies each day at 7:30 P.M., except Lord's Days, when the time for beginning wills be 11:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. The congregational singing will be directed by J. P. Gurganus, of Bellview Heights in Birmingham. The preaching is to be done by Pryde E. Hinton, who has been the evangelist of the church for nearly 26 years.

New Congregation In Comanche, Texas

Bob Craig, Lometa, Texas. Sunday, July 29, at 3:00 p.m., the church of the Lord was once again a reality in the little town of Comanche Texas. About 72 people were in attendance, about 20 being visitors from surrounding communities, who had come to encourage this new group. The coming together of these people was motivated by their love of the truth, but the work of Vernon Ripley, of Kilgore, and a former resident of Comanche, was responsible for their recognizing their obligation. Brother Ripley brought a tent to town and conducted an 8 day meeting. Six were baptized, two were restored, and all the brethren there were stirred to contend once again "for the faith." Brother Ripley is to be commended for his zeal and courage and his concern for the Lord's church. The same kind of effort is needed in many places and will be put forth when we preachers forget about support, prestige, big churches and big crowds and get back to preaching whenever and wherever we get the chance. Brother Glen Burt, Hawkins, Texas, assisted Ripley with the physical details of the meeting and led the singing. This writer is preaching for the new group every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. and would be most happy for any of you in that vicinity to meet with us. Brother Hollis Windham, Ranger, Texas, is working with them in a Bible Study each Thursday evening. At present we are meeting in the old Assembly of God building. How long this will continue, we don't know. If you would like more information concerning this group or their meeting place, contact Les Ripley in Comanche, or you may write me or Vernon Ripley, c/o Henderson St. church in Kilgore. This would be a wonderful opportunity for some church or churches to support a man until the work is on its feet.

Debate Forthcoming

A five night discussion between Carrol R. Sutton, gospel preacher, and Mr. J. T. Payne of the First United Pentecostal Faith will be held here in Huntsville, Ala., beginning August 27 and continuing through August 31.

The first three nights will be conducted in the Steven Ave. church of Christ building, just five blocks off Highway 72 East. The last two nights will be conducted in Patton Armory Building located at 310 Dallas, NE Huntsville, Ala.

The following propositions will be discussed:

1. "The Scriptures teach that there are three separate and distinct persons in the Godhead, namely, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Affirms: CARROL R. SUTTON; Denies: J. T. PAYNE 2. "The Scriptures teach that there is but one person in the Godhead, namely, the Lord Jesus Christ."

Affirms: J. T. PAYNE Denies: CARROL R. SUTTON 3. "The Scriptures teach that the words, 'Jesus Christ' or 'Lord Jesus,' or 'Lord Jesus Christ' must be said over the person that is being baptized in order to obey Scriptural baptism."

Affirms: J. T. PAYNE; Denies: CARROL R. SUTTON 4. "The Scriptures teach that the words of. Matt. 28:19 (in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost) may be said over the person that is being baptized."

Affirms: CARROL R. SUTTON; Denies: J. T. PAYNE We would appreciate very much those who receive this paper to make announcement in the congregation where you worship, or if you have a radio program announce it on your radio program.

The Public Is Welcome To This Discussion. Bring Your Friends And Engage In A Discussion Of The Word Of God. Time: 7:30 P.M.

Bill Echols, 169 Main street East Orange, N. J. The church in New Brunswick, N. J., is now meeting in the elementary school, building on River Road in Piscataway Township. If you know of members or interested persons in the New Brunswick area, please send their names and addresses to Bill Echols, 169 Main Street, East Orange, N. J.