Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 15, 1962

Those "Where To Worship" Listings


Elsewhere in this issue we carry an article by brother Reuel Lemmons of the Firm Foundation in which he sheds a few tears over the tragic division in the body of Christ — a division which is wholly unnecessary and uncalled for! We suggest you read the Lemmons article, and then read brother Cogdill's response to it on the editorial (opposite) page. Brother Cogdill says the things that need to be said, and there is little or nothing we would add to it.

There is one thing however, we do want to talk about — the church listings which called forth brother Lemmons' lugubrious lament. We are highly pleased at the fine response faithful congregations have made (and are making) to our plea for such listings. Within a very short time we hope to have scores of such congregations listed, from every part of the nation — places where sincere and earnest Christians can go to worship God without being offended and insulted by the constant pressure campaigns and begging "spectaculars" hounding them for "more money for our institutions!" If we be accused of "dividing the body of Christ" by the desire to worship God in peace, we are not impressed. We are neither disturbed nor deterred by such wild fulminations. There are many thousands of us who simply want to work, and worship, and serve God according to the teaching of his Word — and have long since lost interest in "our brotherhood projects."

Now, if our brother Lemmons is truly interested in unity, then we kindly suggest to him that he write a few editorials pleading with his "promotional brethren" not to run rough-shod over the consciences of their brethren. Orphan homes, Christians colleges, recreational centers, hobby shops, Boy Scout troops, hospitals, and old folks' homes CAN be supported by faithful Christians (and, no doubt, would be far more generously than they are now!) IF the promoters of such projects will keep their covetous and greedy hands out of the church treasuries! That's where the problem is; that's "where the rub comes."

And nobody knows it better than our invertebrate brother.

Meanwhile, we renew our plea for further congregational listings on the "Where To Worship When Travelling" page. Out of the several thousand congregations in the land which do NOT contribute to human benevolent societies and human evangelistic cooperatives, we believe a widespread representative number can be listed in such a way as to be of great help both to themselves and to many thousands of sincere Christians who, for one reason or another, find themselves away from home over the Lord's Day.

Tracts For Distribution

We call attention to an advertisement elsewhere in this issue listing three very helpful tracts on current issues which have been made available by brother Brooks Webb of Lewisburg, Tennessee. We have read all three tracts, found them sane and sensible in their teaching; and believe that congregations could distribute them with great profit and advantage to all. Such material as this, carefully read and digested, will serve to point out to honest souls "what is wrong" with the benevolence societies and the human evangelistic cooperatives. Such literature, setting forth plain Bible teaching, ought to be constantly distributed by every congregation, and every Christian in the land. We hope many, both congregations and individuals, will order a supply of these tracts from brother Webb.

— F. Y. T.

Back Issues Of The Guardian

On the back page this week we give a list of certain past back issues of the Gospel Guardian, and explain how those who are interested may obtain them. We would particularly like to mention that "Special Issue" of May, 1956. We have perhaps 1,000 of them on hand (out of an original press run of 50,000). We recommend this paper as particularly useful for distribution by churches. At the time of printing several congregations bought as many as 500 for free distribution. The material in this issue is timeless; it deals with Bible teaching on problems that are now disturbing the church. We would like for these papers to be distributed where they can be helpful in leading honest souls to an understanding of God's word. We hope several churches will buy them for distribution, but we suggest that no church purchase more than 50 of them. In that way we can spread them farther. Thank you.

— F. Y. T.